Tithing and Giving Sensibly

(Are you foolishly wasting your money?)

by David J. Stewart

I am sickened by Christians (or at least professed "Christians") who blindly tithe to dead-beat churches or greedy charitable organizations.  We are accountable to God for what we do with the money He has blessed us with.  So many people give money to dead churches because of guilt, pressure from church leaders or religious convictions.   I believe it is a sin to give money to a false religion or to a lazy good-for-nothing pastor (or a pastor who does not evangelize!).  America is a land of religious idiots!  I'm NOT talking about godly Christians who support their soul-winning, King James Bible-loving church.  I'm talking about the fools who give tens-of-thousands of dollars to ministries which do very little FOR GOD! 



One particular elderly woman comes to mind.  She supports an inner-city church (mission) which only opens it's doors for two hours a week.  I know for a fact that she has given over $50,000 to this particular ministry in Chicago over the last five years.  The pastor is no pastor at all, he's more of a sinister minister!  He is just about everything a man of God should NOT be.  He lives in luxury, while doing NOTHING to evangelize the local community.  He drives a new vehicle, can afford the best of foods and entertainment, pays no property or sales taxes, has no water bill, spends church money for every compulsive urge he has to spoil himself.  He runs the ministry by himself, so he basically does as he pleases.  Yet, he does little for God with the money entrusted to him by his many contributors.  His phantom board of legally-required directors are only appointed (not voted in), so he can remove them from the board on a whim.   They like the "prestige" of being on a board so that keep quiet.  Most of his support comes in from neo-evangelical dead-beat churches who have no ministries of their own.  They support his pathetic poor-excuse-for-a-ministry to alleviate their own GUILT!  Nearly all of his financial support comes from ritzy suburban churches that have NO soul-winning programs or outreach ministries of their own.  They support his inner-city ministry because they don't want the poor or blacks in their churches, they would rather pay someone else to do what they should be doing.  They make a donation, then pat themselves on the back, thinking they've done their service for God.   Sadly, they are wasting their money by giving it to a dead-beat minister who could care less about truly reaching people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Oh sure, he might give a sermonette hear or there, preaching a watered-down Gospel; but he has no zeal for truth or righteousness!  He has no fire for God!  I would never support a ministry that only opens it's doors for two hours a week.  I would never support a ministry that only functions as a soup-kitchen, while the souls of men go to hell.

I would NEVER donate money (or tithe) to any organization or ministry where the top people are paid a 6-digit salary.  As an example, I won't give money to Feed The Children because I did my homework and found that the head of the organization (in Oklahoma) pays himself $125,000 a year.  I realize that the organization took in a half-billion dollars last year and that he could easily have paid himself a lot more.  However, he could also live just fine in Oklahoma on $50,000 a year, which would free up an extra $75,000 to feed "starving" children!  I don't make anywhere near the $125,000 he makes for an annual salary (98% of American workers don't either).  So why should we financially support an organization which can pay someone that kind of money?  Are there not children starving?  How many meals and medical supplies could $75,000 buy?  Do you see my point?  It makes me sick!  I feel it is highly hypocritical for a man who makes $125,000 a year to expect working Americans (who are lucky enough to make $30,000 a year), to support his CHARITABLE organization.  We see the TV commercials of starving children, and we are told that one child can be properly cared for each day for pennies on a dollar.  If the top management employee of Feed The Children can afford to pay himself $125,000 a year, then they've got more than enough money as far as I'm concerned.  I'll give elsewhere.



