Apostate ChristianityToday Recommends
Demonic Movie, Pan's Labyrinth, with 4-stars!

       PAN'S LABYRINTH is rated-R due to graphic violence and foul language. Here's their website. Anyone who is familiar with Satanism and the occult knows that “Pan” is the pagan god of sexual fertility, immorality, lust, rape and pedophilia. Many statues of Pan display him with an erection. Wiccans adore Pan more than all the other false gods that they worship.

Tragically, ChristianityToday recommend this filth and gives it their highest rating of 4-stars.1 It shouldn't come as a surprise that the apostate minister, Billy Graham, is the founder of ChristianityToday, which ought to be renamed to ApostasyToday.

As a Bible-believing Christian who has studied the workings of Satanism and the occult, I have learned over the years that sexual sins are inseparably inherent to them both. The infamous Aleister Crowley, a renowned Satanist and 33rd degree Freemason, was a known drug-addict and bisexual. He spoke in his writings of child sacrifices to Lucifer. Ritualized child abuse is a known, documented and widespread evil throughout the world today, as it has been throughout history.

Satan is unmistakably presented in Pan's Labyrinth. The movie creators even name him “Pan.” The following quote is from the website, Movieweb.com...

"In this fairy tale, a small family in Spain moves into an old house in 1943 after the rise of Fascism. Their eldest daughter, at age 12, falls in love with a fawn that lives in the old ruined labyrinth which resides behind their new decrepit home." SOURCE

The very notion of an innocent child falling in loving with a sexual predator like Pan is nauseating to any God-fearing person. Lest you think I'm grasping for straws, the movie's producer, Guillermo Del Toro, has openly stated that one of the works which largely influenced the making of Pan's Labyrinth is the THE GREAT GOD PAN, a novella (shorter than a novel) written by Arthur Machen in 1890. The work was so demonic and despicable that the public was outraged . . .

The Great God Pan is a novella written by Arthur Machen. The original story was published in 1890, and Machen revised and extended it in 1894. On publication it was widely denounced by the press as degenerate and horrific because of its decadent style and sexual content, although it has since garnered a reputation as a classic of horror. Machen’s story was only one of many at the time to focus on Pan as a useful symbol for the power of nature and paganism...

A woman in Wales has her mind destroyed by a scientist's attempt to enable her to see the god of nature Pan. Years later, a young woman named Helen Vaughan arrives on the London social scene, disturbing many young men and causing some to commit suicide; it transpires that she is the monstrous offspring of the god Pan and the woman in the experiment.

SOURCE: The Great God Pan

Why would anyone be infatuated with such a sick character as Pan? The producer of Pan's Labyrinth finds the figure of the god Pan compelling . . .

Some of my favorite writers (Borges, Blackwood, Machen, Dunsany) have explored the figure of the god Pan and the symbol of the labyrinth. These are things that I find very compelling and I am trying to mix them and play with them. (Del Toro message board, Answers Archive, Nov. 24, 2004)

Pan's Labyrinth producer, Guillermo Del Toro, admits the dark nature of the film . . .

There are differing ideas about the film's religious influences. Del Toro himself has said that he considers Pan's Labyrinth “a truly profane film, a layman's riff on Catholic dogma.”

Yes, it is a profane (morally corrupt) movie. For anyone who understands who Pan is, what he does and the evil he embodies, it is unthinkable that someone would actually place an innocent little girl into such a setting, in a movie, portraying her as falling in love with Pan.

This is how sicko the Hollywood elite really are!

Lest you think I'm exaggerating my claims, please read this exhaustive study on the infatuation which Aleister Crowley had with the pagan god Pan, and the sexually immoral nature of Pan. It's really creepy and bizarre stuff.

The people who make movie's like Pan's Labyrinth, which features an innocent little girl falling in love with Pan, are sick-minded, demonically-inspired, evil individuals as far as I'm concerned. There is no downplaying the facts about Pan. The occult has always been synonymous with child exploitation.

For ChristianityToday to recommend such a movie, with their highest rating go figure, is utter apostasy! As born-again Christians we ought to expose this kind of evil and take a stand for righteousness.

Ozzy Osbourne is infamous for his bizarre lifestyle, Satan worshipping and suicidal lyrics, his role as lead singer of the once famous BLACK SABBATH Rock 'N' Roll band and is a devout child of the Devil. Here's one of Ozzy's album covers featuring the pagan god, Pan . . .

The very term “Rock 'N' Roll” is a sexual term. Many people fail to recognize the demonic forces all around us in society today. Rock 'N' Roll is absolutely saturated in demonism, sexual immorality, rebellion and hatred against God. There's a website online1 that actually sexually rates hundreds of Rock stars, like Steven Tyler and Gene Simmons, by the groupies (whores) that follow them from city-to-city for the sole purpose of fornicating with them. This is evil to the core! Pornography is demonism, which destroys the human soul. Anything that influences people for Satan is demonism.

You don't need to look for demons and red-tailed devils, Satan comes to us the Bible says with false teachings, sensual entertainers and the counsel of the ungodly (Rock music). Sin City Las Vegas is demon city. Woe unto the wicked! I eagerly await the time when Jesus Christ will reign triumphantly from Jerusalem during the Millennium Period as King over the whole earth, and what a time of peace and righteousness that will be! Good bye Las Vegas! Good bye Mardi Gras! Good bye Hollywood! Good bye Broadway! Good bye Rock 'N' Roll! Amen!

I mean no unkindness by writing this article, but Pan is of the Devil, and in fact, represents the Devil. Where do you think the image of Satan having two horns on his head came from? Pan! Wiccan witches often deny any belief in a Devil or Satan, but readily admit a belief in Lucifer, the god of light. Wiccan witches adorn Pan and revere him as one of their primary gods.

Walt Disney has also featured Pan with a little girl, in the movie NARNIA. The little girl ends up alone in the fawn's home. His name in the movie is Tumnus. The girl falls asleep. When she awakes, Tumnus says he has done something horrible, and there is undeniably a spirit of pedophilia in the movie. One look at the fawn in NARNIA identifies him as Pan, with hoofed feet and horns on his head. The plain and simple truth is that anyone who know anything about Pan knows what he represents... sexual seduction and immorality. To make a movie that features an innocent little girl in Pan's Labyrinth (a system of paths and tunnels) is sickening. The entire spirit of the movie couldn't be anything but sexual, since it's main character is the biggest sexual predator in history, Pan. And to think, ChristianityToday recommends it? God help us!

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