The Golden Compass is of the Devil

By David J. Stewart

       There is no movie any more evil than THE GOLDEN COMPASS The Golden Compass is book one of a fantasy trilogy written by English author Philip Pullman in the late 1990s called His Dark Materials.  Philip Pullman is a sinfully proud, God-hating, militant atheist.  In a 2001 interview with the Washington Post, Mr. Pullman said:

“I’m trying to undermine the basis of Christian belief.”

The movie has been dumbed down to fool kids and their parents in the hope that they'll buy his garbage, where in the end the children kill God and everyone can do as they please.  Nicole Kidman (Mrs. Coulter) stars in the $180,000,000 movie so it will probably be advertised a lot.  The movie is indescribably evil.  The word "demon" is repeated several dozen times throughout the movie, as each child has it's own lovable demon.  Witches by the hundreds are featured in the movie, and are portrayed as being good, helpful and rescuers. 

The star character, a little girl named Lyra Belacqua, loves her demon (who takes various animal forms), and she has named him "Pan" (short for Pantalaimon)  Pan is the pagan god of sexual rape, lust and fertility.  Statues of Pan are often displayed showing him with an erection.  Please view Narnia and Pan's Labyrinth.

NOTE: Pullman uses the word "daemon." A "daemon" is just another term for "demon." They mean the same thing in a dictionary: "One of the evil spirits of traditional Christian belief."  In the movie THE GOLDEN COMPASS, there are at least 50 references to a child's "DEMON." In one part of the movie, a missing boy (Roger Parslow) is found, but he is out of his mind and looks distraught because his DEMON has been taken away from him. Talk about twisting the truth around. The little girl who stars in the movie, Lyra, vows to find and return the boy's demon.

Pullman is hoping that unsuspecting parents will take their children to see the movie, that they will enjoy the movie, and then the children will want the books for Christmas.  That's the hook.  Pullman says he wants the children to read the books and decide against God and the Kingdom of Heaven.  Pullman said he doesn't think it is possible that there is a God and he has great difficulty understanding the words "spiritual" and "spirituality." 

The title for the trilogy comes from a line in John Milton’s Paradise Lost and Pullman views his trilogy as a re-telling of Milton’s poem (which means that His Dark Materials is in reality Pullman’s re-telling of the Genesis story in fantasy form).  This first movie is a watered down version of the first book, which is the least offensive of the three books.  The second book of the trilogy is THE SUBTLE KNIFE and the third book is THE AMBER SPYGLASS.  Each book gets worse and worse regarding Pullman's hatred of God.  In the trilogy, a young girl becomes enmeshed in an epic struggle against a nefarious [extremely wicked] Church known as the "Magisterium."  Another character, an ex-nun, describes Christianity as "a very powerful and convincing mistake."  Pullman's books are a work of darkness that every Christian needs to diligently expose (Ephesians 5:11).  America was founded upon faith in God, and the Communists are trying to rob it from our children.

The Golden Compass, The Story

Philip Pullman started His Dark Materials trilogy in 1993. They are international best sellers in the young adult market with a ready made audience for the movie. Pullman is an avowed atheist who wrote the trilogy because he was upset by the Christian evangelism in C.S. Lewis,’ The Chronicles of Narnia. The plot of 'The Golden Compass' revolves around spiritism, magical thinking, mysterious visions, and parallel worlds. The golden compass of the title is a tool of divination. In the books, Pullman represents God as a decrepit and perverse angel who captures the dead in a “prison camp” afterlife.

The story centers on Lyra, a young girl living at Jordan College in the Oxford of an alternate world where everyone is accompanied by a daemon, a physical representation of their soul in animal form.  One morning, Lyra's school Master calls her urgently into his office and gives her a strange instrument called an Alethiometer (the “golden compass” pictured above). He tells her that it is capable of telling the truth but that it is up to her to read it. He also pleads with her to keep the Alethiometer to herself. Lyra then finds herself in a world where she must fight against evil, and here lies the controversy. Lyra is the "chosen child" who must do battle with evil. But in this story, the things that are good are evil (the church is the Magisterium, the bad group trying to gain control of all) and evil is good (daemons and witches are allies.) 



