The Sin Of Bidding Godspeed To Pastors Who Promote Corruptible Seed, Partaking Of Their Evil

By David J. Stewart
January 2018 | Updated June 2018

2nd John 1:9-11, “Whosoever transgresseth, and abideth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God. He that abideth in the doctrine of Christ, he hath both the Father and the Son. If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed: For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds.”

       The Holy Scriptures warn that if we big Godspeed, that is, show any support or sanction, toward those who teach false doctrine, we are partakers of their evil deeds. The greatest assault against the doctrine of Christ today is coming from the Alexandrian manuscripts (upon which the modern corrupt Bible versions are all based). For example: All of the new Bible perversions remove Acts 8:37 completely, which says that Jesus is “the Son of God.” All of the modern Bible perversions corrupt the doctrine of Christ by removing the word “begotten” from the Bible.

One of the biggest problems today is shameful pastors who have a tolerance for evil. Few pastors hate evil as much as they ought. Psalms 97:10, “Ye that love the LORD, hate evil.” I hate evil. I hate it so much that I want to warn everybody I can about the Devil's counterfeit Bible versions. Unfortunately, I keep meeting ungodly pastors, who don't love the Lord as they ought, and have a tolerance for evil things; such as, the Alexandrian Bible perversions.

I knew one pastor, a disgrace to his profession, who superficially claims to be King James Bible only, while at the same time openly supporting and associating with other local churches that use, sell and promote the Alexandrian perversions. Folks, that is evil! He is bidding Godspeed to evildoers, wicked servants, who shall be punished. Proverbs 19:5, “A false witness shall not be unpunished, and he that speaketh lies shall not escape.” Even if you use only the King James, if you buddy-buddy with ungodly pastors who use, sell and promote the modern perversions, you have that same blood on your hands, because you are encouraging them.

The Scriptures forbid even eating a meal with a fellow believer who lives in open sin. 1st Corinthians 5:11, “But now I have written unto you not to keep company, if any man that is called a brother be a fornicator, or covetous, or an idolater, or a railer, or a drunkard, or an extortioner; with such an one no not to eat.” So let me ask you a question, which is worse—fornicating, getting drunk, being a critic, covetousness, extortion—or corrupting God's words? My friend, there is no comparison. Tampering with God's Word is infinitely more evil. How do I know this? I know for several reason, one being that the only sin for which God warned He would remove someone's part from the Book of Life is corrupting the Scriptures!!! Revelation 22:19, “And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.” If God's words are that important to Him, then why, oh why, do so many pastors today make light of those who use, sell and promote corrupt Bible versions?

“God has a special rebuke, again and again and again in the Bible, toward those people who keep their neutrality in the work of God!” —SOURCE: Dr. Jack Hyles, a quote from the great MP3 sermon, “Where Were You In The Battle?

So why do so many ungodly pastors support Bob Jones University, and their apostate graduates pastoring churches, who use and sell corruptible seed (i.e., the modern perverted Bible revisions)? Truly, the love of money is the root of all evil (1st Timothy 6:10). That is why Jesus said NO MAN can serve God and mammon (money). It's one or the other! Shame on any pastor who bids Godspeed to evildoers, by referring to a church that promotes corruptible seed as a “sister church”! I've heard that expression used quite a bit, and it is evil when it involves the Devil's Bibles being promoted. If I had my way, I'd eagerly fire over 95% of today's lukewarm, indifferent and pompous pastors, who are destroying God's vineyard.

Indifferent Pastors Toward Heresy Don't Belong in The Pulpit

Sadly, the clergy is nothing more than an occupation to over 95% of pastors these perilous days, and it is disgusting! These pipsqueak wimps, who lack gonads, come out of Bible college with a degree, and their head stuck up their butt! You cannot reason with them, because they are subverted of themselves, and extremely full of arrogance and pride. I showed one local Baptist pastor on Guam, a pathetic graduate of Ambassador Bible College (Dr. Ron Comfort's school).

The pastor is closely associated with Pensacola Christian College, so much so that PCC gives him tens of thousands of dollars to build his cult. You see, the pastor is not man enough to raise his own support, so he needs a bib and mama's apron to hang on to. Sadly, that same pastor he passing out major heresy in his church! I found this religious garbage in his tract display. It is his church, not God's church, because he runs it his way instead of God's way. God's way to is to remove heresy when you find it creeping in. Tragically, these idiot pastors on Guam view me as the threat, because I tell THE TRUTH about the Devil's Alexandrian Bible perversions, like the ERV (which Harvest Baptist Church uses), ESV (which Bob Jones University uses) and the NIV (which is no different than all the rest... corrupt).

