(a 2:06 hour eye-opening film)

'Illuminazi' By Anthony J. Hilder (1:36 hour awesome documentary)

       Who benefits from this atrocity? Islam? Israel? Or is it those who wish to establish a NEW WORLD ORDER on the smoldering ashes of American Sovereignty?

There's been a greater assault on our Bill of Rights in the past 120 days than in the past 200 years. Who'll call for a police state? Who'll call for martial law? Who'll call for national ID cards to give us "security?" It won't be Bin Laden. Are we watching the Naziazation of our true nation?

In this 86 - minute volcanic video, former FBI chief agent Ted Gunderson blows the lid off the "FBLies" involvement in the 1993 Trade Center bombing. THEY SET IT UP! Illuminati historian Jordan Maxwell, publisher Clayton Douglas at The Free American, Gunderson and Anthony J. Hilder are calling the attack at the U.S. an "inside job." America has been suckered one more time. This video will shake and shock you into a reality check.

"You're right! We are witnessing the Naziazation of this Nation. More Rights & Freedoms have been lost in the last 120 days through Executive Orders & our cowardly Congress than were lost in the past 200 years. Illuminazi 9-11 tells it all in clear, precise terms. This is the beginning of World War III. Make no mistake about it."

~by Gary Richard Arnold, Forum Republican, Congressional Candidate. END

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