Only on TV

by David J. Stewart

I can't help but laugh at the stupidity of many of the movies and programs coming out on TV.  It is so out of touch with reality that it's a joke.  Much of what we see today in the movies and on TV is simply not plausible.

I don't watch much TV.  I just think it's a major waste of time.  There are so many more constructive things to do with my time than sit in front of a glass tube absorbing radiation into my head.  I do watch some TV from time to time, but increasingly I'm finding it difficult to give attention to such nonsense.  I'd like to share of few of my thoughts about TV with you.

To begin, the news media is filled with lies.  Washington has propagated so much smoke and mirrors to hide the truth from the American public that it's unbelievable they've actually gotten away with it for so long.  I used to believe everything I heard on the news when I was younger, now I know better.  The American people are woefully ignorant of the truth.  I don't believe anything I hear on TV until I have done my own research.  Much of the news we are receiving is nothing more than distorted facts and government whitewash.  Even local news gets distorted.  Let's face it, there's a lot of big liars in this world.  I didn't realize just how bad it was until I started getting my news from the internet (which is far more reliable than any news from the mainstream news media). 

The feminists (feminazis) have infiltrated movies and television.  It has really become ridiculous.  It's commonplace now on TV and in movies to see women giving men orders, leading armies, women commanders, women overpowering men, women leading the family, etc.  I call them "she-men."  It's just not reality.  TV is a lie!  The truth is that women need men.  However, the feminists would lead us to believe that women don't need men at all.  Such nonsense is kin to a car speeding off a cliff to sure destruction.  The result is a massive lesbian community.  Most homosexuals are women.  God made men and women to fulfill different roles in life.  Like it or not, men are natural leaders...women are not.  I realize that some women can lead, but they are generally more like men than women.  I believe that every woman should be as feminine as possible.  There is something wrong with a woman who has lost her desire to be feminine.  This is why I am against women being out on the battle-field fighting.  Women don't belong on the battle-field.  Women don't belong in Police cars driving around with guns.  Women don't belong on a man's job.  And by the way, no man should work in a nursery (a woman's job).  That's just my opinion.  We've got too many sweet men in society today, and too many rough women.  Something is very wrong.

God created women to be mother's AT HOME, not to spend their child-bearing years in a "career."  You don't need that bigger home or a second car, you need to be at home with your children (1st Timothy 5:14).  Money will have meant nothing when your life is over.

Only on TV can a man get away with sexually-harassing a woman.  In real life, a man who touches a woman is most likely going to end up in hot-water with a sexual-harassment complaint against him (or worse).  Movies are very unrealistic these days.

What also concerns me is the "politically correct" agendas that have become so pervasive in movies.  You can't watch hardly anything nowadays that doesn't include such agendas.  Homosexuality is a sin, but increasingly Hollywood is trying to portray it as an acceptable way of life.  It is not!  One must be alert to these methods of altering the publics view of things.  Movie producers today are professionals and employ a lot of psychology when making their movies.  They can make you leave a movie crying , laughing, or thinking that Sodomy and adultery aren't so bad after all.  Adulterous movies are made by adulterous producers to inspire adulterous people.  Movies are powerful, they have the power to inspire!  Beware what you watch!  The devil does work through movies as well as through other devices.  We must not be ignorant of Satan's devices.

TV is a lie!  Only on TV can a man jump out a window, fall several stories down, catch a pole and then safely swing into another apartment.  I realize that many movies are made outrageous just to satisfy the imaginations of the viewers.  Sometimes people get confused between reality and fiction.  Please remember this when you're watching a love story on TV.  Love is not as much about feelings as it is about commitment (the lifetime commitment of marriage). 

Anything is possible on TV, but not in real life.  In real life people die.  In real life good guys usually finish last.  In real life, women are paranoid that most men are perverts (and they are).  In real life the government takes your kids away.  In real life, alcohol brings misery.  In real life, gambling costs you more than you ever bargained.  In real life, abortion stops a beating heart and brings guilt years later.  In real life, a true friend is very difficult to find.  If you have money, you'll always have fair-weather friends, but probably no true friends.  That is reality.  People with little money have few friends in today's world.  He who laughs has many friends, but he he cries...cries alone.


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