After kindly showing the local Baptist pastor the heresy, and sharing “I NEVER KNEW YOU” with him by Michael P. Bowen, and Dr. Max Younce's brilliant 24-part MP3 series called “SO GREAT SALVATION,” the pastor still refused to stop distributing the tracts even after several months. I didn't give up on the church. I prayed for them, but then the pastor couldn't take it anymore when I mentioned that his beloved idol at Bob Jones University promotes and sells corruptible seed. He got angry, and so did I, telling him that he ought to be ashamed of himself; AND I'D DO IT AGAIN! When he got angry, he just ran his dumb mouth insulting me, degrading me, saying that I had no class (well at least I care and love the truth); but when I got angry, I told him THE TRUTH! That pastor made a fool out of himself, and some of his people saw it, and I'm glad, because false prophets need to be exposed! He's lucky I don't mention his pathetic little name on the internet, but I don't want to make him a martyr. Let him remain a loser, hanging onto mama's strings, while PCC finances his cult.

Instead of getting mad at the heresy, the idiot pastor I mentioned earlier got mad at me. What a wicked man! That very same lame pastor told his church that he got saved from reading a New International Version (NIV). Well, then he is NOT saved, because you cannot be saved from corruptible seed (1st Peter 1:23). Any pastor and church that is indifferent toward heresy, making light of the satanic idea that a person must turn away from sinful behavior to be saved, is of the Devil!!! What is wrong with pastors today? I'll tell you, the love of money! It's a mere job to them. They are cowards. In the pulpit they'll toss a rock here and there, but when you actually put them on the spot, where they have to fish or cut bait, either take a stand against another apostate ministry or sinfully wimp out, they run like cowards!!!

The Battle of the Ages Means Nothing to Most Pastors and Churches

Needless to say, I stopped attending that hellhole, because it is a cult, not a New Testament church. The purity of God's Word is important to the Lord!!!!!!! Any pastor who makes light of the verbal inspiration of the King James Bible is not a New Testament church. By the way, in their statement of faith, you can go verify that Ambassador Bible College denies the verbal inspiration of the King James Bible, as does Pensacola Christian College, Hyles-Anderson College, Moody Bible Institute, Faith Bible Baptist College And Theological Seminary, Bob Jones College and other apostate hellholes today!!! Look what they horribly say at Faith Bible Baptist College And Theological Seminary, in their statement of faith...

“We believe in the verbal, plenary inspiration by God of the original manuscripts of the Old and New Testament Scriptures, and that they are inerrant and infallible in all matters.” [emphasis added]

Folks, WE DON'T HAVE ANY ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPTS TODAY!!! They only believe that God's inspired words exist in “THE ORIGINALS.” Do you want to spent $120,000 for a 4-year bachelor's degree from this high-society religious college, so you can have your faith shaken in the inspiration of God's Word? Knock your socks if you're that stupid! You'll get what you deserve for not thinking. I say that kindly, but truthfully. Dr. Jack Hyles is so right that businessmen are destroying churches all across America!

“All across America businessmen are destroying churches!”
—Dr. Jack Hyles, a quote from the classic MP3 sermon, “I Find No Fault In This Man!

Today's apostate Bible colleges and preacher's cemeteries all try to dupe the student into believing that “inspiration” merely refers to God breathing His words to man, to the process itself, and not to the actual words. But my friend, the Scriptures tell us that God promised to preserve His “very pure words”... WORDS!!! Psalms 12:6, The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times. Thou shalt keep them, O LORD, thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever.” Notice in the preceding precious promise that God promised to preserve His “words” (plural). God didn't promise to preserve a language or only His ideas (i.e., thought inspiration, which is what Biblica, the NIV translators, believe). If only the originals are inspired (as all of today's spiritually dead Bible colleges claim), then God is a liar, because we don't have an inspired Holy Bible today. Do you see what I make such a big fuss over the inspiration of the King James Bible?!

And if that doesn't tick you off, this most assuredly WILL. Take a look at what these modern satanic Bible versions all do to BUTCHER God's promise in Psalms 12:6-7. All of the modern Alexandrian-based Bible perversions corrupt the Scriptures, totally REMOVING GOD'S PROMISE to preserve His “pure words” unto every generation. THEY ARE “PURE WORDS” according to Psalms 12:6. You see, the Devil's crowd had to change (pervert) this Scripture passage in order to justify publishing hundreds of English Bible versions!!! Can you hear the Devil laughing! I sure can. The average pastor today is a guy with a job. He enrolled in some apostate Bible college, was taught that we don't have an inspired Bible today, and now he's corrupting a congregation someplace, making a living doing it! What wickedness!