Satan's Bid for Your Child

The Scholastic publishing company is partnering with New Line Cinema and promoting this film, and the books, heavily in public schools.  Scholastic, “the world’s largest publisher and distributor of children’s books,” is by far the top source of reading materials for American schools.  Even though the books are strongly anti-God and anti-church, they’re getting a strong push in the godless public school system as curriculum resources.  First the God-hating Communists introduced the lies of Evolution into the public school system.  Then they kicked God's Word and prayer out of the public schools in 1962 and 1963.  Now they want to teach our children homosexuality and witchcraft.   Please encourage your local schools not to use this demonic material.  Make Some Noise!

True or False: Separation of church and state means public schools won’t teach your child about hating the church and killing God.


Separation of church and state is one of the most misunderstood, misapplied and abused laws ever created.  Evolution is in fact a religion, as is humanism, witchcraft and Satanism.  It requires faith to believe Evolution because there is NO proof, or even evidences to permit study.  It is tragic that young people today are being taught a theory that has NO proof whatsoever.  In sharp contrast, the Word of God is supported by an overwhelming abundance of scientific, historical, archeological and astronomical evidence.  Public school children are being taught religion; but it's the religions of Humanism (i.e., man is his own god), Evolution, New Age and now Demonism.

Public school children today are frequently shown movies at school, or are taken to the theatre.  Tragically, they are being taken to see movies like Harry Potter and The Golden Compass.  Some evil people in this world are desperate for our children to be influenced by Satan.  We read in Revelation 12:12 concerning Satan during the Tribulation Period, "Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time."  With the rise of the New World Order since the 911 attacks, it is obvious that we are nearer to the return of the Lord Jesus Christ than ever before (i.e., the Pretribulation Rapture of the Church).  Surely Satan is already panicking, knowing that he must accomplish much in a very short time frame.  This explains why we see a flood of demonism, witchcraft and apostasy sweeping the world in an effort to destroy Christianity.  Have you heard about the new FLY Pentop COMPUTER for kids, which features witchcraft?  Did you know that Toys-R-Us sells a VooDooz doll for children?  It comes complete with a spell book, and pins to stab your VooDooz doll with.  I was at Barnes and Noble bookstore and saw a Teenage Witchcraft Kit

Doesn't anyone love God anymore?  You can't love God without loving Jesus, because He is Almighty God (John 10:33; 1st Timothy 3:16; Colossians 2:9; Revelation 1:8).  And you can't love Jesus without loving the Bible, because Jesus is the Living Word (John 1:1-3; Revelation 19:13).  The Bible condemns all forms of witchcraft—Voodoo, charms, spells, divination, incantations, palm readings, Ouija boards, psychics, witchery, sorcery, wizards, magic, potions, good luck charms, astrology, necromancy, spiritism, magic candles, mesmerism, hypnosis, astral projection, levitation, and anything else that invokes the power of Satan. 

Instead of presenting the trailer on the homepage, The Golden Compass website uses audio to introduce the characters of the film and their respective demons, and then provides a prompt to "Meet Your Demon."  Twenty questions are presented which promise to reveal "your true character and the form of your demon."  Once you complete the questionnaire, you can send your resulting demon to your friends, presumably to build a community of young demons who will all later commune at the theater.  This is pure Satanism and it's being directed at our children.  Satan wants your child.  The Golden Compass series glorifies demonism, witchcraft and divination; while blaspheming God Almighty.

In the movie THE GOLDEN COMPASS, children are being kidnapped by a mysterious group called the Gobblers and taken "to the North" where they are tortured by having their daemons separated from them.  This is the Satanic garbage that film producers and book publishers are vomiting upon our children.  Towards the end of the film, the starring little girl deliberately destroys the machine that was robbing children of their daemons.  Literally, the movie portrays the little girl as a hero for ensuring that all the other children can continue to be daemon possessed.  This is one sick movie, straight out of the pits of Hell.

