It's a Sin for Women to Wear Pants

by David J. Stewart | April 2007 | Updated December 2015

The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a
woman's garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God.”
—Deuteronomy 22:5

One of the most controversial subjects in America's churches today is pants on women, but there is NO controversy if you believe the Bible. 1st Timothy 2:9 clearly instructs women to dress MODESTLY, i.e., of good behavior. A woman's clothing says MUCH about her moral character. It is unbiblical and a sin for women to dress immodestly, clothing themselves like the heathen world around us. It was the ungodly women's liberation movement of whores, kooks and feminists who through worldly magazines, hellivision and sensual women's clothing catalogs changed how women dress today. The average woman these days has no more class or femininity than a hermit crab. Folks, it something is WRONG, then it is a SIN. So the question is whether it is wrong for women to expose their thighs and buttocks by wearing spandex, hip-huggers and pants.

Please ladies, don't wear pants in public, because some young girl is watching you, because other women are influenced by you, because many men are struggling with sexual temptation, and mostly because God has commanded you not to wear that which pertaineth to a man (Deuteronomy 22:5). If lust is a sin, then so also is a woman wearing pants. If adultery is a sin, then so also is a woman promoting adulterous thoughts by wearing immodest clothing. The wicked world couldn't care less about immodest clothing. It is not a coincidence that abortion became legalized right after a large majority of American women started wearing pants in the 1950's and 1960's. Sexual immorality skyrocketed in the United States in the 1960's with Rock music, feminism, hippie movement, the drug culture and the evil Playboy philosophy in our nation.

Tragically, many women wear pants in our Independent Fundamental Baptist Churches today. It is apostasy! I'm talking especially about pastor's wives and church staff. It is very shameful. You'd think that the one place in the world where you could go today and not see women wearing pants is in a New Testament, Bible-believing, Baptist church. A century ago in 1912 you couldn't find a woman in public who wore pants. They all dressed like ladies and wore dresses. Only whores in speakeasies (illegal booze taverns) and prostitutes in brothels wore pants back then. Woe unto the United States for our wickedness!!! Folks, if immodesty was wrong a century ago, then it is still wrong today. What has happened is that situation ethics have crept into the churches. That is, since most women today dress immodestly, and it has been accepted by our heathen American culture, believers no longer see the harm in it.

If the typical female Moody Bible Institute or Bob Jones University graduate today were to walk down the streets of America in 1912, she would be despised and shamed for her immoral attire. Moody even advertises their college showing teen girls wearing faded bluejeans with ripped out knees. Please don't misunderstand. I am not condemning a young women who wears such attire, not one bit. I am just saying that a Bible college ought to set high Biblical standards, and not allow the world to set them by example.

The problem is that preachers no longer preach Biblical standards in our churches. Too many pastors are so concerned about keeping the money flowing into the offering plates that they compromise, tickle the ears, and scratch the backs of spoiled, carnally-minded and worldly church members who won't tolerate Biblical standards of dress and separation from the world. I'd rather unapologetically preach the Word of God to 25 people who want to obey God; than to trim my sermon to draw a large crowd of 900 people each Sunday, who just want to come to church and go through the motions of religion. Bless God, we need preaching preachers again!

It makes me sad when I hear a pastor say that he's not a preacher. Well, goodnight man, become one!!! Preach to yourself in the mirror, or preach to your dog, until you muster up the courage to say what needs to be said. Get on your knees and beg God to burn a fire in your soul concerning the truth! Something is wrong with a man of God who doesn't get angry over sin, doesn't have a burning passion about winning souls to Christ, doesn't care about the purity of God's Word, doesn't feel compelled to contend for the faith, and doesn't have an insatiable appetite to work as hard as he can for God while we still have the opportunity!!! WAKE UP!

In every case of women wearing pants, a woman wearing any type of revealing (shapely) pants draws the male's attention directly to her crotch area of her body, thighs and her buttocks. You'd be shocked how many women wear pants in independent Baptist churches today. Shame on you all! Certainly, skorts and culottes are very acceptable for ladies, and much preferred over sleek dresses that are very shapely and revealing. I've seen umpteen church ladies wearing lengthy, but very smooth and thin, transparent (able to see light through), dresses that were actually very sensual. The rule of thumb ladies is that if your clothing shows your curves and shape, men will be aroused. A godly woman understands this and dresses with clothing that is thicker (like denim) and is not skin-hugging tight, nor does she wear any skirt that reveals her thighs.