Please read Psalms 119:140, “Thy word is very pure: therefore thy servant loveth it.” God's words are not only pure, they are “VERY PURE”!!! The psalmist rejoices that God's words are VERY PURE! David would not rejoice today over 900 Bible versions. I'm not kidding either. According to the American Bible Association, there are approximately (whole and in part) 900 English Bible versions!!! Doesn't that just make you tingle all over? It makes me numb! What fool would sanction such confusion? Well, let me see, Bob Jones University is one such fool. And then there's Ambassador Bible College that Dr. Ron Comfort runs. Evangelist Sam Gipp also denies the inspiration of the King James Bible. Folks, if we don't have an inspired Holy Bible today, then we don't have God's words, and God is a liar!!! Do you think only king David had God's “VERY PURE” words? David, as I do, would have HATED these bastard versions of the Bible today!!! Psalms:119:104, “Through thy precepts I get understanding: therefore I hate every false way.”

Again, do you see what I make such a big fuss over the inspiration of the King James Bible?! Dr. Jack Hyles (my hero of the Christian faith) thought it was important, which he rightly termed, “THE BATTLE OF THE AGES” (MP3 sermon). Brother Hyles is my “hero,” among many reasons, because he stood for THE TRUTH, even when it cost him popularity. Sadly, First Baptist Church of Hammond has joined the intelligencia, who have become fools in their human wisdom, changing their former position from believing and professing that the King James Bible is inspired, to now denying it altogether! Truth has fallen in the streets! Is it nothing to you, all ye that pass by? Dr. Al Lacy was 100% right on the inspiration of the King James Bible (an excellent, excellent, MP3 sermon). The one key factor that was necessary to corrupt the English Bible was, and don't miss this, to DENY THE VERBAL INSPIRATION OF THE BIBLE TODAY! For you see, if God has kept His solemn PROMISE to preserve His words, then there can be ONLY ONE BOOK!!! There cannot be 300 English Bible versions!

The only one's endorsing umpteen Bible versions today is the “Hath God said?” crowd. The faithful King James Bible only crowd proclaim, “Thus saith the Lord!” Just as the man with two watches never knows what time it is, so also does the man with multiple Bible versions not know the truth! It is ludicrous for anyone to even entertain the notion, that God left us today to choose between literally hundreds of different English Bible “versions” to read. All of which are copyrighted, except the beloved and inspired King James Bible, so the publishers can market them to make money. Most pastors and Christians today need a reality check. I cannot say enough to warn everyone about the Devil's Bible perversions, which corrupt the meaning of repentance and God's plan of human redemption. The evil translators are butchering the Word of God to make it fit man's corrupt agenda! For example: Look how the NIV 2011 neuters the masculinity of the Holy Spirit, changing the male pronoun “He” to an insulting “it.” Jerks!

Oh, and it gets ugly, take a look at how the modern Bible-Nazi's have rounded up the male-dominant context of God's Word, hauling it off to the Auschwitz femi-Nazi camp! The word “man” is mentioned 4,538 times in the King James Bible; but in the satanic NIV 2011 you'll only find “man” mentioned 1989 times! Of course, the word “sodomite” has been completely removed, which is no surprise when you learn that Marten Woudstra, chairman of the NIV Old Testament translating committee, was an open homosexual. Who, prey tell me, if they are right with God, would appoint a known homosexual to oversee the translation of God's Word? Folks, if you don't see the Devil's hand at work in all of this, you are so stupid, or subverted of yourself by choice! 2nd Corinthians 2:17, “For we are not as many, which corrupt the word of God: but as of sincerity, but as of God, in the sight of God speak we in Christ.” Sadly, Bob Jones University leads the way in promoting Satan's corruptible seed. I want no part in that mess!!!

2nd Corinthians 2:11, “Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices.” Within context, the preceding Bible verse speaks of forgiving other believers, lest Satan use that as a means of weakening a church. When a pastor falsely professes to “forgive” someone, but refuses to give a second chance to that person, refusing to allow that individual to come back to fellowship with a local church, that church is helping the Devil. Harvest Baptist Church (HBC) on Guam refuses to allow me to even attend their church services, because of my faithful stand on the verbal inspiration of the King James Bible. They are helping Satan! When I kindly warned one of Harvest Baptist Church's associate pastors in 2015 about the satanic Alexandrian versions (they use the horrible Easy-To-Read Version at HBC), he made the lame excuse that he doesn't agree with ALL the modern versions. But when I pressed him to name a few, HE COULDN'T! You see, he is like all of them, full of bologna! Which Bible they use is not an issue to neo-evangelicals, it's all about living to see another paycheck! Well, seeking out and upholding the truth ought to be a preacher's life!

