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The Homosexual Revolution


The Homosexual Issue
"the ordination of an avowed lesbian as a Deacon in the Church
is a sign of a healthy change" Right Rev. Paul Moore, Jr.

Many Christians were awakened out of their moral slumber when in March, 1975, in Boulder, Colorado, two homosexuals were granted a marriage license. The two men, both 27, were denied a license in El Paso County, but found the "moral" and legal climate more acceptable in Boulder.

Both had been married in a religious ceremony October 28,1973 at the Faith Metropolitan Community Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Since that time, until the present, the homosexual issue has continued to occupy more and more print. One can hardly read a paper or a magazine without running headlong into the issue. [see Antipas News Section: World 2000, for more headline news articles on gay articles]

The Church is deeply involved. Government is involved. Schools are involved. Private and public organizations are involved. In short, each one of us is involved whether we realize it or not. Homosexuality, for all intents and purposes, is fast becoming America's number one social issue with anywhere from two to 20 million homosexuals involved. And, as is true with all social issues, it has great religious and political implications .

To grasp just a portion of the present homosexual issue, observe the following items taken from the public media (New York Times, Time, Associated Press, Los Angeles Times, United Press Int.) and involving the major social structures of the nation:


"The Federal Communications Commission is being asked to extend the broadcast fairness doctrine to let homosexuals appear on television to counter criticisms of their life styles...the petition was submitted by the Council on Religion and the Homosexual, Inc.." June 17,1977.

"A committee appointed by the Catholic Theological Society of America is offering Catholics a new sexual morality in a book to be published next month. It is a morality with no yes and no answers. Homosexual behavior is not to be condemned where it fosters personality growth." May 28,1977.

"The Anglican Church's attitude toward homosexuality may have to be altered in the light of 20th century knowledge, according to Bishop John Yates of Gloucester. Dr. Norman Pittenger, a theologian who admitted his own homosexual bias claimed that Christian tradition was mistaken. He said a right understanding of love was essential." May 9,1977.

"The United Church of Christ called for civil rights for homosexuals, labeling Anita Bryant's anti-gay crusade 'a new reactionary movement' threatening the civil liberties of all Americans. The denomination's delegates said they deplore the use of Scripture to generate hatred and the violation of civil rights of gay and bisexual persons."

"A homosexual ring operating from a Boy Scout troop may have victimized hundreds of boys and traded them like cards to other men." Sept. 12, 1976.

"The Rev. G. William Sheek of the National Council of Churches said singer Anita Bryant and her anti-homosexuality campaign misrepresented certain Christian positions and stereotyped homosexuals." April 8,1977.


"Gay community leaders complained to day about the arrest of 40 persons in what police called a sado-masochistic slave market. Captain Jack Wilson said the building in which the auction took place was equipped with dungeons and cell blocks. In the dungeons were all forms of chains and articles of restraint. Mark IV club was maintained by a group calling itself 'the Leather Fraternity' as a private club for homosexuals and sado-masochism cultists." April 14,1976.

"In all, I guess there were between 25 and 30 boys killed, and they were buried in three different places ... Henley told police that Corll had turned on him and two other youths, threatening to sexually molest and kill them. Henley said he had managed to kill Corll in self defense. He then recounted to Houston police an incredible tale of horror, homosexual sadism and mass murder." August 20,1973.

"They call themselves 'chicken hawks' and they openly advertise in magazines for 'chickens.' The 'hawks' are grown men ... homosexuals. The 'chickens' are boys, ages 10 to 14. The 'hawks' want the 'chickens' for sex. The 'hawks' take pictures of themselves with the 'chickens' and pass them around. It is a disgusting business." March 30,1977.

"Sexual abuse and exploitation of an estimated 30,000 children in the Los Angeles area -- predominantly boys ages 6 to 17 -- has spurred a crack down by juvenile officers of the Los Angeles Police Department." November 21,1976.

"Five men were charged Wednesday with 47 counts of sex acts with boys between the ages of 9 and 14 ... All charges stem from the investigation of the operation of an alleged homosexual ring involving now disbanded Boy Scout Troop 147." March 24,1977.

"A 15 year-old boy testified Wednesday he engaged in homosexual acts with defrocked Episcopal priest Claudius I. "Bud" Vermilye. The boy buried his face in his hands and answered with a muffled "yes" when prosecutors asked him if Vermilye had performed the sex acts on him." June 6,1977.

"New York Times survey of 20 colleges and universities in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut indicates that homosexual student groups have been established at practically every school." January 28,1973.

"More than 300 people, most of them males, attend dances at Princeton University sponsored by Gay Alliance of Princeton." May 21,1973.

"Thousands of homosexuals and supporters of homosexuals on June 24 march in 4th annual St. Christopher Liberation Day parade in New York City." June 25, 1973.


"Paul Hardman of the Pride Foundation, a moderate gay organization noted for its legal work on cases of discrimination against homosexuals, said "We're asking everyone to be cool on Sunday (June 26,1977), to keep a low profile.

"We expect 140,000 people to march here, (San Francisco), but we don't want the agitators or the lunatic fringes." June 21,1977.

"Dallas police uncover nationwide homosexual procurement ring in raid on Dallas apartment ... seize catalogue file containing names and addresses of 50,000 to 100,000 people around country, booklets containing pictures and names of teenagers and young adult males, available through the ring for homosexual activities." August 16,1973.

"A 34 year-old bachelor Los Angeles Elementary school teacher was arraigned or 16 felony counts involving alleged sexual relations with at least six of his present and former boy students ... The investigation began last week after the mother of one young boy grew suspicious about her son's apparent emotional distress and quizzed him. The child finally told her about a sexual contact with the teacher."

