OCCULT Band Is Of The Devil

By David J. Stewart

       One of the most evil bands ever formed is OCCULT. They're lyrics are so vulgar, disgusting and offensive that most of their song's lyrics are censored on the internet. They sing sexually degenerate songs such as “THE SLUT OF SODOM” (album: Elegy For The Weak, 2003) and the “THE NAZARENE WHORE” (album: Prepare To Meet Thy Doom, 1994).

I won't even quote the lyrics for The Slut Of Sodom because they are so graphic. The lyrics from The Nazarene Whore are unintelligible on their trash metal recording, but the people who saturate their minds with this garbage music can actually decipher the message. This is annoying noise, not music. Can you imagine an 80-year old man listening to this kind of noise? Oh, how Satan attacks our youth with demonic influences of every sort.

Heavy metal is demonic brainwashing. The subconscious mind is infinitely more powerful than the conscious mind. Whether through backward masking or through the nerve-wrecking music itself, heavy metal is damaging to the body and soul. I've noticed that people who saturate their ears with heavy metal, acid rock, are very nervous types of people. They are prone to anger and wrath because the music is rooted in anger and wrath. The lyrics promote killing, suicide and unhealthy anger. Prisons are filled to capacity these days with gang members who are part of the thug, punk, Goth, heavy-metal, trash culture of screaming voices, screeching guitars, whining amplifiers and occult symbology.

Here are the lyrics to OCCULT's song INQUISITION OF THE HOLY, which blasphemes the precious name of the Lord jesus Christ...

Inquisition Of The Holy (from OCCULT's album, "THE ENEMY WITHIN," 1996)

Holy man, believer in Christ
To follow him is the purpose in his life
The new doctrine has accepted there's no God
Opposition, completely swept away
Believers, a menace to society
Must be, estinguished to the root
Inquisition, of all that is holy
A new age has begun today

All that is holy hunted yet another day
Christianity is no more, the lies have gone away
All deceiving priests burnt at the stake
Remainder of the flock is starting to awake
Searching the houses of believers
To prove their believe in God
The presence of only a crucifix
Results in having them shot

Let us burn them on a stake
Let us throw them in a lake
If this god is not a lie
He will prevent for them to die

Who died in pain, died not in vain
At least we will know, no god will show

Inquisition of the holy...

Holy man, believer in Christ
To follow him is the purpose in his life
Conceilling the true believers
His safety hoping to achieve
Torture will get the truth out of him
Cleaning the Earth of all this filth
Inquisition of the holy
A new age has begun today

Are you getting this? This song is singing about murdering Christians for their faith—entering into their homes and torturing them, burning them at the stake, and cleansing the earth of the filth of Christianity... A NEW AGE HAS BEGUN! This refers to the demonic New World Order. Jesus foretold that in the Last Days people would be executed (martyred) for their faith in Jesus Christ (John 6:2). Throughout history, the wicked have persecuted and murdered the prophets, which will one day be avenged by God... Revelation 6:9 and 18:24, “And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held ... And in her was found the blood of prophets, and of saints, and of all that were slain upon the earth. Judgment Day is coming!!!

The music industry didn't just become saturated with the occult by chance. This all didn't happen by accident. Even The Beach Boys were trying to make “witchcraft music,” admits Brian Wilson. Much of Elton John's music has been written by a witch named Bernie Taupin from Europe, who authored the book, Witch At High Noon.

The New World Order has been in the planning for centuries. Many Christians laugh and think it's funny when they browse through my website, because they are living at ease in their non-confrontational life. 2nd Timothy 3:12 teaches that those who

The Freemasons worship the goat-headed Baphomet (pictured below), as their god of enlightenment. 

satanic goatThe Beast sits atop the world. The moons may also suggest that this is the Prince of Darkness. The moon is also an accurate metaphor for Satan, masquerading as a 'source of light'

It can only reflect the true light down upon those living in darkness, and it pales in comparison.