I do NOT believe in a 10% tithe!  We read that Jacob gave a tenth of all he owned to God (Genesis 28:22).  That is fine, but that was Jacob's personal decision.  Keep in mind that Jacob was a wealthy man with many wives, children, livestock and goods.  Surely, some people can (and should) give much more than 10% to God.  However, more and more, families are struggling financially these days.  Increasingly, fewer and fewer men and women are going to be able to give money to their church.  They have NO choice.  Manufacturing jobs are leaving America at a record-breaking pace.  The globalist elite (CFR members) are obsessed with destroying the United States for the greater cause (in their minds) of creating a New World Order.  Our decent paying manufacturing jobs are being replaced with low-paying service jobs.  Real estate costs have exploded.  You'll soon see 40 and 50-year mortgages offered (it's inevitable).  The greedy bankers want us all in life-time debt.  They own us, they control the money machine, they create depression and recession, they create job growth and prosperous times, of course many top bankers are CFR members.   Federal reserve bankers are running this country into the ground.  We owe 43 trillion dollars as a nation because of them, and they should be lynched!  Most Americans are in deep-debt.  My point is that money is going to get more and more difficult to come by and you may NOT be able to tithe.  Your pastor may have to work a secular job.   You might have to do without air-conditioning at church.  The pastor may have to cancel his vacation to Hawaii.   Times are going to get tougher friend!  If you've done any studying or reading at all about America's debt and the fiat money scam, you know what is coming.  The bubble is going to burst!  Our dollar will be devalued.  Inflation will sky-rocket.  Americans will suffer financially, bankruptcies will soar, home confiscations will occur by the tens-of-thousands, pensions will be stolen (like the steel workers just lost theirs).  Churches had better learn to operate on a shoe-string!



There is nothing in New Testament concerning tithing, except a few references to the Old Testament tithe system.  However, the New Testament does speak of "giving."  Giving is to be from the heart (cheerfully).   This is not a set in stone 10% tithe.

"Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver." -2nd Corinthians 9:7

The Apostle Paul in 1st Corinthians 16:2 advises us to give as God hath prospered us.  Maybe you can give a lot, maybe nothing at all; God knows your heart.

"Now concerning the collection for the saints, as I have given order to the churches of Galatia, even so do ye.  Upon the first day of the week let every one of you lay by him in store, as God hath prospered him, that there be no gatherings when I come." -1st Corinthians 16:1, 2

Paul was an evangelist, a missionary, and he relied heavily upon the financial support of the churches (and the tents he made and sold).  Unfortunately, he almost starved.  He suggested that instead of taking up a love-offering when he came to preach, that the church take up a collection in advance (if they were able to afford it).  Waiting until the last moment didn't seem to work too well.   Evidently, many churches didn't give Paul anything...

"Now ye Philippians know also, that in the beginning of the gospel, when I departed from Macedonia, no church communicated with me as concerning giving and receiving, but ye only." -Philippians 4:15

Only the church at Philippi helped Paul financially.  He wrote the book of Philippians from within a prison cell.  He thanked the believers at the church in Philippi for remembering him financially.  Perhaps the other churches were carnal (as the believers at Corinth were, 1st Corinthians 3:3), or maybe they just didn't have the funds.  Paul assures the believers at Philippi that God will supply their needs.  It would almost appear as if this Scripture is implying that we should give what we cannot afford, expecting God to reimburse us.  However, this is not what the Apostle Paul said in 1st Corinthians 16:2, where he specifies that we should give as God hath prospered (or not prospered) us.  We should never be financially irresponsible.  Going into debt is plain foolish.  All Paul was saying is that God will WILL take care of us, so we shouldn't hesitate to give IF WE ARE ABLE,  but we still have to be financially responsible.  Sometimes people spend until they end up in debt, and no one helps them out!!!  Where is your church when your about to go under financially? 

Surely, most of us can give hardily, but increasingly due to the loss of jobs to Mexico, Taiwan, China, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Honduras and India...many cannot.  Our government's top leaders have betrayed the American workers and families to the CFR's New World Order.  Things have only begun to get bad!