And by the way, when women sit down, her skirt lifts higher above the knees than when she is standing. Women and girls should wear dresses and skirts that measure no higher than 6 inches from the bottom of the dress to the floor. It's not enough to set the standard to 2 inches below the knee. Are you listening ladies? I once recall a situation in highschool wear a young lady wore a denim skirt just below the knees. When she sat on the platform during a graduation exercise, the entire audience got a clear look up her skirt. She was totally oblivious to what was happening. This was a Christian school. It's better to have stricter standards than looser standards. Sadly, young men and women are always desiring to live on the edge, push the limit, test the perimeters, and disobey the rules. It is a part of our rebellious human sin nature (Ephesians 2:1-3). Teens need to know that they are loved by adults who care enough to enforce those rules and standards of moral conduct.

"You can name anything you want to name, but I am opposed to anything in the world that de-emphasizes the line of difference between the sexes. I believe that ladies ought to be feminine and sweet and lovely and charming. I believe men ought to be strong and masculine and decisive. I’m opposed to anything that makes a man and a woman act alike, look alike, dress alike, or talk alike."

SOURCE: Pastor Jack Hyles (quote taken from Dr. Hyle's sermon, Unisex)

Praise God for stricter rules. If stricter rules means less Bible college students enrolling, then SO BE IT! Remember, the love of money is the root of all evil (1st Timothy 6:10). Sadly, Moody Bible Institute (MBI) just dropped a century old ban against staff and faculty drinking, gambling and smoking. And then they insult God by hosting a conference 6-months later on the theme of “Holiness.” WHAT A JOKE!!! Bible college? The sad truth is that many Bible colleges never set any moral standards to begin with, and are even worse than Moody. Tragically, I looked in Bob Jones University's (BJU) 2014 Student Handbook and it permits female students to wear pants, even to church! Just as backslidden Peter, Neo-Evangelical Christians today are following Jesus afar off. Get right with God Moody Bible Institute! Get right with God Bob Jones University! Get right with God all you whores who call yourself a Christian, and get start dressing modestly as God commands in 1st Timothy 2:9!

I pray to God that a generation or morally-minded, old-fashioned, decent, virtuous, classy, God-fearing, Christian men and women would spearhead a movement to return our churches to the wonderful way that women used to dress. It is as much the Christian man's responsibility to promote chastity, virtue and moral fidelity as it is the woman's. Christian father's need to put their foot down and insist that their wife and daughters dress modestly, both in the home and out of the home.

Pastor Jack Hyles (1926-2001) has often been criticized for preaching against women wearing pants, but he wasn't obsessed with the topic as some critics allege...

Our preacher boys often go to a new church and for their first month there preach a series of sermons on women wearing pants. I do not mention women wearing pants all the time... I may go many months and never mention anything about women wearing pants.

My critics take one little phase of my ministry and talk about it as though that were the whole of it. Most of them have never set foot inside the buildings of First Baptist Church. If there is a church in the world that has a varied ministry, it is First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana. That is the way to keep a church healthy.

SOURCE: Dr. Jack Hyles, a quote from chapter 29 of the excellent book, THE CHURCH.

It's Not That Hard To Figure Out

Any child knows that the bathroom sign to the left means men wear pants and women wear dresses. What if both signs had pants? You wouldn't know which bathroom to enter. The simple fact of the matter is that if both signs showed figures wearing pants that it would cause CONFUSION. American society today is confused on the sexes because men and women dress, think and behave alike. Satan deliberately is trying to confuse the genders, causing children to question whether they are straight or queer, male or female, normal or a freak.

No one is born homosexual because God doesn't make mistakes. It's the same ole bogus coat-hanger-abortion-in-the-alley scenario, grasping for extreme situations to justify the norm. The truth is that people, whether righteous or wicked, do the things they do because that's what they wanted to do, and then they look for excuses to rationalize the decisions they just made.

It's not a mere coincidence that homosexuality is on the rise in the United States, following decades of rampant sexual immorality, after decades of legalized murderous abortion, which all started in the 1960's with demonic women's liberation which taught women to rebel against male authority, strip naked in public, become whores and abandon all sense of loyalty to family, commitment in marriage and fear of a holy God that punishes sin. Romans 1:24-32 warns that homosexuality is a morally reprehensible evil that always brings the judgment of God. Don't be the Devil's fool by disobeying the Bible.

It all follows the 501c3 licensing of churches, which has prohibited preachers from taking a stand against the criminals which have hi-jacked our country's federal government. God cannot be licensed! Today's churches have been bought off, spiritually castrated, and are following the Devil into perdition. Thank God for the handful of pastors who are still on-fire-for-God, preaching against sin because they are walking with a righteous God.

