National Council of Churches Pro Homosexual


Interestingly, just two years ago the National Council of Churches voted to take homosexuality out of the category of male prostitution, child seducers, transvestites and put it in the category of race, sex, class, creed and place of national origin. Thus by a simple vote, the NCC declared evil to be good!

In his concern for the inverts and perverts and their rights, Sheek denied the charge that homosexuals seek to recruit and seduce children. This is a new low of willful blindness even for the NCC. It flies in the face of what is so obviously and historically always true. Since homosexuals cannot reproduce, they must recruit the young. And when they work their will and way on them, they turn something beautiful into a nightmare.

Of importance to Christians is the fact that Sheek did not even bother to quote the Bible in defense of his statements. Instead, he turned to the work of a liberal theologian (who could even be a homosexual) who claims that neither homosexual inclination nor the act excludes "one from the domain of God's gracious intention." Such theological lingese translates, "sexual relations between homosexual partners is sanctioned by God."

It is not surprising in this hour of apostasy to see religious leaders reinterpret and thus scorn God's Word. They presume to place their own moral preferences above the revelation of God. Instead of judging their morality by God's Word, they judge God by their morality. God is placed in the dock. Absolute moral judgments are declared dead.

Liberal theologians are presently espousing three main theses relative to homosexuality: (a) that the so-called homosexual condition is according to the will of God, (b) that God had a divine purpose in so creating human nature that a certain percentage of human beings are homosexual, and (c) that there is the possibility of morally good homosexual relationships and that the love which unites the partners in such a relationship rather than alienating them from God, can be judged as uniting them more closely with God and as mediating God's presence in our world. (See John J. McNeill, S. J., The Church and the Homosexual, Sheed, Andrews, McMeel, Inc., 1976)


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