New Orleans: A New World Order Showcase

Foreign troops, gun confiscation, jackbooted privatized fascism

Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones | September 15 2005

The media curtain has begun to fall on New Orleans but the questions continue. In hindsight we can see the whole fiasco for what it really was, a showcase for the suffering that some would like every American city to undergo.

The bottom line on Katrina is that whether you believe it was all incompetence or part incompetence and part malevolence, the lasting pretext is the same.

When a disaster takes place, you have no rights and the federal government can arrest you if you donít follow their every order.

Mandatory evacuation and gun confiscation are the order of the day in the new federalized Amerika.

The local government officials initially lambasted the federal government but then showed fealty to them and praised their efforts, a confidence trick that led many Americans to believe that the fault was incompetence at the local level and that federal government takeover was the solution.

We have to remember that New Orleans was already a federalized city. In March 2004 an unconstitutional law was passed allowing police officers to conduct searches of homes without warrants. This was why it was selected as the perfect staging ground for this beta test.

Now it has been announced that New Orleans is a federal city period. This is the model for every major American city, military patrolling the streets, mass round-ups and gun confiscation.

The gun confiscation began a week ago and yet the only follow up from the initial New York Times article are announcements from a couple of second amendment organizations. Besides that thereís been no recrimination whatsoever and no outrage at what amounts to a direct attack on the bill of rights.

As Kurt Nimmo pointed out the elitists are going to be far more successful in the long term by privatizing the police state, which manifested itself in the case of New Orleans with Blackwater and Israeli ISI privately hired security thugs used to support the federal police and national guard.

The London Guardian reported on the M-16 carrying Israeli ISI mercenaries who who veterans of the Israeli war in Lebanon.

The New York Times reported that the only people allowed to keep their guns were the security squads that had been hired by wealthier residents of New Orleans, which was totally misleading because 99% of these thugs were hired by the federal government. A few billionaires with mansions were able to afford the security but the middle class were not. This report gave the impression that the middle class were not being targeted for gun confiscation and so those readers were put back to sleep.

Having foreign mercenaries help police Americans, of which the pretext has been set by armed Mexican troops rolling in, is also a way of circumnavigating the Constitution by privatizing fascism.

So the precedent is set, and itís alarming that there hasnít been a bigger reaction against it.

The other major issue of course to arise out of the debacle is the deliberate sabotage of communication facilities and relief efforts by FEMA. This won't come as a surprise when you look at the past record of FEMAís activities with keeping the Oklahoma City donations and the majority of the 9/11 funds.

The first three organizations on the government recommended donation list were the American Red Cross, Pat Robertson and Bnai Brith. What a choice! The American Red Cross seize on any disaster as a cash cow the first chance they get as we have documented on the website.

In the aftermath of Katrina we are faced with a government that purposefully and steadfastly refuses to take any responsibility or admit any mistakes.

This is partly due to inflated egos but at its core is the fact that, as Karl Rove said, the Neo-Cons create their own reality and live in their own world - a world in which mistakes are never made.

So even when it would be politically expedient to craft some sly rhetoric about how sorry they were, they canít even bring themselves to do that. This isn't inclusive of the President. Bush is just the script reader, heís just the frontman, the news anchor, he doesnít write the news.

Bush was playing guitar and eating cake as Karl Rove is wrote the script.

As if it needed to get anymore obvious, Reuters carried a photograph from a UN security council meeting showing a note Bush had written and was about to hand to Condoleeza Rice. Bush was telling Condi that he needed a toilet break. We have a president that has to ask people to go to the toilet. How much more obvious does it have to get that heís a total puppet?

But the President should not be criticized according to Laura Bush, a woman who couldnít even remember the name of the hurricane, calling it 'Corrina' almost a week in. Too many fun and frolics at the Hollywood studio fake Crawford ranch must have gone to her head.

We shall not tolerate criticism of the government because there are real enemies out there who we need to be protected against. Adam Pearlman, the disenfranchised heavy metal jihadist that now is the PR man for Osama bin Laden, for example, he's really scaring me.

Donít worry about SWAT teams with flaming skulls on the back of their T-shirts kicking down your door, taking your guns and throwing you in jail, thereís a punk in a turban trying but failing to grow a beard who says heís going to attack LA and Melbourne on behalf of Al-CIA-da.

Donít worry about a government that pours billions of dollars into fake turkey shoot wars to expand an empire while destroying the bill of rights at home and deliberately withdrawing those funds from basic levee and flood protection.

Donít worry about that, the real threat is the fact that if you go to google maps you can see a few F-17ís parked on a runway at Edwards air force base. Thatís the real danger, we need to ban that.

Donít worry about the fact that armed Mexican troops are rolling into Texas, the real threat is old ladies with 40 year old hand guns.

The statements sent spewing from the frothing mouths of the Neo-Cons have again betrayed the fact that theyíre completely devoid of any human feelings.

Barbara Bush saying the victims were better off.

Laura Bush saying the name of the hurricane was Corrina.

Tom Delay saying being forcibly detained in camp facilities was kind of fun.

Glenn Beck, the talk show host, saying that hurricane victims were scumbags and saying he hated the 9/11 families.

Immediately after 9/11 when we questioned the official version of events these were the same people who were called us crass, insensitive, and an insult to the family members. Now they're the ones calling the same family members scumbags.

Michael Chertoff calling Louisiana a city.

Dick Cheney saying the hurricane victims were thankful for what the federal government had done to them.

These idiots slip up so often in their public appearances because they lack any sense of humility and are all on their own private power trips.

The heroic doctors were showered with praise after they euthanized hurricane survivors deemed unworthy of life. The media presented it as so loving and necessary.

This is a situation where you have almost zero oversight, half the family members of these people probably canít even contact their relatives and yet these heroic government workers are giving them lethal injections of morphine and killing them.

Survivors who had decided to stay in their own homes were treated no better.

Alex Jones has attended many Urban warfare drills where the military are trained to treat Americans as insurgents.

The Army Times reported that the hurricane survivors who wonít leave New Orleans are being treated as insurgents and that combat operations have begun to eliminate them.

FEMA treat evacuees as internees, registering them and giving them ID cards, preventing them from leaving the internment camps.

And then if all this wasnít enough, we get Halliburton Brown and Root reconstruction no bid contracts and outsourcing of body recoveries to scandal ridden companies connected to the Bush family who have been caught dumping bodies in the past.

You can take any aspect of this whole fiasco and in it youíll see the calling card of the New World Order.

Misery, suffering, death, authoritarianism, police state and then the elitists cashing their chips in on the devastation.

New Orleans was a New World Order showcase and unfortunately there are many more to come.


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