Did you ever stop to think that we don't have much time either?  Revelation 12:12 says that Satan will become exceedingly angry in the last days, knowing that his time is running out.  How about you?  Our time on earth is short my friend.  This life will be over before we know it.  Is your heart right with God?  Are you saved?  Have your sins been washed away by the precious blood of Jesus Christ?  Revelation 1:5 states, "And from Jesus Christ, who is the faithful witness, and the first begotten of the dead, and the prince of the kings of the earth. Unto him that loved us, and washed us from our sins in his own blood."


"My books are about killing God!"

World Net Daily | October 26, 2007 | Dr. Ted Baehr

On Dec. 7, 2007, the movie "The Golden Compass," based on the first book in the fantasy trilogy entitled "His Dark Materials" by atheist Philip Pullman will be released in theaters throughout the world. Pullman wrote his fantasy trilogy because he was so upset by the Christian evangelism of C.S. Lewis in his wonderful series of Christian tales entitled "The Chronicles Of Narnia." Pullman is an avowed atheist who has dedicated his life to undermining Christianity and the Church among young readers. The film's release is only another example of a culture spiraling away from faith, a culture into which we must step in and declare truth.

Pullman represents God as a decrepit and perverse angel in his novels, who captures the dead in a "prison camp" afterlife. As one fallen angel tells one of the novel's young heroes:

The Authority, God, the Creator, the Lord, Yahweh, El, Adonai, the King, the Father, the Almighty – those were all names he gave himself. He was never the creator. He was an angel like ourselves – the first angel, true, the most powerful, but he was formed of Dust as we are, and Dust is only a name for what happens when matter begins to understand itself. When the hero finally finds this "god," he is ultimately described as a "demented and powerless" creature that "could only weep and mumble in fear and pain and misery." The boy then kills this "god" by breaking him out of his crystal cell, thereby evaporating him. The only "god" in this universe is matter.

SOURCE:  http:/


Unsaved Heathens and Apostates Praise Pullman's Works of Darkness

The following information is from concerning Philip Pullman...

His Dark Materials consists of Northern Lights (titled The Golden Compass in North America), The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass (see also a short companion piece, Lyra's Oxford, containing items of interest and a short story, as well as the yet-unpublished sequel, The Book of Dust).

The first volume of the trilogy, "Northern Lights," won the Carnegie Medal for children's fiction in the UK in 1995. The Amber Spyglass, the last volume, was awarded both 2001 Whitbread Prize for best children's book and the Whitbread Book of the Year prize in January 2002, the first children's book to receive that award. The series won popular acclaim in late 2003, taking third place in the BBC's Big Read poll.

In 2005 Pullman was announced as joint winner of the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award for children's literature.

...Pullman has found support from other Christians [i.e., alleged Christians], most notably Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury. These groups and individuals point out that Pullman's negative portrayal of the "Church" in His Dark Materials amounts to an attack on dogmatism and the use of religion to oppress, not on Christianity itself. Dr. Williams has gone so far as to propose that His Dark Materials be taught as part of religious education in schools. Moreover, even authors of works dedicated to critical appraisals of religious themes in his writing have described Pullman as a friendly and generous debating partner[8]. [Emphasis added]

It's hard to imagine that a hardened God-hater like Pullman, who has stated that he aims to undermine Christianity in the minds of children, would receive so many awards and honors.  Satan truly is the god of this world (2nd Corinthians 4:4), and he has many servants.  To honor such a fool is disgraceful.  "As snow in summer, and as rain in harvest, so honour is not seemly for a fool" (Proverb 26:1).