We are not commanded to give a 10% tithe.   I realize I just made you spill your coffee if your a pastor or church leader, but it is nevertheless true!  I used to believe in a 10% tithe (as I was taught in church) until I hit the hard times financially.  There was a time in my life when I faithfully gave 15% of everything I had into the offering plate.  I simply didn't have a good enough job.  I couldn't take my wife out to eat (but the pastor could, and did!).  I couldn't put more than $3 or $4 worth of gas in my car fuel tank at a time.  I was always broke.   My checks were starting to bounce because I was always scraping the bottom of the money barrel.  So I did the only honest thing I knew to do, I closed my bank account and paid all my bills with money orders for the next two years.  This way I KNEW that a check would never bounce.  I didn't think much about it at the time, but I look back now and admire that young man of yesteryear for being honest enough to do that.  I was really broke.  Even more, I became a working father with four children, my wife stayed at home as a homemaker, we had NO MONEY for ourselves (let alone to give).  Family men often CANNOT afford to give very much (if anything at all).  I believe it is wrong for a working family man to be pressured by a pastor to tithe, when that family man can barely afford to pay his own bills.  Too many preachers are only thinking about themselves.  Family MUST come first, church second!   Like it or not, that is Bible (1st Timothy 5:8)!  I've known people to give money to a ministry even when they couldn't pay their own bills.  Do you know what happened?  They went further into financial trouble for not paying their bills.

And let me add, these preachers that throw Malachi 3:10 into everyone's face about robbing God fail to tell the whole story.  First of all, the tithe system was ONLY for Israel.  Israel was commanded by God to tithe to the tribe of Levi.  The tribe of Levi (the priestly tribe which performed all the ceremonial priestly duties) , were spiritual servants to the other eleven tribes.  God was rebuking Israel (through the prophet Malachi) because the temple of God had been neglected for 19 long years.  The heathen nations saw that Israel thought very little of their God, as represented by the dilapidated condition of their temple.  The storehouse was empty.  The Israelites had beautiful homes, but forgot about God.  This is why they were indicted for robbing God in tithes and offerings.  Malachi proclaims a challenge to Israel, he assures the people that God will reward them abundantly if they will only obey by giving the required tithes and offerings.  Most preachers love this Scripture only because it keeps putting the bread and butter on their table at home.  However, don't be a fool about this.  We are NOT under the tithe system today. 

I believe the great Pastor J. Vernon McGee said it well...

"Again I would remind you that we are not under the tithe system today. There are many humble believers with very little income for whom a tenth would be too much to give. There are others whom God has blessed in such a wonderful way that they could easily give even as much as the government will allow for deductions. There are those who have an income such that they could give that to the Lord, but we find very few who are giving like that. The tithe is certainly a yardstick by which you could measure yourself, but I donít think that it is legal or binding at all.

"Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse." There are many churches and some denominations which have said that the storehouse is the local church or the denomination. Frankly, just as the tithe is not for the church today, neither is the storehouse. The storehouse was a part of the temple. There were many buildings around the temple which were storerooms. When people brought their tithe, it was stored away in these storerooms. When Nehemiah came back to Jerusalem (sometime before the time of Malachi), he found Tobiah, the enemy of God, living in one of the storerooms that had been cleaned out. It had been cleaned out because the people were not giving generously, and they had made an apartment out of it for Tobiah! But Nehemiah cleaned up the place. He took Tobiahís things and pitched them out the window and told him to get out of town. Then the people began to bring their offerings to fill up the storeroom again (see Nehemiah 13:4Ė9)

There is no such thing today as that which is called 'storehouse giving.'  Thatís not quite the way we give, because Israelís giving was in the form of produce. In fact, if you will notice the law concerning the offerings, God gave a certain part of the animal to the priests, and He always said that they were to eat it right there. They didnít have any refrigerators, any kind of icebox, in which to freeze the meat. In that warm climate the meat would have gone bad in a hurry, and so God told them to eat it right there. But the other produce was stored until it was needed." -J. Vernon McGee

Today, we are NOT commanded to tithe or give to any specific church or denomination.  There is NO temple!  There is NO tribe of Levi!  We are NOT under ceremonial law as were the Old Testament Jews.  There is NO storehouse.  We are to give as God hath "prospered" us!  Where do we give?  To a local church if it's a soul-winning, King James Bible-preaching church.  We can give directly to the poor, or to a trustworthy missionary who isn't just making a living.  We can give to many causes, but our primary giving should be to Bible-preaching, soul-winning churches.  Are we commanded to tithe?  I don't find this in the New Testament!  Should we give?  Yes, if we are fortunate enough to be blessed with a man of God.  There are cities all across America where there are NO men of God behind it's pulpits.  Times have drastically changed! 



