Military Police at the Senior Bowl in Alabama
August 2, 2004

Stasi Guard Train to Dominate American CitizensA listener sent us these photos when he saw our article, Stormtroopers, Chemical Weapons and Military Police Patrolling US Streets : More Photos from Boston/the DNC

Even though he was told that the MPs he photographed weren't military, a quick glance at the Alabama State Defense Force's Website reveals:

"On December 30, 1983, the Alabama State Military Department issued Order Number 100-2 authorizing the ALSDF cadre strength of 500, with mobilization strength of 5000.  The first commander of ALSDF was Major General (MG) Herman A. Price, Jr.  During the Gulf War, the Alabama National Guard was activated and ALSDF provided family support and family assistance. Twenty-seven  ALSDF members were called to active-duty to render this service to Al NG unit members."

The Listener Writes:

Hi Alex and Violet,

I wanted to give you some more info on this. These pictures where taken Saturday, January 24, 2004 in Mobile , AL . I talked to some of these guys and gave them a hard time. I asked them if they were military because I know it's unconstitutional forlitary to police the public. I was told that they were not military but they were volunteers to the State Governor. I asked them how they could wear MP armbands and not really be in the military. The said they were allowed to. They didn't carry guns. A police officer overlooked them and didn't lift a finger the entire time I saw them. The officer just stood there and didn't do a thing; he actually looked like he was high on something or had been drinking. He let the Volunteers in camo do all the searching. I started taking pictures and one of the guys got all nervous and told me I wasn't allowed to take picture. I told him it's a free country and I can do what I want. He then said that he would have to go and ask his person in control if it was allowed. I talked to the guy in charge and he said I could. I also talked to a woman whom was also in camo and she got really mad at me for even questioning their activity. Later her husband apologized for his wife's behavior. I went around and around with one of the guys in the pictures about how they were conditioning the public to accept military on the streets. I also asked many people around the gate if they thought this was a good idea and almost everyone said it wasn't. I got to talk to a few men that were in the military inside the game and asked them what they thought about these want to be military people and they said they were a joke and didn't really like the idea.

Later the next Monday I called the Mobile Police and talked to the sergeant that was in charge of letting these people do this and he said it was a great idea and he will be doing the same thing next year.

Here is a website for this organization that was there that day.

I heard you talk about it briefly on the radio today. We just need to keep exposing these people.


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