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The Homosexual Revolution


The Homosexual Life Style
"Show me a happy homosexual, and I'll show you a gay corpse."
The Boys In The Band

The straight world does not fully comprehend the homosexual life style. Gay bar activities, gay bookstores, gay dances with the pancake make-up and homosexual bathhouses with "orgy rooms" are not in most people's frame of reference. Indeed, most normal or straight people have a difficult time imagining various types of homosexuals and just what it is that homosexuals do.

Who would suspect, for instance, that the homosexual sub-culture language contains over 12,000 terms used by homosexuals to identify themselves and their needs. (see Bruce Rodgers 'The Queen's Vernacular')

For example, to "cruise" is to go out looking for sex.  A "Nellie" is an effeminate fellow and a "butch" is a virile one. Male gays who project or seek hyper-masculinity go to leather bars often to pick up a partner for s. and m. (sadism and masochism) or b. and d. (bondage and discipline).

Effeminate gay males are called Twinkies, sissies or queens, and fag and faggots are acceptable terms among homosexuals if no "straights" are present.

Among lesbians, a butch, dyke or bull dyke is a mannish woman who seeks a femme - a passive, dependent partner.

In some gay bars the men's costumes with their coded signals, are so elaborate that even the pros are beginning to get confused. According to Fisher's Gay Mystique, keys dangling from a belt over the left hip, for example, usually signals a desire to be sexually dominant. But even then homosexuals might stare at each other for 20 minutes trying to figure out what each is trying to communicate.


Since all homosexuals do not visit gay bars looking for sex, some enroll in such programs as "Man to Man," an organization endorsed by the homosexual Mattachine Society of New York. "Man to Man" uses a highly sophisticated questionnaire and an IBM 360 computer to match homosexuals. In fact, each homosexual is promised 14 new contacts a month and "that's a heck of a lot better than most people do in bars or on the streets," or so says the ad.

The questionnaire was prepared by Dr. Franklin E. Kameny, a leading figure in homosexual circles.

Many authorities differentiate six types of homosexuals: the blatant, the secret lifer, the desperate, the adjusted, the bisexual and the situational.

The blatant homosexual is the obvious lisping limpwristed individual who is a caricature of femininity and the leather boys who advertise their sadomasochism by wearing leather jackets and chains. These stereotyped perverts are a distinct minority and probably represent only about 10% of all homosexuals.

The secret lifer makes up the majority of homosexuals. They are hidden from all but their gay friends and "lovers" and many wear wedding bands and have wives and children. They are experts at leading double lives and pass as "straights." They range across all classes, races and occupations and live in constant anxiety least their straight colleagues, friends and families discover what they are doing and shun them.

The desperate homosexual is the one who frequents public toilets, massage parlors, Turkish bathhouses. Referring to the public toilets as "tea rooms", these types of homosexuals desire immediate sex or may be married men concealing their need by making contacts as anonymous as possible.


The bisexual is usually a married man hiding behind his wife's skirts. He tells his male "lovers" how little he loves his wife ("she's more like a mother to me") and does his best to keep his male "lovers" from marrying. However, he enjoys sex with male and female and usually has affairs going with both.

The "adjusted" homosexuals are those who frequent gay bars, or pool parties, pick up a "lover" and try to settle down to a "conventional" gay marriage. Most gay marriages, however, are short-lived. "If inconstancy and infidelity plague the straight world," says Dr. John White, "they plague the gay world to a far greater degree."

Lastly, the situational homosexual is one who engages in homosexual acts without any deep homosexual motivation.

The best examples are men in prisons, where women are not available. Of course many of these types may become more conventional homosexuals once released from prison.

Homosexual activity and seduction techniques vary from homosexual to homosexual. Some homosexuals visit gay bars and pander with someone their own age.

Others prey on young boys -- finding them on the street, in youth organizations, schools, colleges, churches etc. Some even kill.