Churches are legally incorporated within their respective state as a NON-PROFIT organization.  Well, that makes them a business.  When I go into a store, I expect proper treatment and service.  If I don't like the store or the way I am treated, I don't go back.  I have that right.  I am not obligated to buy anything and there is NO command for me to do business there.  If there were, it would be fascist (dictatorial).  Unfortunately, may pastors act like fascists by demanding that their people tithe (OR ELSE!).  I'm sick and tired of preachers duping the masses with this "give God 10% or else" heresy.  I'm all for giving money to your church, some people should give 50% of their wealth to their church.  However, too many struggling pastors try to brainwash their congregation into believing that the wrath of God is going to come down upon them if they don't give tithes "and offerings."  I was actually taught in church that I was robbing God if I only tithed 10%, because Malachi 3:10 says that were also supposed to give offerings above and beyond the 10%.  Looking back, that was ridiculous and NOT Biblical.  Though some may try to uses Scriptures such as Romans 15:4 and Malachi 3:6 to defend tithing, it is simply NOT taught in the New Testament.  Pastors had better start running their businesses better if they want the customers to keep patronizing their store, because money is getting harder to come by and people are waking up.  Pastors like to tell people that it is "God's business" and therefore; they are spitting on God by not tithing.  Oh?  Who benefits the most from the tithes?  Uh Huh, the pastor!  You are NOT obligated by God to support any minister, but you ARE obligated to pay your own bills and provide for your family.   I know some pastor is foaming at the mouth right now from reading this, that's ok!  You need to hear this!  If you want your people to give, get them excited about reaching the world for Christ and they'll want to give.  When Charles Spurgeon was asked the question "what should be done about people who fall asleep during a preachers sermon?"  Spurgeon replied, "WAKE THE PREACHER UP!"  How true!  How true!



I recently heard about a struggling pastor who in desperation fabricated the ludicrous teaching that his church members were all commanded to tithe 10%, not on their net income, not even on their gross income, but upon their company estimated package value.  In other words, he is teaching his people that they are supposed to tithe 10% based upon their sick leave, vacation time, company insurance payout, social security payout, Medicare payout, retirement payout, etc, etc, etc.  So you may only take home $35,000 a year on your 1040 tax form, but the company you work for estimates your total package at $60,000.  According to this pastor, you are supposed to tithe $6,000 (10% of $60,000).  Is he desperate for money or what?  That's one of the silliest things I've ever heard, and heresy I might add.  There is NO command to tithe for the New Testament church.  We are commanded to GIVE as we are able.  It is our choice and option to which church we give God's money.  It is truly God's money because He gave it to us.  We have been entrusted with that money.  Don't let some high-brow preacher sucker you into the lie that you HAVE TO TITHE or else face poverty and destruction. 



The Bible promises that God will reward those who remember the poor (Psalm 41:1).  Most people could care less about the poor and some even want to genocide them:

"There is a generation, whose teeth are as swords, and their jaw teeth as knives, to devour the poor from off the earth, and the needy from among men." -Proverb 30:14

People like Margaret Sanger, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Ted Turner (and thousands of others) would like to genocide the poor and uncivilized from off the face of the earth (keywords: UNFPA, sterilization, tetanus, genocide, www.blackgenocide.org).  God hates population control and abortion!  America has abandoned the poor of this world, now we want to exterminate them.

"He that giveth unto the poor shall not lack: but he that hideth his eyes shall have many a curse." -Proverb 28:27

Though America on the surface has given away more money than any other nation, we have reaped a hundredfold through covert drug operations and U.S. terrorism around the world.  We are a wicked nation who devours the poor.