Satan is the god of this sinful world (2nd Corinthians 4:4) and as such demands allegiance from those who desire fame, fortune and power. In Luke 4:6 and 7 Satan said to Jesus... "All this power will I give thee, and the glory of them: for that is delivered unto me; and to whomsoever I will I give it. If thou therefore wilt worship me, all shall be thine." Although Jesus declined Satan's offer, wicked men and women have been accepting Satan's offer throughout history, worshipping the Prince of Darkness. It's simple... if you want to be massively successful in this sinful world, then you've got to sell your soul to the Devil. It's no coincidence that our highest politicians are all going around flashing Satanic hand signs. How do you think they got into power?

OCCULT is obviously a Satanic band. This is so terrible and shameful. No one should support, praise nor listen to this kind of blasphemy against God. The music of OCCULT is violent, sexually immoral and blasphemous against Jesus Christ. Their themes are infatuated with Nazism, Hitler, the damned, the number 13, The Heavy Metal band “Hour Of 13” sings a song titled “Soldiers Of Satan.”

Heavy Metal is a thriving sub-culture across America, Europe, Australia and umpteen nations today. It is a culture infatuated with death, sadism, blood and guts, torture, zombies, tattoos, self-mutilation, pedophilia, violence, rape, destruction of the family, hatred of God, blasphemy, hatred of Christianity, rebellion against authority, hatred of the Bible and is obsessed with sexual immorality. All this can be verified very quickly simply by doing a web search for Heavy metal album covers.

Here's one of VENOM's Satanic album covers, displaying the infamous Goad Of Mendes and the Satanic 5-pointed pentagram...

The online Encyclopedia METALLUM boasts of presently listing 83,673 Heavy Metal bands. Combined together these Satanic bands have a loyal cultic worldwide following of several hundred million fans. The music of these bands are featured in movies, commercials, presentations, and especially in video games aimed at teenagers. The heavy Metal craze has started a whole new generation of rockers who've incorporated Rap music into heavy metal.

Whether Rap, House, Heavy Metal, Trash, Gothic or whatever you want to call it... it's all of the Devil. It's all as worldly as can be, preaching a Satanic message of hate, revenge, violence, anger, wrath and everything else unholy and wicked.

Lest you think I'm exaggerating or that this is a trifle matter, consider the number of youths today involved in violent crimes who have tattoos all over their bodies. Heavy Metal music is synonymous with Satanism, tattoos, illegal drug trafficking, the Illuminati, street gangs, prisons, and all sorts of wickedness. I guarantee you research the kind of music that today's troubled youth are listening to that you'll find Satan behind it all. I did a search for the names of Heavy Metal bands and I found seven bands named after suicide. These are the names of bands...


In 1999, after a decade in the making, pervert Jewish producer Stanley Kubrick released his shocking film, "EYES WIDE SHUT." The film features numerous sex orgies and is totally pornographic. This is not a film that anyone should watch. Alex Jones often mentions the film because it exposes the inside workings of the occult, but he doesn't warn anybody about the pornographic content. EYES WIDE SHUT is a wicked and horrible film. If you want to know what the film is about, read the movie review on Wikipedia.

Basically, the movie is about a secret society who swaps wives at a invitation only party at a member's mansion. Guests all wear masks to hide their true identity... doctors, politicians, judges, actors, famous and powerful people from all walks of elite life. And of course, plenty of prostitutes and expensive call girls. Rumors have circulated that the elite killed Stanley Kubrick just days after the movie went public, but there's no evidence to prove that. The movie doesn't reveal hardly enough to be considered threatening to any secret society. One thing is certain, that is, this type of sexual immorality happens all around the world (and much worse!). It's not surprising. Look at the filth on TV (actually, don't look at it)... Desperate Housewives, Wife Swap, et cetera. As the world burns!!!

A secret society scene from the 1999 blockbuster movie, "EYES WIDE SHUT."

Above: A Secret Society scene from the evil Pornographic Stanley Kubrick Movie, "EYES WIDE SHUT" (1999), starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.

A German Nazi Prison

Ye Must Be Born Again!