A few years ago, the nation was shocked when it learned of the murders of 27 teenage boys in Houston, Texas by a homosexual named Dean Allen Corll. Corll enticed the boys into his apartment, handcuffed them to a specially constructed plywood board, sexually abused them and finally strangled or shot them with a .22-caliber pistol. He buried them in three mass graves.

(And even as we go to press two homosexuals have been charged with mass murder in California -- perhaps as many as 26 victims. So far ten bodies have been found.)


Homosexual teachers in college and high school use both sophisticated and crude methods of seduction. Some merely tell shady sex jokes and watch the reaction of the student body. If some boys respond favorably, they are approached and asked to come home with the instructor where obscene pictures are passed out and sex talk ensues until the victim is caught. In other situations the instructor simply announces he will be at a particular gay bar and invites all to join him for a bash, or invites them to a drug party where the victims are seduced with pictures, talk, etc. Still others may quote Walt Whitman's lines, "of a youth who loves me and whom I love, silently approaching, and seating himself near me, that he may hold me by the hand," and ask for an explanation or interpretation.

Homosexual clergy use a variety of techniques too, but have an advantage most homosexuals do not possess. As "men of the cloth" most potential victims are caught off guard and easily fall for the massage routine, oriental parlor techniques, sex talk, the David and Jonathan message. Most religious perverts try to convince their victims that David and Jonathan were homosexual, when actually nothing could be further from the truth.

Homosexuals are usually very defensive when it comes to their kind seducing youth. But some, e.g., Fisher in his Gay Mystique, admit that "facts do indicate that a small minority of the male homosexual population does prefer boys in their mid-teens or early adult years as sexual partners."

Fisher, however, wants to know if we should be concerned about this! He says some will be concerned, some will consider such activity "the most monstrous depravity," but says Fisher, a gay himself, this attitude merely reflects "our cultural biases."

"In ancient Greece," says Fisher, "a young man was expected to take an adolescent boy for his lover and provide him with a moral (sic) education and training in athletic and military skills."

What Fisher doesn't state is that ancient Greece was pagan! We don't want a pagan America. We want a Biblical A merica.

But whatever the homosexuals admit or say, the tragic truth is obvious -- homosexuals have to recruit the young.

Shocking information regarding criminal exploitation of young boys continues to make the public press. Last November 21,1976, the Los Angeles Times news service carried an article stating, "Sexual abuse and exploitation of an estimated 30,000 children in the Los Angeles area -- predominantly boys ages 6 to 17 -- has spurred a crackdown by juvenile officers of the Los Angeles Police Department. Captain William J. Riddle, commander of the Juvenile Division, said a six-week investigation revealed that thousands of youthful victims are being subjected to 'every conceivable sex crime, including acts of sadomasochism'."

The figures are based on street estimates, Riddle said, and information from victims, witnesses and suspected sex offenders show that virtually all geographic areas and segments of Los Angeles society are affected by the problem... Based on the preliminary investigation by the police, it is estimated that at least 2,000 local adult males actively pursue boys under the age of 14. More than 25, 000 juveniles from 14 to 17 years of age are used sexually by approximately 15,000 adult males. Pornographic materials are shown to juveniles to stimulate them sexually, and narcotics are used to lower their inhibitions.

"This is not just a Los Angeles problem, although it is becoming more prevalent here," Capt. Riddle said. "It's like a contagious diesase, similar to the contagion of narcotics abuse, and it's spreading all over the country." Investigation into a nationwide prostitution ring involving juvenile boys uncovered in Chicago revealed that many of the young victims had been recruited in southern California.

In other cities additional reports continue to emerge: "Seven men were arrested in October when New Orleans police broke up a homosexual ring operating in a Boy Scout troop through which hundreds of young boys were victimized and traded among older men. New Orleans police seized letters, computer questionnaires and files indicating the ring was a national clearing house for homosexuals seeking young partners."

This type of homosexual activity is referred to in the trade as "chicken hawk" (the male adult pervert) and the "chicken" the young victim. And it is part of the sickening homosexual life style.


