Hoorah Jesus!

By David J. Stewart
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       Have you ever watched people at a ball game? They go bananas! I saw one guy on the news who had shaved his favorite team's logo onto his head. It is not uncommon for sport's fans to jump, shout, scream, throw their hands in the air, and praise their favorite team. Some people even have tattoos pierced into them, idolizing their favorite sport's team. So why is it that when a child of God shouts Amen or praises the Lord, they're considered a "fanatic" in a bad sense (as in being a nut case)?

HBO's Bill Maher says that all Christians have neurological disorders!

I used to watch The Price is Right game show when I was growing up. My mom liked the show. I would see people day-after-day go to pieces when they saw that new car (it's just plastic and cheap metal folks). People would scream in tears, jump up and down, and say “Oh my God, oh my God...” (over and over). It is sickening that people will get so excited over a materialistic item that will eventually end up in a scrap heap. What about Jesus? Why is it so crazy to get excited about the Lord? 

If the homosexuals can parade up and down the streets of America promoting their Sodomy; then we fundamentalist, God-fearing, soul-winning, Bible-believing, Christians can promote the Word of God. Bless God, Hoorah Jesus! Amen! WOOOO! Hallelujah! I feel like jumping up and down and shouting in praise to my Lord, Jesus is so precious!

I get sick every time I see thousands of people cheering for some despicable lesbian like Madonna or Britney Spears. I want to puke when I see the masses praising Elton John or Michael Jackson, both Godless to the core. I hate to see people worshipping Rock music idols, praising a bunch of immoral infidels. Rock musicians don't create rock music, they simple allow the Devil to flow through them. Many artists have openly admitting that a spirit takes over them while their on stage (and it's not the Spirit of God). Carlos Santana admits that a demon named Metatron has been controlling him since 1994. I say phooey on Rock, Pop, Hip Hop and all the Devil's music! By the way, that includes sinful Country music by reprobates like Taylor Swift and Toby Keith

I say hoorah to Jesus!!! I am a servant of the living God, the omnipotent Lord Jesus Christ!

Let's never allow the heathens to promote their filth any more than we do the things of God. It's time that Christians across America start letting their good works so shine before men that they might see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven (Matthew 5:16). Most churches today are private social clubs. Folks, we've got to get out of those pews and go door-to-door as the Apostle Paul did (Acts 20:20). The Apostle Paul had an Acts 20/20 vision. God deliver us from church-pew Christianity! Too many Christians are busy sitting-on-the-premises instead of standing-on-the-promises. Get out there in the public where the people are at and let them know that your God is alive!

Hoorah Jesus!

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