I learned something amazing from my dear friend, Pastor Max D. Younce, in his eye-opening Bible study titled, “KING JAMES BIBLE - STILL THE BEST!,” in which he explains how that oftentimes the modern Bible translations aren't even based on ANY ancient manuscript; but rather, the translators simply corrupt the Word of God to change it and make a buck! This is the UGLY TRUTH! Literally, modern translators are just changing the Bible on a whim, altering it to say anything (as long as it is substantially different and creative to obtain a legal copyright). I know that absolutely disgusts and angers God. If I am only a mortal and sinful man, and it burns me up what they are doing to attack the Holy Bible, how do you think our righteous and immortal God feels?

I feel contempt for most pastors today, who have sunk to the level of vermin, maggots and Nazis in their spiritual views. As believers we ought to have a healthy hate life against all forms of falsehood and evil. I passionately hate the modern Bible perversions, that corrupt the Gospel and teach Lordship Salvation. The average church leader is a fool these days, tolerating fake Bibles, going along to get along with apostate churches, distributing religious tracts that require people to turn away from sinful behavior to be saved, et cetera. I don't have a problem with pastors as much as they have with me, because I won't shut up about evil. I've been called all kinds of degrading names by pastors... “old school,” “no class,” “divisive,” “a cult,” “heretic,” “troublemaker,” et cetera. If hating evil and taking an uncompromising stand against the Devil's Bible versions makes me all those things... then I gladly plead guilty to all, and then some!

We've got a bunch of little men, runts, pastoring churches today, who don't deserve the position. They are wimps, taking up precious opportunity for a genuine man of God, who really cares about truth and others, to get the job done! It makes me want to puke when I see these shallow Baptist churches, whose idea of church growth is a new children's playground and laying more concrete for a basketball court, but there is little or no emphasis in the pulpit about the purity of God's Word, the clarity of the Gospel nor soul-winning!

I agree 100% with something that Evangelist Billy Sunday said...

“I've stood for more sneers and scoffs and insults and had my life threatened from one end of the land to the other by this God-forsaken gang of thugs and cutthroats because I have come out uncompromisingly against them.” —Billy Sunday

Of course, Billy Sunday was talking about the dirty liquor cartel, but sadly, this very statement can be made today concerning America's apostate Baptist pastors, who have come out against me with their sneers and scoffs and insults, because I have come out uncompromisingly against them!!!

Please check the religious tract section in back of your church. If you find anything that tells you that a person must “be willing to forsake living in sin” to be saved, or something along those lines, warn the pastor, and of he doesn't care, leave that church immediately! There is not one verse in the Holy Bible that teaches turning from sins to be saved. This heresy is a major problem in thousands of churches today, particular Baptist churches, and it is rooted in satanic Calvinism. Bob Jones University's graduates in particular, are guilty of teaching and supportive Calvinism, which is why the biggest BJU church on Guam is a big time promoter of Dr. John MacArthur (Mr. Calvinist himself). Wicked pastors support this evil, bidding them Godspeed, thus becoming partaker of their evil deeds. Judgment day is coming!

Jesus warned in Matthew 12:36 that men will be held accountable for their words. Who do you think God would be more upset with—Me, for telling the plain truth that today's Westcott and Hort, Alexandrian-based, corrupt, Bible versions are of the Devil; or the thousands of shameful Baptist pastors who go-along-to-get-along with their ministry peers, refusing to separate from apostate churches that have embraced Satan's counterfeit Bible versions? And God only knows what is going to happen on Judgment Day to those wicked pastors who use, sell and promote Satan's Bible revisions!!! Is anybody listening? Does anybody care?

Help, Lord, for the Godly Man Ceaseth

Say what you will about me, I am on the Lord's side (Joshua 24:15). I'm sick and tired of spineless pastors, who foolishly think it is wise to be a wuss, weak and ineffectual. A man of God who genuinely walks with God, who has the power of the Holy Spirit upon him, will have a consuming passion and desire to expose lies and preach the truth. The insane idea that we should promote truth, but avoid the negativity of exposing lies, is of the Devil. You cannot love without hate. We need a whole new breed of preachers in America! We need an entire generation of men of God, who don't care about being unpopular, who don't care about money, who aren't afraid to go against their clergy peers, who love the truth enough to expose the lies. Psalms 12:1, “Help, LORD; for the godly man ceaseth; for the faithful fail from among the children of men.” There are an estimated 350,000 churches in America, but I dare say .01% of those churches have a true man of God behind the pulpit. That would be 350 pastors!

If you're not upset, you're not paying attention! The number one reason why the United States is in the mess we're in today, is because of wuss pastors, who are not consumed about preaching the truth. The one common denominator about every great man of God has always been a consuming desire to proclaim the truth. I ask you again, in the name of the precious Lord Jesus Christ, is anybody listening? Does anybody care?

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