A few years ago a California Board Of Education member demanded an investigation into the appearance of two homosexuals at a sex education course in a San Francisco suburban junior high school. Eugene Ragle of Roseville said the incident, plus a class at Redwood High School in Larkspur, Marin County, were evidence of 'injection of illicit sex instruction and perversion' in some schools. Principal Walter Nolan of the high school confirmed the homosexuals appeared in a class discussion.

The homosexuals were invited by teachers, with the knowledge of parents, according to Nolan. The adult homosexuals had appeared in about six of 13 social studies classes when students started 'needling' them. The visitors responded with 'explosive language and a few obscenities were used.' The visits, also held in three other schools, were then cancelled. "In a town like San Francisco, kids -- and especially boys -- need education in all kinds of sexual behavior," said Eugene Huber, director of family life planning for San Francisco schools.

Recently, however, the homosexuals made further gains in the San Francisco area. The San Francisco School Board passed a resolution ordering a study of curriculum changes to help pupils understand and tolerate homosexuals. No opposition was voiced to the resolution proposed by the city's Human Rights Commission and introduced by board member Peter Mezey. The school board had endorsed a policy two years earlier which bars discrimination against homosexual teachers.

Such homosexual activity verifies exactly what Time magazine recorded back in Sept. 8,1975. Said Time, "Many fear the demands that seem to flow logically from the assertion that 'gay is good' ... for instance, homosexual instruction in school sex courses. And gay love stories to go with heterosexual puppy-love stories in libraries and schools. The Task Force on Gay Liberation of the American Library Association has already begun such a campaign."


Another aspect of the homosexual life style that needs airing is found in a pertinent quote in Time (9/8/75) which states, "Security clearances either by Government or industry, are still not given to gays because of fear of black mail."

Homosexuals have long been recognized as a danger to Western security. In Human Events (9/29/1960), Countess Waldeck described the "Homosexual International" as constituting "a world-wide conspiracy that has spread all over the globe; has penetrated all classes; operates in armies and in prisons; has infiltrated the press, the movies and the cabinets; and it all but dominates the arts, literature, theater, music and TV."

She went on to point out "why homosexual officials are a peril to us in the present struggle between West and East: members of one conspiracy are prone to join another conspiracy. This is one reason why so many homosexuals, already enemies of society in general, become enemies of capitalism in particular. Without being necessarily Marxist they serve the end of the Communist International in the name of their rebellion against the prejudices, standards, and ideals of the 'bourgeois' world."

She concluded, "The Homosexual International has become a sort of auxiliary of the Communist International. This is the more alarming since the homosexuals are multiplying as the sand upon the seashore."

Although well-financed homosexual organizations are trying to change U.S. national security regulations, it is nevertheless recognized that homosexuals are not "normal" and are thus barred from holding sensitive positions in government. The armed forces, for example, reportedly dismiss a yearly average of 2,000 men and women for homosexuality. The Immigration and Naturalization Service will not grant alien residents status to homosexuals and the State Depart ment is forbidden to employ them, as prescribed by Executive Order 9835, as amended by Executive Order 10450. These statutes have not, however, prevented deviates from obtaining government jobs --some of which involve national security work.

In August, 1960, two employees of the National Security Agency (NSA) fled to Russia and gave highly important information to the Soviets. The defectors, William Martin and Bernon Mitchell, were homosexuals who had been permitted access to classified information.

The State Department, in one instance in 1963, discovered a colony of thirty two homosexuals who were forced to resign. More recently, U.S. Ambassador to Argentina Robert C. Hill testified, when he was Assistant Secretary of State, that 1,400 homosexuals had been removed from the State Department.

The cases noted above have hardly scratched the surface. It is not known how many homosexuals are now holding government jobs. The most recent report we could locate dates back to 1964, when the President of the homosexual Mattachine Society, Dr. Franklin Kameny, testified that "there are about 200,000 to a quarter of a million homosexuals in the government."


