Feminists & Rebellious Wives Won't Like God

By David J. Stewart

"Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity." -Matthew 7:22-23

Photo to Left: Christ-rejecting blasphemers are now selling "God is a control freak" mugs, caps, T-shirts, and buttons online.

In Matthew 7:22,23 we find a group of religious people, who did things their OWN WAY, instead of following directions, and; thus, God punished them. 

In fact, they were cast into Hellfire for all eternity, although they were very sincere in their intentions. They were sincerely WRONG. As I read this Scripture the other day, it dawned on me that this is the SAME problems feminists and rebellious wives have today, i.e., they don't listen and prefer to do things their OWN WAY. 

Many wives have a rebellious habit of not doing what their husband says. Then, when the husband gets angry, the wife makes excuses as to why she did things differently. The husband rightfully asks, "But what did I tell you to do? I told you to do this, and you went and did something else." Feminists and rebellious wives WON'T like God--because God is an authoritative God, masculine, and DEMANDS that people do things HIS WAY or else! We hear much about God's love; BUT, God is also a Holy God who DEMANDS that people repent (Acts 17:30). If you don't repent and turn to Jesus Christ in faith, you will burn in Hellfire (2nd Thessalonians 1:8,9). Most people today are trying to enter Heaven SOME OTHER WAY (John 10:1), but they WON'T be allowed to enter. Instead, they will be cast into the Lake of Fire for eternity, because they did things THEIR OWN WAY.

Biblically, a husband has a God-given right to "tell" his wife what to do (Genesis 3:16), and she is Biblically obligated to obey him (1st Peter 3:6). Most women today resent such an idea, and REBEL against the plainest teachings of the Word of God.  As a result, women are filing for divorcing in America at least TWICE the rate of men, buying into the lying feminist propaganda that husbands who give orders are guilty of "domestic abuse." 

Search online under "domestic abuse" and you'll find that a husband who tracks his wife's time and whereabouts is considered "abusive." That's a lie of the Devil. A husband has every God-given right to exercise authority over his wife, and to DEMAND that she do as he says. I dare say 1-out-of-1,000 wives today are truly submissive in the Biblical sense. Is it any wonder that American women have murdered nearly 50,000,000 of their babies by abortion? Not at all, most of America's women have become selfish and godless. Women have become intolerant of the husband's authority in a marriage, and of God's authority concerning life itself, i.e., thou shall not kill.

God is going to judge each wife who refuses to obey her husband. I receive letters frequently from women who have sinfully filed for divorced. They all demonize their husbands in an attempt to justify their sin of divorce. From the letters I've received, it appears that feminists and rebellious wives are perfect, because they never mention any of their own faults or sins. 

Clearly, divorce is a selfish and self-righteous sin. You're pointing fingers at your spouse, shifting all the blame to them, in an attempt to justify divorce. What makes you any better? I don't care what faults or sins that your spouse may have, you are just as much a dirty, rotten, contemptible, sinner (James 2:10). 

Again, feminists and rebellious wives WON'T like God--because God is an authoritative God, masculine, and DEMANDS that people do things HIS WAY or else! Is it any wonder why false religion is becoming so prevalent these days?

Feminism and False Religion

Feminists balk at masculine authority, which includes God. The Scriptures teach a masculine Godhead. i.e., the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. There is NO feminine aspect of the Godhead. New Age, witchcraft, and nearly all pagan religions teach a feminine side of their false concept of god. 

Catholics have created their own monster, called The Blessed Virgin, or Queen of Heaven. The Catholic Mary is a fraud, a demonic myth. Catholics teach that Mary was born without a sin-nature (called the Immaculate Conception), lived a sinless life, remained a perpetual virgin, and was bodily assumed into Heaven. Not one of these false doctrines can be supported with the Bible. Yet, Catholics fully reject the Word of God to keep their own TRADITIONS instead (Mark 7:9). Catholics have idolized Mary as a god--millions of Catholics even claiming Mary as a "co-redeemer" (co-redemptrix) with Jesus Christ. Blasphemy! Catholicism even calls their Mary-monster the "Queen of Heaven," which was the false god of the Babylonians (Jeremiah 7:18). Again, we see the masculinity of the Godhead being utterly distorted, and in this case greatly diminished. Lutheranism is just as bad as Catholicism. 

