By David J. Stewart

Ecclesiastes 7:5, “It is better to hear the rebuke of the wise, than for a man to hear the song of fools.”

       Mandy Moore is a fool. You've heard of “A WALK TO REMEMBER starring Mandy Moore, well now she's released a new single titled, I COULD BREAK YOUR HEART ANY DAY OF THE WEEK, and it's A SONG TO FORGET if you love God. Mandy Moore is promoting feminist ideologies through her music. I guarantee you that she'll be asked to appear all across America on television and Good Morning America because of this ungodly song that sings about hurting men. This is all feminist brats sing about these days... I'll break your heart, clean out your bank account, and make you wish you were never born. It's really getting to be old hat. No wonder America is going to Hell. Only a fool would sing a song like this...

I'll make this painless, try to be sweet
I could break your heart any day of the week
Squeeze life out of you, wrap you in sheets
I could break your heart any day of the week
I could break your heart any day of the week

Squeeze life out of you? Wrap you in sheets? Wow, Mandy Moore has gone from portraying a Christian girl in A WALK TO REMEMBER to portraying a killer in I COULD BREAK YOUR HEART! I mean, that's what she's singing... “Squeeze life out of you, wrap you in sheets.”

If you watch Mandy Moore sing this song in the YouTube link I provided, watch the hateful look on her face like she really wants to hurt someone. I'm sure Moore's fans will make all sorts of lame excuses to defend her, saying that the song is not directed toward men. However, any honest person with a brain knows that the song being sung by Mandy Moore definitely promotes feminist ideologies. Here's some more of the retarded lyrics...

Monday, tuesday, wednesday
I'll make you nervous
Thursday, friday, saturday
Do not disturb us
Sunday rolls around, but that's another story
It gets a little boring
I hold on to you, you hold on to me
I could break your heart any day of the week

Let the walls chalk, let the floorboards creak
I could break your heart any day of the week
Those calendar girls, they've got nothing on me
I could break your heart any day of the week
I could break your heart any day of the week

Mandy Moore's entire countenance says, “I'll hurt you, make you sorry, and you'll be sorry we ever met.” The entire song is rooted in selfish pride. It's all about me, myself, and I. That's the selfish attitude of American women today, who've been brainwashed with feminism... If you make my cry, I'll say goodbye. That's the way Satan wants women to think. There's no loyalty, no forgiveness, no understanding, no patience. You see, you cannot have any understanding until you first care enough to try to understand. People lack understanding these days because they don't care. And with retarded feminist songs like this floating around... I'll hurt you, ruin you, get even with you, make you pay garbage... future generations of youth are doomed to stupidity.

Feminist Music Corrupts Society

1st Corinthians 15:33, “Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners.”

Reba McEntire is one of the biggest feminists alive today, and has produced some of the most malicious feminist propaganda against the teachings of the Word of God. Here's some lyrics from Reba's YOU'RE NO GOOD lyrics ...

You're no good... baby you're no good
I'm tellin' you now baby
That I'm going my way
Forget about you baby
'Cause I'm leaving today

Here's another song by Reba, SOMEONE SHOULD LEAVE...

Somebody should leave
But which one should it be
You need the kids
And they need me
Somebody should leave

It's all the same garbage... get out now while you still can, men are bums, kill the husband before he kills you,... steal, kill, and destroy (John 10:10).

No doubt, Reba has done much to promote divorce in America by pushing feminist rebellion through her music and videos. Reba represents the sinful PRIDE of the Feminist Movement. Reba is a real man these days, strutting around on stage while bellowing out her feminist garbage. 

Feminism has indoctrinated spoiled women not to care anymore, walking around with a giant chip on their shoulder, ready to divorce on a whim. I COULD BREAK YOUR HEART ANY DAY OF THE WEEK. Go ahead, try me they say, make my day, just give me a reason to file for divorce and do what Mandy Moore has taught me to do... I'll make you pay. This is EXACTLY what feminists are doing to husbands and fathers all across America. And the idiots who mock and laugh at me are the fornicators, abortionists, liars, quitters, and wicked people who have no fear of God before their eyes. They make their own rules. The Bible says that God makes the rules.

If my husband upsets me, I'll steal, kill, and destroy his world. I'll abort his child. I'll clean out his bank account. I'll steal everything he owns. I'll drag him into court and use our marriage license as a weapon against him. He'll pay! This is the popular brainwashing that feminism has indoctrinated women with through television and music. Again, you can see Mandy Moore's attitude while she is singing. She really gets into the song, expressing her contempt. The message is clear, i.e., if you knock the chip off my shoulder, I'll hurt you so bad that you'll never forget it. Mess with me and you'll pay!