Why would any professed "Christian" support Pullman's works of darkness, which he admittedly calls HIS DARK MATERIALS?  Sadly, ChristianityToday magazine promotes this vile filth, giving it a rating of 2 1/2 out of a potential 4 stars.  I give the movie a ZERO rating, and so should you if you love the Lord Jesus Christ! 

Movie writer-director Chris Weitz has said he wants to make the next films more "iconoclastic," so consider this bit of sacrilege a taste of what is yet to come.  The word "iconoclastic" means "Characterized by attack on established beliefs or institutions."  In other words, the sequels to The Golden Compass are going to blaspheme God and attack Christianity much worse than the first movie.  Parents beware!  Every parent needs to get angry and protest at their child's school if teacher's introduce this demonism into the classroom.  Get MAD (Make A Difference)!  If we don't complain, then who will... the atheists?

The Golden Compass is a Sicko Movie

The movie speaks of “intercision,” as do the books...

Lyra’s discovery of Tony Makarios helps her to understand that the Gobblers are cutting children’s daemons away from them in a procedure they call Intercision. Intercision is like castration, in which a young boy’s testicles are cut off so that he never reaches male maturity. Intercision also recalls female circumcision, in which a girl’s clitoris is removed so that she cannot experience the full intensity of sexual pleasure. Both castration and female circumcision are religious in origin. Both practices respond to a religious demand that some natural part of a person be removed in order to prevent sexual pleasure. Intercision is also religious and anti-sexual. It is performed by the General Oblation Board, which is a branch of the Church in Lyra’s world, and it is intended to prevent the onset of “upsetting emotions” and allow children to grow up without ever feeling passion. Lyra knows Intercision is wrong, although she isn’t exactly sure why it’s wrong. For Pullman, sexual experience is an essential part of becoming a full-grown human, despite the confusion and pain it can cause.

SOURCE: SparkNotes: His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass

Sin Is the Answer?

“In his trilogy, Pullman draws on [John] Milton’s Satan [from Paradise Lost] for inspiration. Both Milton’s Satan and Pullman’s Lord Asriel are gentlemanly, powerful, and suave. But while Milton bemoans the fall from grace caused by Satan, Pullman hails it as the moment when humans gained freedom.”

SOURCE: SparkNotes: His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass

Children Using Divination to Confirm Guidance from Demons?

"Lyra tries to consult the alethiometer to see if the daemons are right.

SOURCE: SparkNotes: His Dark Materials: The Amber Spyglass

Kill God?

Of course the idea in a trilogy is to read the second and third books, and not just the first.  Naturally Scholastic is selling nicely packaged boxes of the trilogy.  The second book is titled The Subtle Knife, in which children learn that the knife is...

 “the one weapon that can kill God”


Blasphemy!  Children are being taught that killing God is quite a desirable thing to do.  Subtle indeed.

God and the Church Are Awful and Pathetic?

The third book is The Amber Spyglass, which Scholastic considers fine material for 12-year-olds.  This is sickening...

“Because God’s rule is based on a lie, he prefers to rule over people who are obedient and don’t ask questions. As Balthamos explains it, the first big rebellion was not, in fact, led by a male angel named Satan, but by a female being who recognized that God was lying. In Pullman’s book, the rebellion against God was a revolution against a tyrant.

“The Church leaders are terrified by the eleven-year-old Lyra because they know her passage from childhood to womanhood could somehow bring about their destruction. They know that she is the new Eve, the one the witches call ‘mother of us all.’ They are willing to go to almost any lengths to destroy her. The bomb they build is strong enough to create a bottomless abyss in the world of the dead, yet they think nothing of detonating it.”

SOURCE: SparkNotes: His Dark Materials: The Amber Spyglass

The Church Destroyed?

In her Oxford, Lyra discovers that after Xaphania and the other angels closed the hole that Lord Asriel made, the Church all but collapsed.

SOURCE: SparkNotes: His Dark Materials: The Amber Spyglass

Summoning Witches?

Serafina and her witches decide that they need to summon other witch clans....