The world errantly thinks that God-fearing preaches simply preach against the things they don't like; but they fail to see the holiness of God which we know in the Spirit, which the ungodly world doesn't want. I don't preach against sin because it's just my opinion, or because that's how I was raised, or because it's my particular religion; but rather, because I have seen a holy God, and the more I walk (abide) with Him in His Word, and because the Spirit of Christ lives (abides) in me, the more I am compelled to live for Him. My entire website is not rooted solely in my hatred of sin; but rather, in my personal relationship with a righteous God which produces a hatred for sin.

The satanic Southern Baptist Convention, which comprises 37% of the satanic Freemason religion, are slowly embracing the homosexual agenda for the sake of maintaining church membership. I wouldn't give you a dime for the hellish Southern Baptist Cult. What a pathetic joke! Homosexuality is a wicked sin.

God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. Homosexuals are sick people, spiritually and mentally and physically sick. Homosexuality is not normal, not acceptable and should be illegal, as is taught in God's holy Word. Homosexuality is synonymous with every form of wickedness, particular idolatry. God's curse is upon America for our nation's tolerance of wickedness, our nation's love for filthy television, and our nation's shameful apostasy in churches today. Woe unto America!

I guarantee you that women who approve of abortion (i.e., murder) also see no problem with women wearing pants. It's more than coincidence in a nation where most women scoff and laugh at the notion of women dressing modestly, that 53,000,000 of those same women have murdered their own children through abortion. 

Satan's Crowd Knows What's Wrong With Pants On Women

If you don't want to listen to the Bible, then maybe you'll listen to a secular singer as proof from the unsaved world why pants on women are sin. The following lyrics are from the worldly Hip Hip artist, Chingy, from his 2006 album Hoodstar; the song title is Dem Jeans:

Chingy - Dem Jeans Lyrics:

How the he** did you get all of that in dem jeans
How da how da he** did you get all of that in dem jeans
'cause your waist so little and your a** it like wo
'cause your waist so little and your a** it like wo

Back it up a bit
Yeah that's it
'cause I can see your thong
Caramel skin tone...

Let me help you with dem jeans
Baby lay down

Da** Girl
How'd you get all that in
Dem Jeans
Dem Jeans
How'd you get all that in Dem
Da** Girl
How'd you get all that
(Is you talkin to me?)
Yeah you
I bet you had to jump up and down
Just to put 'em on
Bet you had to wiggle it around
Just to put 'em on
Bet you had to lay back on the bed
Just to zip 'em up
Am I right?
(You right)
Baby that's what's up

Now Now Now
When walkin' girl
And you make it swirl
Its hard for me not to look ...

[ Lyrics found on ]

Hope you ain't up in here with your man ma
I love it when you wiggle it Shake it
Drop it and do your little dance ma
True Religion, 7's...

When you walk away it make me wanna rub it...

Da** Girl
How'd you get all that in
Dem Jeans
Dem Jeans
How'd you get all that in Dem...

I bet you had to jump up and down
Just to put 'em on
Bet you had to wiggle it around
Just to put 'em on
Bet you had to lay back on the bed
Just to zip 'em up
Am I right?
(You right)
Baby that's whets up

I don't mean to be rude but I like
The way you move
Got your boy in the mood...

let it show it,
like them curves
make that thing talk when you walk
I'm slurring ma words...

man you working wit a lot.

Only a rebellious woman, who deliberately disobeys the Word of God, would wear pants. It is clear from these unsaved singers (like Chingy) why women should not wear pants. Pants on women are adulterous in nature, and cause men to lust and sin. Jesus made this clear in Matthew 5:28, "But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart." 

Women who wear pants deliberately cause men to lust, and commit the sin of adultery. It is this spirit of fornication which has caused tens-of-millions of unwanted pregnancies in the United States, and 48,000,000 abortions in America.  Rock-n-Roll, Big Band, and the roaring 20's are much to blame. Along with these swingy types of music came dancing, one of the biggest sins of all. Billy Sunday was right to preach against dancing, and by the way... ALL dancing is dirty dancing unless it's between a husband and wife in the privacy of their home.

“But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.” —Jesus Christ, Matthew 5:28

The average person today scoffs at the idea that Rock-n-Roll, Satanism, and immoral sex go hand-in-hand, but they certainly do. When Rock-n-Roll came to America, so did pants on women become mainstream. Naturally, feminism, witchcraft, abortion, and homosexuality came as well. Rock-n-Roll is straight from the pits of Hell. ALL rock-n-roll women wear pants. Sexual immorality is a driving theme in rock. Listen to quotes from the rockers themselves...

