Most People Who Do Evil Don't Think They Are Doing Evil

By David J. Stewart | August 2017

Proverb 16:25, “There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.”

       One of the truths that I have learned in my Christian life, as I walk closer and closer to the Lord, is that people who do evil usually don't consider themselves as being evil, but they are! Evil comes from the sinful heart of man. Jeremiah 17:9, “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?” The Scriptures teach us that to the same degree a person loves God's Word, that is, the King James Bible in English, to that same extent they will hate evil and every false way.

Believers who love the King James Bible contend with the wicked. That's why I contend against the wayward pastors who use and promote the corrupt Alexandrian Bible PERversions. Proverb 28:4, “They that forsake the law praise the wicked: but such as keep the law contend with them.” The Alexandrian Bible version cult have forsaken God's Word, instead embracing satanic counterfeits which are not inspired. Beware of anyone who claims that only the original autographs of God's Word were inspired, and then God preserved those words, but say that the King James Bible itself is not inspired. What they are really saying is that the King James Bible is superb and best, but it is not 100% accurate, not as reliable as the originals (which don't exist today).

The Ungodly Alexandrian Bible Version Nightmare

One of the most evil things is not taking a stand against evil. Either we have God's inspired words today or we don't. Respectfully, First Baptist Church of Hammond (FBCH) has forced the issue of inspiration, since they have DENIED the inspiration of the King James Bible since 2008. They did a lot of damage by casting doubt upon God's Word. They took all of the credibility which Dr. Jack Hyles earned over 55 years of ministry, and used it as a weapon against him, by denying the very inspired King James Bible that Brother Hyles dedicated the last years of his life to preaching... THE BOOK, THE BLOOD AND THE BODY!!! That is, the inspiration of the King James Bible, the literal liquid blood of Jesus sprinkled upon the heavenly Mercy Seat, and the autonomy of local New Testament churches.

It's not something that can be dismissed. They downplay the matter as if it's not worth fighting over, but it is the biggest issue of all. Someone needs to take a stand for God, for the King James Bible. Since FBCH have taken a stand against the King James Bible, and have never rectified the matter, faithful believers must counter their false stand and expose them as liars. FBCH operates Hyles-Anderson College (HAC), which trains thousands of young people for the ministry. That makes their wrong position on the Holy Bible very dangerous. Dr. Jack Hyles preached the inspiration of the King James Bible. The sad truth is that FBCH is completely silent about the satanic Alexandrian Bible version cult. They have started down the path of the Devil's New World Order. It is evil to deny the inspiration of the King James Bible!!!

You cannot truly appreciate the beauty of roses, without experiencing the painful thorns. You cannot enjoy a sweet aroma, without knowing the stench of a foul smell. The reason why Christians don't properly hate the Devil's Bible versions, is because they don't properly love the King James Bible. Psalms 119:104, “Through thy precepts I get understanding: therefore I hate every false way.” Why doesn't FBCH hate the Devil's Bible versions? Why don't they warn people? Why is HAC silent? Pastor John Wilkerson admittedly knows that new believers use different Bibles, but he dares not offend them, lest it do more damage than good, as he claims. I couldn't disagree more. Was Brother Hyles “Disrespectful” to People for Exposing Satan's Corrupted Bible Versions? We are at war ladies and gentleman. God is no respecter of persons and neither am I. A pastor who remains silent about corrupt Bible versions has blood on his hands, being just as guilty as the next pastor who uses and promotes corrupt Bible versions. It is not enough to merely use the King James Bible these days, because Satan has published hundreds of corrupt Bibles to confuse everyone. It is a lame copout to make excuses for not warning people about the Devil's Bible versions.

Respectfully, Pastor John Wilkerson, while candidating for the pastorate of FBCH in 2013, said he is not a preacher like Dr. Hyles (i.e., bombastic and fiery in the pulpit). The church voted him in as their pastor anyway. That makes no difference, it is WHAT A MAN SAYS, not how he says it, that truly matters. A woman once criticized Brother Hyles, saying that she didn't like his hollering from the pulpit. Dr. Hyles responded that she wouldn't like what he says from the church pulpit if he whispered it! It is WHAT Brother Wilkerson says (or better said, WHAT HE ISN'T SAYING) from the pulpit that matters; he is eerily silent about the Devil's Bible versions, which is why Dr. Russell Anderson in 2015 sent an open letter to FBCH requesting that his name be removed from Hyles-Anderson College, since they refuse to return to their former position that the King James Bible is inspired. In 1994, Brother Hyles called the matter of inspiration over the King James Bible... “THE BATTLE OF THE AGES” (MP3 sermon). FBCH today doesn't think it's even worth talking about. Woe unto the churches!!! How could FBCH abandon the most important thing Dr. Hyles ever taught them???