Don't Waste Your Money

We are to be good stewards of our money.  As a rule of thumb: Our money should be spent to make things happen for God!  Churches all across America collect billions of dollars as a whole each year, yet so little is done for God with that money.  Most churches are nothing more than glorified social-clubs!  Look at the hellish condition that the United States is in today!  By the way, I won't give a dime to any church that uses the NIV perversion of the bible.  I won't give a dime to a church which does not have a set time for group soul-winning.  I won't give a dime to a church where the pastor and staff members can afford trips to Hawaii and other vacation (I mean "business") trips.  I believe a man of God should set the example for his people.  If the pastor is living high-on-the-hog, do NOT tithe to his ministry (because evidently it is HIS ministry, and not God's as it should be).  People are so naive and dumb sometimes, they give their money to a church so they can feel "good" or "holy" about themselves.  Truthfully, you are an idiot if you support any organization or ministry without investigating where the money is being spent.  Whatever you do, DO NOT give any money to TV evangelists or cult leaders like Benny Hinn.  I would NEVER give a dime to a TV ministry.  DO NOT give any money to Promise Keepers (which is pro-Catholic).  The church should receive our money first and foremost; BUT, only if the church is AGGRESSIVELY trying to win the lost souls of sinners throughout their community.  Remember: church is a hospital for sinners, NOT a museum for spiritual relics!  We're not giving money just to keep the air-conditioners going!!!


Blind Loyalty is Bad (think for yourself!)

Also, let me say, too many people have a BLIND loyalty for their church and pastor.  Though some may praise this, it is dangerous indeed (and foolish).  Please do NOT misunderstand.  I believe people should be loyal to their pastor, but no more loyal than he is loyal to you and to God.  Too many Christians are willing to LOOK THE OTHER WAY because they love their pastor.  You are an immature believer if you do.  This is NOT loyalty, it is sin.  Loyalty is sticking with your pastor through the rough times and when he makes mistakes, but it is NOT covering up for him.  If he is wrong and unrepentant, you need to confront him or leave that church.  It is wrong, sinful, and wicked to condone anyone's sins or wrong doing, that includes your pastor.  Some people love their pastor enough that they really don't care what he does with the money (e.g., Jesse Jackson).  That is fine if he is an honest man, which the "reverend" Jesse Jackson is not in my opinion.  A pastor or minister is no greater than he is A MAN.  A man is only as good as his word!  Many more men in America would go to church if only there were more real men behind it's pulpits.  Today's pulpits are filled mostly with wimps, idiots, mama's boys, crooks, or dictators.  Where are the real men who still call sin by name and aren't afraid to take on abortion, beer, gambling, the heathen government and the NIV bible?  Yet, they are men of great compassion, able to discern rather than judge, to love rather than hate, to understand rather than to condemn, to teach their congregation the greatest truth, that GOD LOVES PEOPLE!


Some People Should NOT Give (tithe)!

I'll say it again, a family man may NOT be able to tithe.  If he is in debt, he needs to pay his bills down first (and that often takes years).  Very few family men can afford to give money to anyone other than to pay his own families bills.  This is SENSIBLE!  If God has greatly blessed you financially, then you should be rich towards God.  Also, a mother should NEVER go to work just to be able to give money to the church.  A mother belongs at home.  The ONLY time a mother should ever need to go to work is in an emergency (such was the case when women's husbands went to fight in WWII).  I'm not trying to talk you out of giving to your church, but you need to pay your bills down first!  Also, as a rule of thumb, I wouldn't support any pastor who was living a better lifestyle than me.  Why should he be able to take his family on vacation, but you can't?  Why should he be able to take his family out to dinner, but you can't?  Let the wealthy support him, but I won't.  As America's economy falters in the decades to come, churches will become fewer and fewer.  America's love for sin is bringing God's hand of judgment upon us.  The devourer is here as Malachi 3:10-11 warned us about!!!  Our good jobs are being devoured by foreign nations!  Our money is being devoured by the banks, especially the Federal Reserve banks!  Our freedoms are being devoured by Patriot Acts I and II, and the Information Awareness Office (Homeland Security).  Our minds have been devoured by the CFR (the globalist elite) controlled News-media.   Our dollar's value is being devoured (devalued) by foreign currencies.  America is being DEVOURED!!!