"Sex is where its at in music... and I like it." (Johnny Bristol)

"I’ve always thought that the main ingredients in rock are sex, really good stage shows and
really sassy music, Sex and sass, I think that’s where it’s at."
(Debbie Harry, lead singer with Blondie)

"I'm in rock music for the sex and narcotics." (Glenn Frey of 'The Eagles')

"Rock 'n' roll is 99% sex." (John Oates)

"Everyone takes it for granted that rock and roll is synonymous with sex."
(Chris Stein, lead guitarist with 'Blondie.')

"Rock music is sex. The beat matches the body rhythms."
(Frank Zappa, superstar of 'Mothers of Invention' fame.)

What more evidence do you need? You are accountable to God ladies for the way you dress, the men you cause to lust, and the sins/crimes they commit as a result. 

It is no coincidence that Hollywood has been putting nudity in their films as much as possible since the 1930's. Even in the 1966 film titled, “THE BIBLE: IN THE BEGINNING,” a 19-year-old Swedish woman (played by Ulla Bergryd) appears totally butt naked, showing everything. She plays Eve in the film. The film was accepted by the churches simply because it was produced as a religious film.

In the 1995 movie “Joseph,” starring Ben Kingsley as Potiphar, the breast teat of Joseph's wife Asenath (played by Valeria Cavalli) is plainly visible as she leaves the bathing tub; and the breast teats of the woman who plays Potiphar's wife (played by Lesley Ann Warren) are clearly visible through her transparent clothing. These are so-called Christian films produced by the cesspool of iniquity of Hollywood. Godless, Christ-rejecting, pedophile, Jews own and control Hollywood, and God's judgment is upon them all. It is this evil group of perverts who have shaped America's moral standards since the 1930's, and look at the mess were in today! If you're not angry, you're watching too much television!

The Truth Concerning Women Wearing Pants

Here's a great explanation of why women shouldn't wear pants from a godly woman...

"Modest" means not extreme or bold, and not morally loose. Those can apply to pants, yes; but when I have on a pair of pants, I don't feel that my body is covered. Pants are form-fitting, thus exposing my body. That's just how I feel. The illustration that Cathy Corle uses is two pictures of the same woman. The first one has her in a nice dress. She asked a group of ladies what they noticed about this woman, and they answered her face.

Then she showed them the picture of the same woman in a pair of jeans and asked what they noticed. They said their eyes were immediately drawn to the crotch area! That drove home to me that clothes can emphasize the body or the face; I'd rather have folks, especially men, notice my face and not my body. Again, this is my feeling.

        The other thing that convinced me was the doctrine of separation from the world. The fashion of the world is to wear pants (patterned after men's clothing). This wasn't the case until about 100 years ago, when actresses began wearing pant suits that resembled men's suits. Before that, women almost universally wore dresses (I remember my Granny saying that she wore her brother's overalls to pick cotton to keep her legs from getting all scratched up). So the fashion of the world became women wearing pants.

I felt that, to be separate from the world, I needed to dress differently than the world. I also needed to be feminine and distinctively female; there should be a noticeable difference between my clothes and a man's clothes. The difference in our culture is that women wear dresses and men wear pants, so I believe it's right for me to wear dresses.

        Several years ago, my pastor gave some principles for Christian dress. They're very helpful, and they can be applied to male or female, pants or dresses.

  • 1. Modesty - does this clothing cover me adequately? I Tim. 2:9
  • 2. Not worldly - does this clothing reflect the current trends of Hollywood and TV? I John 2:15
  • 3. Difference - does this clothing easily show there's a difference between me and the opposite gender? Deut. 22:5
  • 4. Inoffensive - does this clothing offend a brother or sister in Christ? As a woman, will this cause my brother to stumble or think lustfully about me? Rom 14:7-8,12-13 I Cor. 10:23; 8:13
  • 5. Glorifies God - does this clothing glorify God, or does it call attention to me and glorify me? I Cor. 10:31

As for this being a matter between a wife, husband, and God:

        A saved man will encourage his wife to do what God is laying on her heart. Several ladies have mentioned how their husbands didn't see the need for dresses only, but supported them in wearing them because the ladies felt that is what God wanted them to do. With an unsaved husband, the dress issue can be a witness to her husband in one of two ways: if he doesn't mind her wearing dresses only, it can be a witness of her changed life; if he doesn't want her to wear dresses only, her submission to him in this area will be a witness to him (especially if she makes sure to wear what pleases him when they are at home, even if she wears dresses all the rest of the time).