It is my love for God's Word that compels me to hate the counterfeit Bible versions. A man who truly loves his wife will be very jealous over her. God is a jealous God, because He loves us dearly. God won't share our worship with another. Isaiah 42:8, “I am the LORD: that is my name: and my glory will I not give to another, neither my praise to graven images.” God is so jealous that He even says that His middle name is “jealous.” Exodus 34:14, “For thou shalt worship no other god: for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God.” If you carefully read Romans chapter one, you'll see that the reason WHY God gave the wicked over to their sin is because of IDOLATRY!!! Romans 2:5-6 teaches the reason why God does this, to lay up wrath against them for Judgment Day. Everyone will either enjoy “all things” from God in Heaven (Romans 8:32), or won't be allowed even one drop of water in hell (Luke 16:19-31). Only a fool would neglect so great a salvation, but men are fools, aren't they? We all make our own choices! I've chosen faith in the blood of Jesus Christ which cleansed all my sins away (1st John 1:7), how about you? How will you spend eternity... SMOKING OR NON-SMOKING?

The Holy Bible makes us hate sin and falsehoods. Romans 7:13, “Was then that which is good made death unto me? God forbid. But sin, that it might appear sin, working death in me by that which is good; that sin by the commandment might become exceeding sinful.” Either sin will keep you from the Bible, or the Bible will keep you from sin. We live in a nation of many evil people in America. Injustices abound everywhere. People have become very selfish, just as the Holy Bible foretold in 2nd Timothy 3:1-2a, “This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves...” Increasingly, as sin takes hold upon our ungodly nation, people just don't care about anybody but themselves. We saw this last month when four demented teenagers in Florida filmed a man drowning, laughing at him as he begged for them to go get help. The man sadly died, as they mocked him, saying, “You're gonna die!”

What do you expect, considering that since 1963 our nation has allowed ungodly judges to remove the Holy Bible from our nation's classrooms? By the way, four of those six evil judges were Freemasons. Without faith in God and His Holy Word, man becomes his own false god. This is the whole problem! When children are taught 40 hours a week at school without faith in God from the Holy Scriptures, you end up with educated FOOLS! We live in a nation of educated fools in the United States!!! I say that kindly, but truthfully. And sadly, that ungodly foolishness has spread into U.S. territories as well. Our nation deserves the harsh judgment of God, and I believe Revelation 18 predicts it, in the destruction of Babylon. God will raise up ten nations to serve the Antichrist, who will destroy Babylon by fire (which I think are nukes). Revelation 17:17, “For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled.”

It is true that evil triumphs when good men do nothing. But it is also true that oftentimes evil prevails, even when good men do all that they can to stop it. But there is hope my friend. Job 20:5, “That the triumphing of the wicked is short, and the joy of the hypocrite but for a moment?” Ecclesiastes 8:12, “Though a sinner do evil an hundred times, and his days be prolonged, yet surely I know that it shall be well with them that fear God, which fear before him.” We are on the winning side in Christ Jesus! Righteousness will ultimately prevail in the world. The world is filled with woeful evils, that are done under the pretense of doing good. Let me give you some examples.

The Ungodly Thieving U.S. Federal Reserve Banking System

Americans have been conned into believing that it is reasonable to have to labor for 30 to 50 years to pay down a bank mortgage for a home. The sinister truth is that the crooked banks themselves, which are all controlled by the policies set by the ungodly Federal Reserve Banking System, have decided the arbitrary value of the U.S. dollar; thus, determining that an American must work 30 to 50 years to pay for a home. And for the first 15 to 25 years you're just paying off the interest owed to the bank. So if you get sick, laid off, or suffer a divorce, you lose everything and have absolutely no equity built up in your home. That is evil beyond comprehension!!! Every Federal Reserve Banker ought to be tried, convicted and hung! Our rigged U.S. currency system is called “good,” but it is ungodly evil!!!

Wall Street executives fully know that they are thieves and criminals, but the public is largely woefully ignorant. Every pastor in America should warn their congregation about the evils of the Federal Reserve Scam since 1914. That is how Satan controls the world, through control of money. No preacher who is concerned about money will ever make a good preacher, because the love of money will affect his convictions and desire to take an uncompromising stand. As a general rule, the more vague and wishy-washy a preacher is in the pulpit, the more money he makes. That why ecumenical sellout Ravi Zacharias rakes in $25,000,000 a year, while the millions of people that he preaches to go to Hell, never understanding what he says. Ravi's message is so vague that he rambles on for hours, but no one can grasp what he is trying to say. That's why several thousand Mormons in Salt Lake City, Utah, gave Ravi a standing ovation in 2014 when he finished preaching to them. Ravi is letting them all go to Hell unwarned!!! He even apologized to Mormons for the poor way the Christian world has treated them. Unbelievable!!! Truly, the love of money is the root of all evil.