SOURCE: SparkNotes: His Dark Materials: The Subtle Knife

God is Demented and His Death is a Relief to Himself?

“They kill the cliff ghasts and see that God is demented with age. They release God from the glass case, and he happily dissolves in the wind.”

“Pullman’s representation of God is typical of his portrayal of the Church. Instead of an all-knowing, all-powerful God with a vast and incomprehensible plan for the universe, Pullman’s God is half-crazed with age and infirmity. When Lyra and Will liberate God from his glass case, he seems pleased. He is so weak and old that he blows to bits with the first breeze, but his dissolution comes as a relief. It is as though God does not want the burden of leadership. In the end, Will and Lyra don’t kill God. Instead, they free him, and he becomes one with the universe again. The fact that God dissolves just like the newly freed ghosts suggests that perhaps God is simply the spirit of the living.”

SOURCE: SparkNotes: His Dark Materials: The Amber Spyglass


The Golden Compass is evil.  It is not just a fantasy for children.  The author of the series (Philip Pullman) is a militant, God-hating atheist who has openly stated that his goal is to undermine Christianity in the mind's of children.  The worst damage caused by these types of demonic books and movies is not the materials themselves; but the fact that children today are being challenged to hate Christianity, and are being invited to join ranks with the Devil's army.  Children are made to feel as though Christianity wants to deny them their rights.  This is exactly what Satan did to Eve in the Garden of Eden... "For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil" (Genesis 3:5).  Satan convinced Eve that God was not being fair. 

All we hear about nowadays is how religion throughout the ages has caused wars and suppressed people's rights.  Increasingly, children today are being brainwashed to view Christianity as a power-hungry "MAGISTERIUM" (i.e., the evil organization in The Golden Compass), which seeks to suppress the rights of homosexuals, Wiccan witches, Evolutionists, abortionists, feminists and other degenerates of society.  The fact is that God's Word, the Bible, condemns these sins.  Just as Satan caused Eve to sinfully magnify her restrictions (i.e., the rules God had made), so do God-hating atheists today desire to instill in children a resentment for God's Word which restricts the freedoms of the wicked.  Public school children are being taught that Christianity is bigoted and unfair, just as Satan caused Eve to think God was being unfair. 

The grave danger of Harry Potter and The Golden Compass is that they cause children to view God as being unfair, in a learning environment where any type of discrimination is considered wrong.  The fact of the matter is that God commands us to discriminate in certain cases... "But now I have written unto you not to keep company, if any man that is called a brother be a fornicator, or covetous, or an idolater, or a railer, or a drunkard, or an extortioner; with such an one no not to eat."  Christians are commanded not to associate with any professed Christian who is a drunkard, chases women, lives for money or lives in unrepentant sin.  Certainly, Christians are not supposed to associate with unsaved heathens (2nd Corinthians 6:14-17), other than to befriend them with the Gospel as Jesus did.  Public school children are being taught that the sin of homosexuality should be accepted; BUT, God says "No."  Now you know why homosexuals hate God's Word so much.

Women in the 1960's embraced feminism, because they were told (just as Eve) that the higher powers were trying to suppress their rights.  Satan lied to Eve, thus creating a sinful power-struggle between her and God.  Satan is using the same deceitful tactic today to recruit children.  Movies such as The Golden Compass create a power-struggle between children and God.  When children find out that Christians are enemies of their beloved fictional characters, they are forced to make a choice between the two.  Without any Biblical guidance, children are defenseless.  Satan is recruiting.  Satan has a bid for your child mom and dad, and he will stop at nothing to recruit your child's soul. 

Again, The Golden Compass is evil.  It is not just a fantasy for children.  The author of the series (Philip Pullman) is a militant, God-hating atheist who has openly stated that his goal is to "undermine the basis of Christian belief" in the mind's of children.

"In flaming fire taking vengeance on them that know not God, and that obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ." —2nd Thessalonians 1:8

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