Spend Time With Your Children

By David J. Stewart

Psalm 127:3, “Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.”

Bible student       Spend time with your children ladies! Forget that career. I've had women ask for my opinion about pursuing a career, who became upset with me when I told them my honest opinion, i.e., forget the scholarship. Twenty years from now I assure you that you won't miss the money, a career or all the troubles associated with working in a secular workplace; but I promise you that you WILL REGRET not spending enough time with your kids.

Spend time baking cookies with your kids. Make homemade yeast dough, watching it rise. Make pizzas or French bread. Make dirt cake. Spend time with your kids or the Devil will.

Play board games with the kids and turn that hellivision off. My mom used to take the maps out of National Geographic magazines, turn them over, and then we'd use crayons to draw Christmas trees. We'd use Elmer's glue and glitter. It was fun and messy. I used to put Elmer's glue on my hands, let it dry, and then peel it off for fun. Ah yes, the good ole days. Either that or I'd be melting my green plastic army men with matches in the bathtub.

A musical keyboard is a great investment for kids, which helps develop their mind a lot. It gets them thinking, developing their intellect. Have conversations with your kids. It's important to let them talk. Parking your child in front of a TV indoctrinates them with demonic agendas, turning them into spoiled brats with bad attitudes. Read the Bible to them, and then talk about what you read. It's much better to read a few verses and discuss what they mean, then to just read and not interact with your children. The Bible is a very exciting book. I've always loved Daniel and the lion's den. Don't rely on children's Bible stories, or your child's Sunday School teacher, to teach them about God. You teach them too! It's ultimately your responsibility to train up your children for the Lord. Proverb 22:6, “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Public Schools are evil, evil, evil. They will rob your children away from you!

It's The Mother's Job To Guide The Home

We'd take old clothes and cut out shapes using rounded scissors, then we'd stuff the inside with more clothes, sew them together and make our own stuffed animals. We'd cut and glue felt eyes, nose and feet. They looked like penguins. We didn't sit glued in front of the hellivision. We played board games like Mouse Trap, Candy Land, Risk, Monopoly, Hoosker Doo, and hangman with pen and paper.

TV is a curse upon the modern world. If you park your kids in front of that television, you don't love them! No you don't! Satan controls everything on the TV nowadays. Walt Disney is straight from Hell, teaching young girls to be whores, and boys to be whoremongers. God absolutely hates everything about the cesspool of iniquity called Walt Disney. It is no better than Hollywood. Children are a gift from God, which people today either murder or poison by parking them in front of a TV for hours a day!

I recommend listening to preaching and the Bible on CD. In fact, you can listen to the Bible over the internet for free. The human mind is incredibly programmable, like a computer. Garbage in equals garbage out. Goodness in equals goodness out. If you program a child's mind with TV, Evolution and Walt Disney's filth; then you are hurting your children spiritually. Play the Bible audibly in your home, so you and your kids can hear God's Word daily. Make it fun. Get your children used to making good use of their time, having hobbies and being productive.

TV is a total waste of life. Turn the TV off or get rid of it better yet. If you do have a TV, schedule "when" and "what" will be viewed. Ninety-nine percent of people with televisions DON'T have the character to control it. They end up watching all the sodomite shows, violence and feminist brainwashing. Walt Disney teaches children to spout off to their parents in sinful rebellion, literally degrading their parents and refusing to obey them. Hell is becoming a very large place!

Satan's Bid For Your Child (printed sermon by Dr. Jack Hyles, 1926-2001)

One thing you don't need ladies is a bossy mother who controls your life. I get e-mails from young women, asking for my advice because their mother won't let them have a life. Move out! It's time to cut the umbilical cord and become an adult. Love your parents, but don't allow them to destroy your marriage and hold you back from doing God's will. The Christian life is an individual life, making individual decisions to serve God by yourself. Groups don't serve God, individuals do! Great works for God are started and led by individual men of God, not committees or groups.

In a culture that ridicules and mocks men and their leadership, it is imperative that mothers learn how to raise and encourage sons to one day become godly men.

It is sad that millions upon millions of young women across America are divorced, having 2 or 3 children, and live with their big mouth home-wrecking mother. When are you going to grow up and figure out that your mother is not your friend when she does everything in her power to break up your marriage? In-laws are one of the main causes of divorce, and so-called "friends" are the second cause. If you don't have the spiritual character, i.e., the Christian discipline, to stand alone for God; then you will divorce, abort and ruin your life by taking the malicious advice of stupid people saturated with hatred. Women almost always only file for divorce because of some OUTSIDE influence on the marriage; some serpent who is self-righteous, malicious and spits on what God thinks. God says stay married (Matthew 19:6). Literally, people will destroy your marriage if you are weak-minded enough to listen to their biased advice.

Two of the most common questions that women ask me is: whether they should divorce, and whether they should seek a career at the expense of their children. The answers are a resounding No, No, No. You honor your marriage vows and tough it out! You spend time with those children! You walk close with the Lord and you won't need to ask foolish questions. The word "divorce" should be torn out of your dictionary ladies.

And you shouldn't have to think twice about spending time with your kids. Be with your children! If you don't then someone else must! That makes no sense at all, except that the Devil wants to ruin your children! For you to work and put the kids in daycare is retarded. America is butt backwards. Our teens have children at 15-years of age and then dump the kids with grandma to raise—while they go work for $6 an hour to pay $12 an hour for rent—they don't know who the biological father is—and then won't keep their clothes on—making more welfare babies. Welcome to America!

Psalms 145:9, “The LORD is good to all: and his tender mercies are over all his works.”

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