Feminism holds men up to impossible standards that feminists themselves cannot attain. Feminism is rooted in utter hypocrisy. If you listen carefully to much of the music being sang by female singers today, it sends out a threatening message to men. Such repulsive music caters to the feminist agenda and is heard everywhere these days, putting ideas into other women's heads. Consequently, women all around the world are following Satan, having been taught that men are all bums, evil, and can't be trusted. This demonic brainwashing is epidemic in the UK, Australia and North America.

One of the popular themes of feminist music today is to steal, kill, and destroy marriages and families. Basically, men are bad, evil, and no good in the eyes of feminists. Only effeminate, homosexual, and henpecked men are allowed in the world of feminism.

I do not condemn anyone. I have nothing personally against Mandy Moore. I'm just disgusted and tired of hearing feminists sing songs that express intolerance and disdain for men. The Bible teaches that women are to marry, bear children, guide the house, and give none occasion to the adversary to speak reproachfully (stay out of trouble). Sadly, feminism has indoctrinated American women to become spoiled-brats, sassy, disobedience to parents, arrogant, selfish, intolerant of husbands and fathers, high-minded, hypocrites, abortionists, lesbians, women preachers, critics, and Bible-haters.

God is against any music that demonizes men. American society is infected with television and music that demonizes masculine authority and males in general. Celebrities like Reba McEntire sing about leaving and divorcing.

In her pathetic song, COLD AS YOU, Taylor Swift sings the lyrics...

You never did give a damn thing honey but I cried, cried for you
And I know you wouldn't have told nobody if I died, died for you

This is just one more of thousands of lyrics embedded in feminist songs today, portraying men as abusers and women as victims. Oh how American women suffer at the hands of those big, bad, mean husbands! Those spoiled-little brat wives are not right with God, nor will they ever be until they forsake the demonic indoctrination of feminism that teaches women to hate their husbands.

Here's some feminist garbage from the DIXIE CHICKS, from the hateful song GOODBYE EARL...

Earl had to die
Good-bye Earl
We need a break
Lets go out to the lake Earl
We’ll pack a lunch
And stuff you in the trunk Earl
Well is that all right
Good Let’s go for a ride
Earl Hey

The song teaches because Earl was an abusive husband, Earl had to be murdered. This is the type of trash that is being pushed off on America's women, and the most frightening thing is that over 26,000,000 Americans have bought the DIXIE CHICKS albums as of 2010[1]. What type of woman would idolize the Dixie Chicks and listen to such hateful music? A woman not right with God, that's who! These are the women who see no harm in divorce, couldn't care less about pleasing God, divorce and live in fornication, many are lesbians, they dishonor their parents, and are reprobates.

The Song Of Fools (Dixie Chicks glorify getting drunk & committing adultery, mocking God)

Instead of listening to music about love, forgiveness, and pleasing God, heathen feminists listen to fools like the DIXIE CHICKS sing about murdering an abusive husband. Why listen to music that glorifies committing sin and breaking the law? I mean, why listen to Eric Clapton's song, COCAINE, when cocaine is illegal? We're a retarded society!

Stop being a self-righteous little witch and look in the mirror if you want to see the biggest sinner. I'm sick and tired of feminists demonize men in their singing... “I am good, you are bad, so I left you... Hardy Har Har!” No, you are a feminist fool and will answer to God for breaking your wedding vows.

It's just a fact that in nearly all divorces, there are outside influences working to break apart the marriage; but no marriage can be broken apart if a couple are truly committed to each other as the Bible teaches. Jesus teaches in Matthew 19:8 that divorce is never God's will. Divorce ONLY happens as a result of a hard-heart that seeks a divorce.

One woman wrote to me some time ago and said she was married in a foreign country where lifetime commitments aren't part of their marriage vows. Listen, 1st Corinthians 7:10 commands women not to leave their husbands; but IF YOU DO, God commands you to remain celibate for the remainder of your husband's life. The only Biblical option is to reconcile with your husband (verse 11). To do otherwise is a wicked sin. This is not my opinion; but rather, the plain teachings of the Word of God. Americans these days don't hesitate to divorce, commit adultery, remarry, fornicate, have abortions, and spit on God's Word.

Instead of young women being taught love, loyalty, and understanding; they are being taught hatred, intolerance, and to quit their marriage when the going gets rough. Divorce, divorce, divorce! I've yet to hear one women who didn't attempt to justify her decision to quit her marriage and divorce. They all make excuses, but they are quitters, plain and simple. The one reason for which a woman is created is to be a help meet to her husband. Tragically, most women hurt and destroy their husband, when they should be the influence that pushes her husband toward God (1st Peter 3:1). Are you pushing your husband toward God or away from God?

American society is saturated with feminist fantasies...

Feminist Fantasies shows how the feminists captured the media, including its famous talking heads, and converted television into a maker of social trends rather than a reporter or a mirror of real life.”

