Americans Have Killed 10-fold Hitler's Holocaust

by David J. Stewart
October 2007 | Updated December 2022

Auschwitz Death Camp

Hitler's Auschwitz Death Camp

Aurora, Illinois, Abortion Death Camp

American Abortion Death Camp

       According to Holocaust, 4.1 to 6.0 million Jews were killed during the holocaust. As of 2020, America has passed the 63,000,000 abortion mark! It is so tragic and evil. Genesis 4:10, “And he said, What hast thou done? the voice of thy brother's blood crieth unto me from the ground.” Just as Abel's blood cried out to God from the ground, so do the lives of 63,000,000 innocent children's blood cry out from an abortion dumpster.

America's founding fathers never could have envisioned a day when a mega-death center would be constructed right here in America to mass-terminate human life. Americans have murdered TEN TIMES the victims which Hitler killed. Yet, Americans hypocritically stand in judgment upon other nations for their moral rights abuses. We are an evil nation.

The only way to put into perspective what abortionists are getting away with today in America, is by comparing them with the Nazis, multiplied TIMES TEN. How can any American sing GOD BLESS AMERICA?

Even more tragic is the fact that most ministers don't preach against abortion anymore. In fact, thousands of pastors are supporting abortion! Truly, America has already gone to hell. If you attend a very large church of 5,000 members. Think about the fact that Americans have murdered 10,000 times that amount by abortion. Are we really one nation under God? I think we are one nation under Satan. This is evidenced by our nation's love for the filth, cursing, violence and smut on TV. We've even named Las Vegas to SIN CITY. Salem, Massachusetts, brags of being THE WITCH CITY. We have forgotten God.

We've abused our freedoms in America to the point where we're destroying ourselves as a people. Americans party to the sinful lyrics of “get down on it,” “all night long,” “shake your booty,” “do it like a virgin,” “freak out,” “get down tonight” ... and then wonder why nearly half the children in America are unwanted, aborted, murdered by irresponsible parents. Satan enjoys wrecking society (John 10:10). Every day in the United States, 1,452 African-American children are violently executed... before they're ever born.

Those poor children have their skulls cracked open and their brains sucked out with a vacuum cleaner in some vile abortion clinic. I speak on behalf of the innocent.

Whereas the angry Jews had a choice between Barabbas (a murderer) and Jesus (an innocent man), they chose Barabbas. Likewise, society today cries out CRUCIFY THEM! Wake up America!

The government brings in the illegal drugs to America, and then pays addicted mothers to be sterilized. Groups like Project Prevention hide behind extreme cases to justify sterilization as the norm (most of whom are African American). So at a weak time in their life, when they're battling drug addiction, the best solution society can come up with is to first make sure you never have any children again! You're finished in the game of motherhood. And yet, illegal drugs continue to flood into America, while government CIA planes loaded to the ceiling with 4 tons of cocaine crash when coming into the United States. God sees this woeful evil and Hell will be hot enough!

Our government has commit high-treason against the American public, allowing greedy corporations to outsource our jobs to foreign nations. So Americans can't find a decent job anymore. In fact, Americans are now competing with illegal immigrants for what remains of American jobs. Millions of American citizens have already lost their homes. At present there are 35,000,000 millions Americans receiving Food Stamps.

By 2012, nearly all Americans will be working directly or indirectly for the federal government. Already the government controls the automobile industry, the housing industry, the banking industry and soon the medical industry. We will be MUCH poorer as a nation in the near future. The dollar will completely collapse. By being totally dependent upon the federal government for our sustenance, they have control over us. This is all intended by design. Already 75,000 pastors have joined the government's CLERGY RESPONSE TEAMS, to brainwash America's churchgoers to blindly obey tyranny.

The criminal Federal Reserve bankers haven't been audited in nearly 100-years. Trillions-upon-trillions of taxpayer dollars have been stolen, and U.S. citizens owe all that money to the private bankers. They are evil beyond description. Our congress is powerless against their tyranny. They killed Kennedy. These people are just plain evil.

Billions of Taxpayer Dollars Stolen, Paid to Wall Street Thieves

They smirk and laugh in the faces of the American public, while they rob us blind and think they're getting away with it. God is recording everything in eternity (Revelation 20:12-13; Matthew 12:36). Their time of damnation is coming if they don't repent toward God.

Evil abounds in the world today, especially in America. If you go to many primitive and undeveloped places on this earth, you'll find normal people; but if you go to the so-called “civilized world,” you'll find abortionists, homosexuals and all manner of wickedness. Urbanization has destroyed America. It's at the place where many people just want to find a nice tree to live in and leave civilization. I can't blame them, for the world has become a large insane asylum.

It is sad to know that Americans have killed TEN TIMES the number of human beings that Hitler killed. Americans claim no wrongdoing because the Supreme Court says it's ok; but what does God say? Exodus 20:13, “Thou shalt not kill.”

Nazi Killing Innocent Victim

Nazi Killing Innocent Victim

Abortion Doctor Killing Innocent Victim

Abortion Doctor Killing Innocent Victim

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What is a Life Worth? (YouTube video)

PRO-CHOICE: The gas oven or an abortionist's garbage dumpster?

RU-486 Abortion Pill Manufactured by Same Company as Nazi Zyklon-B Gas


There is none!

Auschwitz Death Camp

United States Abortion Death Camp

"If women were in charge, abortion would be a sacrament, an occasion of deep and serious and sacred meaning."

Carter Heyward, an ordained Episcopal priest who has been active for many years in the feminist movement.

Before I formed thee... I knew thee

The Horror of Abortion!

If God could hear the voice of Abel's blood crying out to Him from the ground (Genesis 4:10), do you suppose God has missed the cries of those 63,000,000 infants who've been butchered in America since 1973?

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