"More than 200 homosexual faculty members and graduate students meet at John Jay College and discuss methods of using their professional abilities to combat myths of homosexuality; urge other homosexual college professors to declare their homosexuality and unite to end discrimination against homosexuals on campus." November 24,1973.

"Five hundred guests rocked the hall with applause, cheers and congratulations when Pat Montclaire married Terry Block at Glide Memorial United Methodist Church (San Francisco). The story did not exactly go into the society pages. One reason perhaps is that both bride and groom are males." November 25,1971.

"The Tulsa Community Relations Commission is now investigating a complaint filed by an outfit comprising 20 self-admitted homosexuals called the Tulsa Gay Community Caucus. The Caucus charges job discrimination." April 21,1976.


"The gay-church movement was begun in 1968 in Los Angeles by Troy D. Perry, Jr., a former Pentecostal preacher. He performs 'Services of Holy Union' for couples of the same sex. He prefers long-term 'monogamous relationships' but confesses his own love life has not been that exclusive ('God has a permissive will'). I believe there can be loving experience, even in a one-night stand." January 31,1975.

"Jesuit priest, John J. McNeill, suggests that God had a divine purpose in so creating human nature that a certain percentage of human beings are homosexual. Rather than being a menace to the community in general and the family in particular, they have an important role to play in preserving and strengthening values." September 30,1976.

"The 188th General Assembly of the United Presbyterian Church decided overwhelmingly that it would be 'improper' to ordain an avowed homosexual to the Presbyterian ministry, but left the matter open for future study." May 26,1976.

"Former New York City Health Services Administrator H.J. Brown, two weeks after publicly disclosing that he is homosexual, announces formation of new national civil rights organization for homosexual men and women called National Gay Task Force. It is expected to act as clearing house and coordinator for some 850 other homosexual groups in United States and to press for Federal legislation outlawing discrimination against homosexuals and repealing sodomy law." October 16,1973.

"NBC officials acknowledge that the TV network has at times dealt unfairly with homosexuals in its programs and agrees to maintain continuing liaison with homosexual organizations for advice in future treatment of homosexual topics." October 27,1973.

"Two men, acknowledged homosexuals, were arraigned on two counts of murder, and the police said the men may be responsible for at least 26 other murders. Ten bodies have been found so far." July 6,1977.

"A homosexual prostitution operation offering boys as young as 8 is doing a brisk, nightly business in a Times Square penny arcade ... We're only beginning to become aware of the scope of the problem, one police officer said, we're not against homosexuality -- we're against children getting hurt." April 9, 1976.


"Homosexual attacks on children are sharply increasing, unleashing a whirlwind of tragedy that sometimes ends in the murder of the young victims, police warn. Lured by adults, kids are turned into homosexuals, recruited for male prostitution and sometimes killed out of fear they will tell parents. 'I have actually seen homosexuals recruit young boys,' said Sgt. Herman Clark of the Flint, Michigan police juvenile bureau. 'It's a fact of life. Let's tell it like it is.'" June 28,1977.

"The Episcopal bishop of New York, the Right Rev. Paul Moore, Jr., says that many clergymen in his Church have been homosexuals, and that the ordination of an avowed lesbian as a Deacon in the church is a sign of a healthy change." December 27,1975.

"One study taken by a homosexual group says the clergy heads the list in percentage of homosexual members, with businessmen second and actors third." August 26,1975.

"The Rev. Malcom Boyd, once known as the 'nightclub priest', has publicly stated that he is homosexual. Boyd, an Episcopalian, says he hopes the church will change its 'anti-human and anti-Christian' attitudes toward homosexuals." October 1,1976.

"Activist actress Jane Fonda told a homosexual rights party-dance that anti-gay crusader Anita Bryant is 'not well'." May 24,1977.

"The governing board of the National Council of Churches is urging its membership to work for the civil rights of homosexuals. By an 84-17 vote the board put homosexuality in the same category as race, sex, class, creed and place of origin as a destruction that breeds discrimination." March 7,1975.

"For years, major movie companies have offered special screening to groups that might talk up their new film -- black leaders, collegiate editors, even taxi drivers. But now, the studios are adding a new group: homosexual. Indeed, Columbia Pictures plans to spend over $200,000 this year for advertising and promotion directly aimed at the homosexual market." May 13,1975.


"A recent change of the Dallas Motion Picture Classification Board has raised a few eyebrows. The change allows for the letter "p" (signifying perversion) to be included among the board's exceptions. The board is terrified that if a youngster sees anything resembling homosexuality on the screen, Dallas will suddenly turn into the Sodom and Gomorrah of the Southwest." December 12,1976.

"At a lavish ranch outside Austin, Texas last spring, some 300 ranchers, bankers, oilmen and politicians drank, ate barbeque, smoked pot and paired off for lovemaking. The only unusual aspect of the weekend-long party was that the guests were homosexuals." September 8, 1975.

"There are now some 4,000 gay bars in the country. The gay bar is usually a sexual market place. There are bars for writers, artists, blacks, collegians, businessmen, middle-class women, drug queens, transsexuals, male prostitutes and sadomasochists." September 8,1975.

"American homosexual leaders emerged from an unprecedented meeting at the White House, declaring talks with a Carter administration official demonstrated the President's commitment to human rights extends to gay people. The participants (10 members of the National Gay Task Force) said they were assured that Carter was aware of the meeting, and they noted that during his presidential campaign he promised to support legislation aimed at eliminating hiring discrimination within the government on the basis of sexual preferences." March 27,1977

And so it goes ... on and on. Pages seemingly out of the ancient past being performed in the present. The names change, but the activity remains the same. It is spelled Sodom and Gomorrah!


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