Benny Hinn Promotes Catholicism as Being Part of the True Body of Christ!

A Warning About Benny Hinn's New Book "The Blood"

The book written by the world's best known "faith healer" is, "The Blood" with a subtitle, "Its Power from Genesis to Jesus to You." Like his previous three books, "Good Morning, Holy Spirit," "The Anointing," and "Lord, I Need a Miracle," this book uses much Scripture and sets forth some precious truths which all believers need to know. However, all of his books contain dangerous doctrinal errors involving a twisting of the Scriptures, and a misinterpretation of key portions of the Word of God, all of which he seeks to validate by his claim that he is writing and speaking under a special anointing of the Holy Spirit—a claim that is definitely untrue but one which is deceiving many believers and leading them astray.

 A detailed analysis of some of the serious doctrinal errors to be found in Hinn's new book will come later, but this immediate warning is required because of the way Hinn and other charismatic leaders are causing God's people to believe that the Roman Catholic Church is part of the true body of Christ.

The closing chapter of "The Blood" is titled: "The Communion In The Communion." On pages 161-165, Hinn writes of his personal experience with a group of 49 Roman Catholic nuns who attended one of his crusades "a couple of years ago." He writes of the special place he has in his heart for nuns since he was taught by nuns when he was a boy. He tells how he called this group of 49 nuns to the platform; and, after he found out they were "charismatic" nuns he invited them to join him in "leading the people in a rousing version of 'How Great Thou Art'" after which these "nuns pulled their crosses out from under their habits and lifted them toward the Lord." Hinn says that this was a very powerful moment which he would never forget. Later, these nuns invited Hinn to visit them at their convent where, in their newly built prayer chapel they "began worshipping the Lord 'singing in the Spirit' and blessing the Lord for about half an hour." Hinn further reported that the "sisters gave several words of prophecy" that encouraged him. After this, Hinn wrote:

"By then I was on my knees crying because I sensed such a tremendous presence of the Lord there. It was an anointing that I had never before experienced in a communion service, not even in my own church. It was a divine, powerful presence of God that I can't describe except to say, 'Jesus walked into that little room.' . . . As I was kneeling and praising the Lord with my hands extended directly in front of me, the mother general put the wafer in my mouth. At that moment I felt a fire literally go through me and as that took place something else amazing happened. I sensed on the tips of my fingers something like a robe—a soft, silky fabric." He went on to explain that he felt a physical body within the robe which he said he believed was actually the body of Christ. Hinn's actual words: "l believe I was literally kneeling at the feet of Jesus."

It is difficult to understand how any believer could be so blinded by the errors of Romanism; yet, Hinn's book has a commendatory forward by Jack Hayford and by Paul Crouch who is offering "The Blood" as a special inducement for TBN contributions. Hinn and his supporters are "deceiving and being deceived" (2nd Timothy 3:1 3). Hinn is empowered by a false spirit, not the Holy Spirit. Be sure to carefully read Matthew 7:25-23 and 2nd Corinthians 11:13-15 to see how all of this deception is possible.  The fact of the matter is that the Catholic Church is straight out of the pits of Hell, and so is Benny Hinn.  Bible-believing Christians need to expose false religions that teach men a perverted Gospel.