Some People Should Give a Lot!

I am always sickened when I see the literature of the Jehovah Witnesses, it's first class garbage.  They are a cult!  They do have high-quality literature though.  I wish churches would do the same.  Unfortunately, it's expensive.  Some churches in America are spending the money and making a difference (e.g., The Fellowship Tract League in Ohio).  Printing is expensive!  I wish more churches would get involved in printing first-class Biblical literature.  It seems like everything else takes precedence these days.  Howbeit, there are some filthy rich people in this world who are cold-hearted and could care less about God (e.g., Atheist Bill gates and his Catholic wife, they give plenty to help genocide the population though through UNFPA).  There are many Christian people with lots of money who should be giving A LOT more money to the cause of Christ.  Praise the Lord for those wealthy business-men who do support churches and give to Christian colleges.  Unfortunately, there's not enough such men to go around.  Godly churches suffer persecution and find it much harder to make ends meet, depending on the community their in).  It's much harder to build a church in an upscale Catholic area, than it would be in a poorer area of town.  Rich people think they have heaven on earth already, so their much less inclined to listen to our foolishness about God.  Nevertheless, God will supply our needs.  We should not hold back the truth for money's sake.  If preaching the truth keeps a church poor, then SO BE IT!  No real man respects a chameleon who changes colors to fit the crowd.  Men respect a man who says it like it is.  Jesus was a real man, he said what He meant, and meant what He said (John 14:2).  If you can give to God and your not, you WILL answer to God someday.  The Indian government has so much wheat that you could stack the bags to the moon and back TWICE!  There's so much wheat that the government over there is paying farmers to rent land to store the grain.  Much of the wheat is spoiling due to excess.  Yet, unbelievably, little children with swollen bellies and showing ribs are starving to death!!!  You can thank the greedy international lenders (the globalist elite) who prohibit the Indian government from helping it's own poor people.  Hell will be very hot for many!!!!!!!


Children around the globe are starving to death, while churches have money coming out their ears.  Is it any wonder why God is allowing the United States to be denationalized and broken down?  Something is wrong don't you think?  How is it that churches are rich, yet America is crumbling?  Unfortunately, the number of godly churches in America are extremely few.  Most of the organizations that we commonly refer to as "churches" are simply false-religions (e.g., Catholicism).  There are still some good old-fashioned Baptist churches.  Very few churches have aggressive soul-winning programs to reach their communities for Christ.  Most churches are just "us-four-and-no-more."  America's churches have failed to reach their communities for Jesus Christ.  Today, we live in a godless nation where most cities are void of a soul-winning church.  No one wants to belong to something that is dying!  Most church services are very similar to attending a funeral service. 

In conclusion, if you can give, by all means give; If you can't, that's ok with God.  If you do have the money to give, please make sure that your money doesn't go to some crook like the sinister minister I mentioned at the beginning of this article.  Please make sure that your donations are truly going for the intended purposes you gave it.  You should support your local church, but ONLY if they have a soul-winning program and preach against sin from the King James Bible.  You DON'T have to go to church to be spiritual!  So then why go to church?  It is to be a headquarters for soul-winning, the pastor is to be the captain of the ship.  Most churches are a joke, really!  That's why I say you need to find a soul-winning church, otherwise you might as well stay home and watch football.  I'd love to see more churches on fire for God!  More people would happily give money to a church like that, a productive church!  It's hard to give cheerfully to a lost cause!  Most people aren't fortunate enough to know what a good church is.  You'll have to look under "Baptist" churches to find a decent church.  Of course, you'll still have a tough time finding one that has a soul-winning program.  I wouldn't recommend a southern-Baptist church, you'll most likely end up with a corrupted NIV bible instead of the trustworthy King James.  Try an Independent Baptist.  Also, remember what I said about NOT giving money to any organization which pays it's top management employees a six-digit salary.  DON'T support a dead-beat ministry!!!  That's one of the biggest problems in America today. 

So be careful with your money, you worked for it, they DIDN'T!

God bless, Dave