The Ungodly Crooked U.S. Legal Court System

For example: Most Americans consider it humane to lock a human being who has done wrong in a cage for the rest of their natural life, which is torture. They consider the death penalty inhumane. What insanity! Proverb 12:10, “A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast: but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.” America has one of the most unjust court systems in the world. Americans treat their animals (pets) better than we do our neighbours. If we took the $60,000,000,000 spent annually on our household pets, and invested that money into projects to get our youth off the streets, our nation would be a MUCH better place to live. Street punks are the consequence of a youth devoid of morals, love and faith (all of God). As is nearly ALWAYS the case, thieves in high places (politicians, judges, lawyers, et cetera) steal whatever money exists, and our youth rot in prisons, morgues and rehabilitation centers. People are selfish. When they do give a little here and there to charity (nearly all of which pay outrageous 6-digits salaries to their overpaid executives), it is only to alleviate their conscience. Meanwhile, the jails stay overcrowded, the homeless stay homeless, the poor stay poor, and the destitute stay destitute. Everything rises and falls on leadership, and Satan is the leader of this evil world. Luciferians control America, Israel and the world.

America's prisons are learning institutions for criminals. The Gospel is banned, but all manner of evil is welcomed. Dear men of God like Brother Lester Roloff (1914-1982) are shunned away from helping troubled youths, while sexual degenerate perverts like Katy Perry, Marilyn Manson, Taylor Swift and Madonna are permitted to corrupt them. Truly, Satan is the god of this sicko society! Our shameful U.S. society belittles fathers and husbands, portraying them on TV as stupid, dumb and incompetent, while feminist women and impudent girls are elevated as being smart, strong and in control.

The Ungodly U.S. Manure-Spreading Newsmedia

There is nothing good about the bastard newsmedia. Newspaper publishers ruin people's lives, but they view their evil doing as a mere job, a necessary means to paying their bills. The newsmedia does much evil. When someone is accused of doing wrong, the newsmedia runs with it, publishing the rumors for the world to see. So people condemn the accused in their mind, and negative opinions and feelings are permanently formed, despite the fact that the accused hasn't even had their day in court yet. And then when the hypocritical attorney general drops the charges “in the name of justice” (and that's what they say in court), the damage is done, and that person's reputation is ruined because of the ungodly power of the newsmedia. That is a horrible evil!!! The media has much blood on their hands. I'm sure most employees of the manure-spreading newsmedia blame the owners, dismissing their part in the evil with the careless and reckless attitude, “I'm just doing my job!” Only God knows the incalculable evil which has been done under the horrible excuse of “I was just doing my job.” Don't ever use that excuse to do wrong!

As Brother Hyles rightly used to say, the only thing you can believe from the newspaper is the date. In Revelation 12:10, Satan is called “THE ACCUSER OF THE BRETHREN”!!! Satan accuses believers night and day before the throne of God. When people accuse others, they are behaving exactly like Satan!

The Ungodly U.S. Abortion Industry

It is evil to perform abortions, which is cold-blooded murder. I would never work as an accountant in an abortion center, nor as a janitor, nor any job that helps keep an abortion clinic in business. I won't drive a beer truck. I won't be a waiter if I have to serve booze to people. I won't do it! That's just me. I won't perform my steel guitar in an establishment that sells alcohol, exploiting my God-given talent to make money from selling booze! I have had my offers to do so, but my conscience won't allow me to do it. I am the Lord's. I am not perfect. I have many faults. I am the biggest sinner I know. But God knows I am trying to live right, because I am saved, and I want to please my Lord. I need a closer walk with Thee! I need fellowship with my awesome God, my best Friend. I need God's face to be turned toward me in favor, not in anger and disgust because I am living in sin (Psalms 6:1).

I want to stay close to my God, and turn my heart to sorrow instead of joy, weeping instead of laughter, afflicted with a broken heart, having a pure heart and clean hands (James 4:6-10). These Scriptures simply teach that you cannot live in sin and insincerity as a child of God and still walk close to God. You have to mean business. You cannot live a double-life. Sunday only Christians do not walk close to the Lord. Ungrateful believers do not walk close to the Lord. Believers with two different Bible versions do not walk close to the Lord. If they did, they would care more about the purity of God's Word and get upset at falsehoods, not promote them. When I am friendly toward other professed believers, but they are unresponsive and cold in return, I know that something is wrong with their spiritual life.