Soviet intelligence agencies have long tried to take advantage of the presence of homosexuals in Western governments. The KGB's Second Chief Directorate employs 25,000 officers, agents and civilian informants whose job it is, working through the Tourism Department, to subvert visiting foreigners. The Secret Police are then quite often able to keep tabs on a prospective informant when he returns to the U.S. by means of the vast KGB network that flourishes in this country today.

Former Naval Intelligence Operative George Hiscott points out that "40 percent of the Soviet officials under diplomatic status are in fact KGB professionals." He estimates there are probably 484 KGB agents on station in the U.S. These agents then develop their own network of subagents and contacts, recruited from the native population.

John Barron, in his definitive study, KGB, reports that "homosexuality, especially when not really apparent, is an affliction the KGB delights in discovering."

The homosexual tendency to support and shield other homosexuals is clearly evident in those areas where the homosexuals are supreme. And they are supreme in some areas because they promote each other and keep the "straights" out.


In fact, Time magazine (10/31/'69) speaks of homosexual "homintern" and asks the question "Is there a homosexual conspiracy afoot to dominate the arts and other fields?"

Time answers, "Sometimes it seems that way." A gay boss uses his influence to help gay friends. And before long the circle is closed and the gays dominate. The music world, the theater, the art world, painting, dance, fashion, hair dressing, interior design are all heavily saturated and dominated by the "homintern."

Another cause for concern with homosexual life style is that there seems to be some relationship between homosexuality, atheism, Satanism and nihilism.

In Romans, chapter one, Paul describes how man first rejected God's planned order and finally rejected God. The homosexual has rejected God's planned order of male/female. It is a short step to rejecting God.

The world's most famous sex pervert, the Marquis de Sade, has one of his characters declare, "My largest pleasure is to swear in God's name. My spirit abhors, scorns this disgusting fiction. I would like to discover some way better to revile it (God) or to outrage it further."

And one of de Sade's homosexual disciples put it even more bluntly: "The supreme evil, God."

We close this chapter with two illustrations of homosexual life style. Ask yourself if such activity does not raise serious questions about a nation's moral and spiritual values, its level of tolerance and decency, its hedonism and its survivability.


Picture in your mind the following situation as reported in Time magazine, October 31,1969: "An exclusive formal ball will mark Halloween in San Francisco this week. In couturier gowns and elaborately confected masquerades, the couples will whisk around the floor until 2 a.m., while judges award prizes for the best costumes and the participants elect an 'Empress'. By then the swirling belles will sound more and more deep voiced, and in the early morning hours dark stubble will sprout irrepressibly through their pan-cake make-up. The celebrators are all homosexuals."

Now proceed to the homosexual bath houses, which, says Time (Sept. 8, 1975) are found in almost all large cities. "For $5 or $10 a man is entitled to 12 hours and as much sex as he wants. There are usually small private cubicles as well as a large 'orgy room' used for group sex. A customer can go with a partner, pick up a stranger in the 'orgy room,' or simply go to a cubicle, leave the door ajar and see who steps in."

Even leaving aside the seduction of the youth, homosexual sex crimes, security risks, gay bar activity etc., if this type of activity can be condoned by the Christian community and the public in general, America will sink into oblivion.

Shortly after the vote in Miami the gays took to the streets in New York and San Francisco and five other cities. In San Francisco, 125,000 turned out. But reports Time magazine (July 11,1977), "Because previous San Francisco parades had been marked by lots of exhibitionism, gay leaders this time asked for -- and, almost without exception, got -- restraint in clothes and behavior."

If they were on their best behavior because the spotlight was on them, can you imagine what their normal display of rouge, lipstick and women's clothing would look like?

No nation can survive that allows its young to be enticed into such abominable behavior. For one thing, God will not allow that nation to survive. He destroyed cities and nations in the past for such behavior! And, "If God doesn't judge America," says Mrs. Billy Graham, "he'll owe Sodom and Gomorrah an apology."


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