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By David J. Stewart

Proverb 18:1, “Through desire a man, having separated himself, seeketh and intermeddleth with all wisdom.”

       What are you accomplishing with your life by watching thousands of hours of TV? Nothing! Wouldn't you rather be laying up treasure in Heaven as Jesus taught in Matthew 6:20-21, “But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal: For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” A lot of believers don't feel close to God, because their heart is in the wrong place. Matthew 6:21 says that one's heart will be where their treasure is at. Many people's heart are set upon the stock market, or a career, or a car, or some worldly possession; but if your treasures are laid up in Heaven, then that is where your heart will be also!

A website is a way to exponentially reach people with the truth for God. Freedom of speech on the web won't last. Now is the time to start a ministry for the Lord. If you don't feel called of God, volunteer! There may be a call to leadership in the Church as a pastor or such; but there is NO call of God to be a soulwinner (Proverb 11:30), a preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Romans 10:15). Every believer is commanded to preach the Gospel. I am saddened that out of all the billions of webpages in existence, less than .001% are published by born-again Christians who are teaching the truth. The internet is plagued with heresies, lies and false religions. Smut and filth abound. Money-hungry websites and malicious advertisers are everywhere. If there is a great need today, it is for God-fearing, Christian, Christ-honoring, non-smutty, non-advertising, non-greedy, non-compromising, soul-winning websites. And it's so easy and inexpensive to get started.

My website presently receives over 4,000,000 web visitors per year by God's grace. Do you know how much it costs me financially with Netfirms web-hosting? Less than $200 a year. I have no special agreement. That is the standard cost. Nearly every website would only need the hosting package for $60 a year. Yet I see hundreds of so-called Christian websites begging for money, claiming they need your money to stay afloat. They're wanting you to financially support them personally is what they're really saying. Don't give those buzzards a penny!!!

Getting Started

Starting a website is not for everyone, but if you think it's for you, then I assure you that you can do it if you're determined. Nothing worthwhile ever came easy. I learned as I went on my own, through trial and error, with no experience whatsoever, and I'm glad I stuck with it. Proverb 18:1, “Through desire a man, having separated himself, seeketh and intermeddleth with all wisdom.” In Hebrew that means turn off the TV and you'd be surprised what you can accomplish.

First, a webpage is identified by the file type “.HTM” (Microsoft Word, which nearly everybody has, allows you to save any document as a “webpage,” which uses the .HTM format). The code used on webpages is called “HTML” code. HTML code is a lot of fun and you can do many nice things with it. You don't need anything more than HTML code to build a very nice website. Ninety-nine percent of my entire website is HTML. I use JavaScript in a few places, which isn't hard to use, to make interesting things happen, like this moving background. Everything you need is on the web... codes, tutorials and all.

I upload everything with FileZilla, a free program. I use Microsoft FrontPage 2003 to create my webpages, but you can use Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher or many other programs available (which you probably already have). Microsoft FrontPage was discontinued in 2003. still sells some used copies. Get one if you can! There are many different ways to go about creating and publishing a website. Microsoft Word even allows you to publish webpages to the web. But I recommend FileZilla.

But first you need a web address, called a “DOMAIN” (such as Then you need a hosting company to store your data which your domain will link to. Netfirms offers you the domain and hosting plan all at once when you sign up, which is convenient. The important thing is to recognize that your web DOMAIN is something different than your HOSTING PLAN. A website name, i.e., your domain is only about $5 per year. The hosting package varies, but for about $60 you'll get more than you'll probably ever need as far as bandwidth and disk space on the server.

If nothing else, you can use existing webpages to make your own. This is the difficult way, but works if you don't have any programs to make webpages. FileZilla is the program you'll use to upload your webpages. If you right-mouse-click on ANY webpage, go down to “view source” and then click it. That is all the code that makes the webpage that you see.

I want people to copy things from my website to make their own website. But please don't exploit my labors if you're greedy to make money, that is wrong in every way.

I do not know how much longer this ministry will be here. I have renewed it through 2014. You are freely welcome to copy/paste/distribute anything from this website, no credits need be given. I encourage others to start their own websites. The secret to getting many visitors is content, content, content. More webpages equals more web visitors. It's that simple. I've already done the work for you, just copy it all to your own web and just change the logo at the bottom, which you can get for free here.

Put your own name at the top of my articles if you want. I want no credit, for God knows what labors are mine. I want the truth to get out. But please don't exploit my work to sell things to make money, that is wrong in every way. You may use any of my writings on your own web, or portions thereof. All I ask is that you don't mirror, that is, make an exact replica of my website because it confuses people. Here's how to get started.

I plan by God's grace to continue my work for the Lord, as the Lord allows. This is God's ministry, I'm just His humble servant.

“Even so, come, Lord Jesus” (Revelation 22:20).

Unchristlike Christians hate conflict more than they hate evil.

Souls Are Dying!

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