Very few believers these days walk in the Spirit, which is why they tolerate false Bible versions, embellishments of the Gospel, false prophets, et cetera. What I see happening is that many of the older Christians were grandfathered into the churches with the King James Bible, but the newer generation wasn't, so the next generation will reject the King James Bible entirely in favor of Satan's modern versions, and the Gospel will be lost. In other words, the believers today who grew up with the King James Bible, aren't in danger of being corrupted by the newer versions, because they had the inspired Word of God from the beginning. However, Millennials today (age 18 to35) didn't grow up with the King James Bible, they grew up with a little of everything, having dozens of different Bible versions, so at best they are confused today and frustrated. The next generation is in BIG TROUBLE, because the King James Bible will have been phased out by attrition. As old time King James Bible believers die off, and the Alexandrian cult with their hundreds of Bible versions replace them, the authority of the churches is gone. The churches are dying! A religious group without a King James Bible is not a New Testament church. How can it be without God's inspired Word?

The biggest problem today are preachers and churches that don't care. They are indifferent toward truth. They value acceptance by peers more than truth. John 12:43, “For they loved the praise of men more than the praise of God.” Consequently, the churches have lost their unique identity in Christ. Instead, today's churches are re-identifying with Alice's Bailey's emerging Luciferian church that helps implement the ecumenical teachings of a New World Order. Biblical theology is being replaced with spiritualism. Churchgoers are being taught to live the Christian life without ever being born-again. It is happening all over today! Entertainment has substituted for the power of the Holy Spirit. The churches don't have the preaching anymore that produces true repentance, which is repentance from wrong thinking to trusting in the Gospel. The heresy of turning from sins to be saved is a major enemy of soul-winning. All of the modern Bible versions teach wrong repentance. Heresy is creeping into fundamental churches by the hour.

I am discovering that many good pastors are sincerely being deceived, simply because they are so busy administrating the church, that they don't pay particular attention to the literature being distributed on the back tract table, or in the Sunday School classes, or that is being passed out while soul-winning, et cetera. I plead with every pastor and layman to examine your church's literature, and get rid of anything that embellishes the Gospel. It is the clarity of the Gospel that makes it easy for people to get saved. Sadly, many churches are merely playing church, going through the motions, giving out religious literature simply because somebody else sells it and uses some colorful artwork. I encourage people to write their own tracts.

Folks, we have a responsibility to get it right! We have a duty to present the Gospel correctly! How else can anybody be saved if we get the Gospel wrong? Sadly, 90% of the religious literature that I read nowadays couldn't get anybody saved. It misleads people to pray a prayer, commit their life to serve Christ, make public confession, turn away from sinful ways, make Jesus the Lord of one's life, ask Jesus into their heart, et cetera, but they leave off the Gospel, or obscure it horribly. Let's get it right, so we won't be helping the Devil blind people. 2nd Corinthians 4:3-4, “But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost: In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.”

Satan's Henchman

If you have been through an American airport since the 9/11 Attacks on the World Trade Center, forced to pass through a mandatory TSA checkpoint, then you know how it feels abusive like Nazi-Germany. Some of the TSA guards are thugs! Many of them are short-tempered, rude, insensitive, insulting, unreasonable and punks (which is evidently part of their training). They mistreat people like garbage, making you remove your belt, and then raise both of your hands up in their air over your head, requiring you to shift your hip to try to keep your pants from falling down, and then they're laughing at you the whole time (as the Satan-inspired soldiers mocked Christ).

TSA officers have done that to me on numerous occasions, which is shameful of them. They have no fear of God, nor regard for their fellow man; they intentionally mistreat people, and will be the Nazi-Jackboot thugs with their boot stomped on your face tomorrow [which is exactly what author George Orwell (1903-1950) predicted in his dystopian thriller novel titled: 1984]. I absolutely hate traveling nowadays, because of the thuggery and dishonesty, and the greed and abuse from everyone in the industry! Proverbs 15:26, “The thoughts of the wicked are an abomination to the LORD: but the words of the pure are pleasant words.”

Souls Are Dying!

God's Simple Plan

How Permanent Is Your Salvation?
(an excellent MP3 sermon by Pastor Hank Lindstrom, 1940-2008)

Mark 1:15: “...repent ye, and believe the gospel.”

“The mark of the child of God is that he loves everybody!”
(a quote from Pastor Jack Hyles' classic MP3 sermon, “FORGIVENESS”)