SOURCE: Understanding Feminists and Their Fantasies

Divorce is a Sin

In fairness to women, some men sing songs that are just as evil as feminists. One such song is TIME FOR ME TO FLY by R.E.O. Speedwagon...

I've been around for you - been up and down for you
But, I just can't get any relief
I've swallowed my pride for you - lived and lied for you
But, you still make me feel like a thief
You got me stealing your love away 'cause you never give it
Peeling the years away, and we can't relive it
Oh, I make you laugh and baby you make me cry
I believe it's time for me to fly

You said we'd work it out
You said that you had no doubt that deep down we were really in love
Oh, but I'm tired of holding on to a feeling I know is gone
I do believe that I've had enough
I've had enough of the falseness of a worn out relation
Enough of the jealousy and the intoleration
Oh, I make you laugh and you make me cry
I believe it's time for me to fly

That is a sinful song. No one should ever quit their marriage, nor abandon anyone. If the feeling is gone, then stay married because you promised to remain faithful until death. Although the song doesn't mention marriage, it is implied that he is leaving his wife. Marriage is NOT 50/50, it is 100/100. If your spouse is far less than perfect, you ought to hang in there and do your best FOR JESUS. If your spouse ends up crippled in a wheel chair, you are a worm if you leave. Marriage is not a business partnership and those who treat it as such ought not get married. People only divorce because they are self-righteous and think they deserve better, being convinced by Satan that they have a right to quit because they are trying when their spouse is not. You cannot expect emotional support from other people when you have marriage problems, because they will nearly always tell you to divorce since it is not their marriage and family.

People need to mind their own business. If you listen to all the insane recent incidents of police oppression in America, MOST of the incidents started because of a NEIGHBOR turning in a neighbor for something stupid, like not watering their lawn or growing a garden in front of their home. It's people hurting people.

If you love God you'll be humble and stay with your spouse. Love is more than patient, love never fails. This wicked generation is woefully ignorant of the meaning of God's unconditional love. Divorce for any reason is not taught in the Bible. Many preachers are wrongly biased in the matter of divorce, but Jesus plainly taught in Matthew 19:8 that divorce only happens when someone has a hard-heart (the one who files for divorce). Jesus taught forgiveness 70 times 7 in Matthew 18:22. Divorce is the ultimate expression of unforgiveness. Tammy Fake Bakker of The PTL CLUB (praise the Lord club... what a joke) said she forgave her husband of adultery when she divorced him. Divorce is a sin. God never forsakes nor leaves His own (Hebrews 13:4), and we are expected to do the same to exemplify Christ.

American television and music are very dangerous to your marriage and spiritual well-being. It seems that every singer is expected to include a little blasphemy, praise for sin, anti-family, anti-marriage lyrics to make it in the industry. No wonder there's so much divorce in America! I detest anything that stereotypes Christians. Feminism is committed to stereotyping Christian fathers and husbands as being abusive for being authoritative. God's authority is male and masculine... in the home and in the church alike. God exists in the male gender as Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit is referred to with the masculine pronoun “He” (if you have a real Bible). Strict parents are being demonized, fathers in particular. There is a New World Order agenda to destroy homes in America.

Walt Disney in their hellish movie, BRIDGE TO TERABITHIA, portrays Christian parents as overly strict, unhappy, and abusive; but the liberal (anything goes) parents are friendlier, their home is colorful, and their child is happy. Literally, in the movie the Christian parent's home is shown without any brilliant colors, looking dreary and dull inside; but the liberal non-Christian parent's home is displayed with vivid, bright, cheerful colors. Walt Disney are a bunch of scum who hate God, the Bible and Christianity. The truth is hate to those who hate the truth!

Feminist indoctrination is everywhere! I can't watch television anymore because it makes me want to vomit when I see all the demonizing of husbands and fathers by feminists. It's becoming unbelievably insane in America! I mean, how retarded can television get? Talk about The Outer Limits! One woman defeating 10 men in combat? Women taking charge and bossing men around? Episode after episode of ludicrous TV shows where women are increasingly filling the roles of rugged men? Men are often made to look uncaring and irresponsible, while women are portrayed as caring and responsible. Regardless of what happens, men are always to blame.

In closing, Mandy Moore sings...

I could break your heart any day of the week

That is true for husbands and wives, but no one should ever threaten to break someone else's heart and deliberately hurt them. That's what Mandy Moore is really saying, i.e., if you don't treat me great, then I'll hurt you and make you sorry. That is the thinking of Satan.

Ecclesiastes 11:9 and 12:14, “Rejoice, O young man, in thy youth; and let thy heart cheer thee in the days of thy youth, and walk in the ways of thine heart, and in the sight of thine eyes: but know thou, that for all these things God will bring thee into judgment . . . For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.”

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