Dr. Marten Woudstra, Sodomite, Homosexual
and Chairman of the NIV Old Testament Committee!

By David J. Stewart | March 2003 | Updated June 2017

       The NIV, New International Translation, is straight out of the pits of Hell. The man appointed to be the Chairman of the Old Testament Committee of the NIV Committee on Bible Translation, Dr. Marten Woudstra, was a homosexual. Also, Virginia Mollenkott, who worked as the stylistic editor for the translation, is a lesbian. Some of Dr. Woudsta's collaborators on the NIV knew about this years ago during the translation process.

If this is not convincing enough that the NIV is straight from Hell, then consider this—The parent company (Harper Collins) who publishes the NIV, also publishes The Joy of Gay Sex, and The Satanic Bible.

It doesn't take a whole lot of common sense to figure this out folks. The NIV is evil and corrupt.

Furthermore, the NIV is based upon the work of two of the biggest heretics and occultists of all time—Westcott and Hort.

Westcott himself was one of the founders of the Cambridge Ghost Society.

Westcott and Hort were psychic Ghost Hunters.

Not to mention that the NIV was translated from the corrupted Alexandrian Greek texts.

The following quote that includes a quote from Marten Woudstra comes from the ecwr.org website (ecwr.org says this of itself, “Evangelicals Concerned (EC) is a nationwide ministry which encourages and affirms lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered Christians in their faith.” (SOURCE: http://ecwr.org/about-us.html)...

...as Calvin Theological Seminary Old Testament scholar Marten H. Woudstra says: "there is nothing in the Old Testament that corresponds to homosexuality as we understand it today" and as SMU New Testament scholar Victor Paul Furnish says: "There is no 'text on homosexual orientation in the Bible." Says Robin Scroggs of Union Seminary: "Biblical judgments against homosexuality are not relevant to today's debate. They should no longer be used ... not because the Bible is not authoritative, but simply because it does not address the issues involved. ... No single New Testament author considers [homosexuality] important enough to write his own sentence about it [Our note: this is a lie. The Authorized Version (by definition, all modern versions are unauthorized) reveals that the sodomite is addressed in the New Testament ("against nature", "effeminate", "abuser of themselves with mankind"), see scriptures further down this page. ]." (excerpt from The Bible is an Empty Closet by Dr. Ralph Blair) [our note: an hideous title stating in a hideous way, a lie. The AUTHORIZED Version of the Bible very clearly reveals that sodomy is a sin]

SOURCE: http://www.ecwr.org/resources/the-bible-and-homosexuality.html; Excerpted from, “THE BIBLE AND HOMOSEXUALITY.”

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