Let's Get Rid of Santa!

By David J. Stewart

Many parents foolishly teach their children that Santa Clause is coming to town for Christmas.  The striking parallels between Santa Claus and the Lord Jesus are disturbing to any Christian who loves the Lord.  It was the unsaved world who conjured up Santa (whose letters coincidentally spell "SATAN" if rearranged).  This is NO coincidence friend.  Children around the world have been idolizing the fat slob called "Santa" far too long.  Santa must go!!!

The Hypocrisy of using "XMAS"

Do you think it's just for convenience sake that many businesses advertise Christmas as "XMAS"?  The word "Thanksgiving" is 3-letters longer than Christmas; but I've never seen any businesses advertise "XING" or "XGIVING."  The same is true of Independence Day and Veterans Day.  Could you image how angry the military veterans would be if we renamed Veteran's Day to a mere "Vet Day."  What if we called Valentine's Day... "Val Day"?  Why is it that ONLY the celebration of the Lord's birthday is blotted out?  It is because of the evil hearts of men and women who HATE God, and don't want to be reminded of God... "And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge..." (Romans 1:28).  I believe the Lord hates Christmas because His name is blotted out, while the merchants make oodles of money in the month of December exploiting the true meaning of Christmas. 

Keeping Christmas in Perspective

Although I certainly don't believe it is wrong to observe Christ's birth in gratitude at Christmas, the Bible never directs us to recognize Christ's birth.  We must keep this in mind.  The heathen world has created a grand illusion during the Christmas holiday that has caused MANY people to commit suicide.  The Bible doesn't place emphasis on Christ's birth.  The euphoria of the Christmas Season is solely created by the retailers to make a buck.  I'm not against celebrating Christmas; but don't let it depress you because of the naturally empty feeling that it causes.  Life and reality are far from Hollywood, Brigadoon, the Land of Oz, and the Christmas Season.  If you truly want to make the most of Christmas--go visit some lonely people in hospitals who have no family, go find some homeless person on the street and give them food and gifts, go to your local prison and bring glad tidings of the Gospel, do something for the less fortunate.  Tragically, many people do help the poor during the Christmas holiday, and forget about them the remainder of the year.  Do you think this shallow type of charity pleases God?  Hardly.  It is sad that most people need to hear some pretty Christmas carols or see some snowflakes before they care about the poor and burdened.  Christmas has become more of an emotion than anything else.  The airwaves are filled with Christmas music throughout December, generating a synthetic atmosphere of cheer and happiness; while the world continues to plunder into the depths of Hell. 

The Danger of Teaching Santa

A child who is taught about Santa while growing up, one day comes to the shocking revelation that it was all a big LIE.  This sets a disturbing precedent in the child's mind.  If a child was effectively brainwashed for an entire childhood concerning the lie of Santa, then why should they accept Christianity either?  I believe that deliberately deceiving a child about Santa just prepares them for a life of doubt and suspicion.  It's a bad mindset.  Why lie to a child, when there's a Wonderful Savior who can do all that Santa does, and so much more?

Teach Your Kids About Jesus Instead of Santa

What is so wrong about telling your children that Jesus is watching them day and night, whether they've been good or bad?  It's the truth (Proverb 15:3).  What's so wrong about teaching your kids that Jesus is the one who gives all good gifts, and if they're good they might get something special for Christmas?  Is this not what the Bible teaches... "Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above..." (James 1:17).  God gave you your job.  God gives you the health to go shopping.  God blessed you with children.  Did Santa die on the cross for your sins?  If you must give your children a fun time, hoping for gifts at Christmas, then tell them Jesus is coming!!!  I think this is infinitely better than using Santa, a fable designed to replace Christ. 

Going back to the striking parallels between Santa and Jesus, the Devil has successfully replaced the Lord with Santa in many homes.  Santa is said to watch everything we do.  Folks, that makes Santa deity (God).  Only God is omnipresent and omniscient.  Santa delivers gifts to every child in the world in one night.  Again, only God could do such a miracle.  Only God is omnipotent.   Truthfully, God does give gifts to every person, every day, in every place--it's called life.  Acts 17:25 declares that Jesus keeps us breathing and living.  Jesus is Almighty God!  Santa is an imposter, a fake!  Give me Jesus! 

Let's get rid of Santa, the Devil's Christ, and; rather, glorify the God of the Universe by exalting His Son, Jesus Christ, this Christmas season.  There's no better way to glorify our Wonderful Savior, than to be soulwinners, telling the lost world about the precious blood of Jesus that takes our sins away.  Now that's something to celebrate!