Did you know that Lutheran theology teaches that Jesus couldn't become incarnate without first obtaining Mary's permission? Lutheran's practice their own form of Mary worship.

Read this shocking Lutheran heresy found at http://orthodoxlutheran.fws1.com/bvm/books.html...

In 1996, Pope John Paul II concluded that the title 'Mother of God' "proclaims the nobility of woman and her very high vocation. God, in effect, treats Mary as a free and responsible person and does not fulfill the Incarnation of his Son until after he has obtained her consent." Lutherans fully agree with this understanding of Mary.

Are you getting this? Lutherans believe that God could not come to the earth incarnate without Mary's PERMISSION. If you read the Bible, you'll quickly learn that Mary was ALREADY pregnant before she or Joseph knew what was going on. God did NOT need or ask for Mary's permission. Lutheranism is nothing more than DIET CATHOLICISM, and both false religions elevate Mary. The Bible does NOT ask us to elevate Mary in any way. In fact, the Word of God forbids it... "I am the LORD: that is my name: and my glory will I not give to another, neither my praise to graven images." God is a jealous God (Exodus 20:5).

Biblical Christianity centers in man's obedience to a masculine, authoritative, and demanding God! False religion is rooted in namby-pamby sissy theology that feminizes the Godhead. No wonder Harry Potter's witchcraft is becoming so popular. Don't be fooled, witchcraft and feminism are inseparable. As America's women become more feminist, i.e., favoring anti-masculine-authority, goddess worship will also increase. This is a woeful curse upon America, and is destroying marriages and families.

God is Masculine, Authoritative, Tracks You 24/7, and Orders You to Obey Him!

Feminists and rebellious wives won't like God. God literally says... "Do it my way or else!" God is an extremely jealous God... and so is the godly husband. A man should be jealous over his wife, and desire to know her whereabouts at all times. In today's immoral society, a Christian husband should be concerned about whom his wife is associating wife. A Christian husband has a right to determine his wife's friends, and say "no," if she wants to get into a car with another man for a seemingly innocent ride to church, etc. A husband should never allow his wife to be alone with another man, for any reason, and should get upset if she does. 

This is what jealous husbands, who love their wives, do. The false idea that love equals trust is Satanic. Many parents foolishly think they are loving their teens by "trusting them." Well, the Columbine parents found out the hard way that teens shouldn't be trusted.Trust must be earned! No husband should trust his wife to be alone with the opposite sex, and vise versa. This is good sense. I realize that most people today laugh at such moral standards, but that is to be expected in a society that flocks to SIN CITY Las Vegas to indulge in wickedness. That is to be expected in a society that legalizes booze, pornography, gambling, dirty dancing, and prostitution. Woe unto America!

If You Think Your Husband or Father is Control Freak, Then You Definitely Won't Like God

Photo to Left: Christ-rejecting blasphemers are selling "God is a control freak" T-shirts.

God is a loving God, but He is an authoritative God as well. The Bible is extremely AUTHORITATIVE! The Bible is filled with COMMANDS from God... THOU SHALT NOT _____!!! Ever heard of the Ten Commandments? God has told us what to do in His Word, and if we are smart we will comply. 

Women who refuse to obey their husband are disobeying God, because God commands wives to obey their husband (1st Peter 3:1). If you don't like an authoritative husband, who is jealous, controlling, takes charge, wants everything done his way, and continually monitors you--then you will absolutely hate God. 

There is a direct correlation between a woman's attitude towards an authoritative husband, and her attitude towards God. Those foolish women who think God is a compromising teddy bear are greatly deceived. God DEMANDS that all mankind repent (Acts 17:30). God has given us His Ten COMMANDMENTS! Those who refuse to OBEY God will burn in Hellfire forever (2nd Thessalonians 1:8,9). 

I've heard women label authoritative husbands and fathers as being "control freaks" or "controlling." Society today crucifies such men as being "abusive," when in reality they are just being like God. Should it be surprising that T-shirts are being sold online which read... "GOD IS A CONTROL FREAK"?  Repent America! Repent!

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