        This issue is just like any other that families have to make a decision about. If your heart is open to do whatever God wants you to, and you study scriptures related to it and come to a different conclusion than others, you've done what you need to to follow God's leading. We have freedom in Christ to follow Him as He leads us to. I don't know why some people develop certain convictions and others don't. How people dress is not a salvation issue; it's a separation issue. It's not my job to win them over to my way of thinking on separation - it's the Holy Spirit's job to teach them how God wants them to live. If they ask why I believe something, I'll tell them; otherwise, I stay quiet. -SOURCE

Thank God for such godly and feminine ladies who stand for the truth, and please the Lord Jesus by being virtuous and modest. It all comes down to whether or not each individual woman CARES about pleased the Lord, and if she cares about what's going on in the hearts and minds of men that are already battling the evils of lust. It's hard enough for men to have clean minds without careless women who dress like whores and hussies.

The Saved, Crucified, Risen And Ascended Life

Dr. Jack Hyles preached a powerful sermon titled, “STEPS TO SANCTIFICATION (MP3 sermon)” In this classic sermon Brother Hyles teaches the four areas of the Christian life; namely, the saved life, the crucified life, the risen life and the ascended life. They are each progressive. We are saved by trusting Jesus. Then we are expected as a new convert to be crucified with Christ. We cannot crucify ourselves; but rather, must be crucified with Christ by yielding our will to the Holy Spirit, so Jesus can live through me.

This is taught in Galatians 2:20, “I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.” No one can live righteously of their own human strength, which is why the unsaved person cannot live for God. Only by being born-again, which means that God's Holy Spirit comes to indwell (live within) us (Romans 8:9; 1st Corinthians 3:16-17), can we walk in the Spirit. So we are first saved by trusting Jesus, and then we are crucified with Christ to the lusts of the flesh and our selfish desires.

Please notice that the crucified life is totally separate from the crucified life. To mix the two is heresy, which is what Lordship Salvation is. Some preachers are so sick and tired of shallow Christianity, saved as by fire, just outside the gate, that they add the unbiblical requirement to crucify the lusts of the flesh and forsake sinful living to be saved; but forsaking sin is a matter of discipleship for a believer, and not a part of saving faith. You trust Jesus as your Savior to forgive your sins to be saved. That's it! But then as a new believer, God wants you to turn away from sinful living, by being crucified with Christ to your selfish desires and the lusts of the flesh. Then once you've crucified the sinful desires of the flesh, you rise with Christ to live for others. And finally, the pinnacle of the Christian life is the fourth step in sanctification, which is to ascended with Jesus into Heaven and walk with God in sweet fellowship.

Now you cannot properly walk with Jesus in sweet fellowship if you don't live for others, and you cannot properly live for others if you're still living in willful sin, and if you're not saved you cannot do any of these properly. You must trust Jesus alone to be saved. But that's not all, then we must crucify the old man to sinful living. But that's not all, then we must rise with Christ in newness of life to live for others each day, thinking about their needs, burdens and hardships and how we can help them. But that's not all, God created us to worship and praise Him.

Having shared the basic truth of this sermon by Dr. Hyles with you, may I say, a Christian woman who still wears pants has not crucified herself with the Lord. You are still living in the sins of the flesh, causing men to lust after your beauty, seducing males with your physical body, which is a sin if you do it deliberately. Wearing pants is deliberate!!! You are causing lasciviousness! Heathen women get their kicks and enjoyment from causing Christian men to lust, tempting him, making it difficult for him, desiring for him to battle in his mind and heart because of your whorish ways. Hell is filled with whorish evil women. If you are saved, God will discipline you in eternity and you won't have any rewards if that's the pathetic manner in which you've lived your life. Each and every time that a Christian woman deliberately dress immodestly, or behaves loosely to seduce another, you are laying up judgment against yourself in eternity from a holy God.

Women who wear pants will never get beyond the saved life, and that completely depends upon whether or not you've accepted Christ's payment on Calvary's cross for your sins. Christian women who wear pants can never properly walk with God or live for others until you first crucify the desires of self and the flesh, and you stop wearing those men's pants in public. It is sinful! Women ought not wear men's clothing. Pants belong on men, plain and simple!!!

I have noticed that men and women who see no harm in women wearing pants almost always laugh at morally-conscious Christians. They think morality is a laughing matter. This is evidenced by the Godless Late Night Shows on television that continually make a mock at sin, turning the holiness of God into a laughing matter by blaspheming God, ridiculing the Bible, joking about sin, criticizing godly Christians, and provoking the wrath of our holy God in Heaven.

There are no magic words I can say that are going to make you do right. You've got to choose on your own to do right. It's never easy to do the right thing. It's always hard. The right path is often a lonely path. The question is how much faith do you have in God? If people don't hold the Lord Jesus Christ in reverence, then how can we expect them to do the right thing? The world needs Jesus! END

Jesus Is The Cure For Nudity!

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