"That's No Way to Reach People!"

I received the following e-mail (typos included) from one of my web visitors in November of 2005...


You warned me not to "critizie or bash" you before I read the articles you listed.  Before you close this email dismissing it as another "hate mail" email list to me for just a second or two if you wouldn't mind.  First let me tell you something abou myself, so you understand my background and the fact that I'm not naive.  I became a Christian at an early age of 7, and was raised in the Baptist church, grew up in a very conservative family, and am ready to go to college this next fall.  I went to private school from K-10th grade at an Independent Fundemental Baptist Church that had an academic program at the time.  I used to have your same mentality.  Now stop for a second, don't close your mind to what I am about to say. (No I'm not calling you close minded or asking you to be "open-minded" either, I know how dangerous that idea of relativism is.)  Anyway,  I honestly doubt this email will change your mind, but you're taking the wrong approach.  Yes, America is in some dire need of change and repentance before it's too late.  But your approach will be as effective as this email will probably be to you.  The only way to change the world is to be a light, Jesus came to the world to save it, not condemn it.  Stop pointing out the wrong in the unsaved and christians in the spotlight.  Instead gain the respect of someone before you preach to them.  A person is willing to listen to a friend, not a total strange who makes a website bashing things they may accept to be right (even when it is sin).  Your website isn't an effect method at all and it even is a hindrance to the cause of Christ.  Now please think before you respond to this or just dismiss this email and put me in a category with other hate mail.  I'm begging you to rethink what you are doing because your good intentions could be causing someone to just get more angry with God.  One more important thing, be OH SO VERY CAREFUL when it comes to PUBLICLY destroying the reputation of a Christian or group of people who claim Christianity.  Please just if you would email me back, I would like very much to discuss the subject further.

Your brother in Christ,



Here's my response...

Hello Nate,

     Thank you for your e-mail and for taking time out to express your concerns.

I fully respect you views and know where you're coming from.  The truth is that I have received hundreds of e-mails from people thanking me for having enough courage to speak the truth.  As an example, here's a letter I just received today from a former Lutheran...

"Dear David,

I really like your web site. Yours is the first I have found which dares to criticize Lutheranism. I have seen many sites which expose Catholicism, but I really like what you have done here.

I would be willing to share my salvation testimony with you, if you are interested? In it, I discuss how I was a partaker of both false religions of Lutheranism and Catholicism, and how I came to realize those systems were false. I discuss how the Bible showed me the truth; but initially, I think I just came to question religion in general, and then the Lord brought some Bible believers into my life. This is how He works, and I realize I am not unique.

I am an ex-Lutheran (raised in the Lutheran religion as a child) and also an ex-catholic and I was involved in leadership positions in Roman Catholicism for 15 years before I began to seriously question the system. I have witnessed the gospel to my family (who are Lutheran) and my husbands family (who are Catholic) but I think the only one who probably now actually understands the difference between Biblical Christianity and Lutheranism is my mother. Thanks for being willing to stand up for the true gospel (which is not a religious system of works.)

I wish I knew how to make a web site like yours, because I have long desired to see one that exposes Lutheranism.

Debbie _______"


Here's another letter which I just received...

"Dear David:

I just found your website this afternoon, and must let you know I am very
encouraged by what you have to say. I just left my Baptist church a couple
of months ago because of the pastor's lack of discernment in allowing the
study of "The Purpose Driven Life" in the Sunday school class (I told him
how unBiblical it is, but to no avail), and I am not growing spiritually. We
are just "doing church". I tried encouraging our "leadership" to research
the Illuminati and the NWO, but to no avail. The church used to be led by
Freemasons; could this have something to do with the perceived absence of
the Holy Spirit's presence in this church?

I pray the Lord will send my way brothers and sisters who feel the way that
you do. I agree with all I have read on your website so far, and I thank God
for your faithfulness to Him! I think that the Lord may be leading me to
start a house church...I have had this burden for a while. I will be meeting
with another Christian couple next week in my home to study the Word, praise
the Lord, and pray together. What I have seen in modern American churches
today doesn't even come close to following what the first century church

WHILE WE STILL CAN!!!!! Looking forward to meeting you in heaven!

Your sister in Christ,

Cynthia ______"


And another recently received e-mail...

"Hi I agree with about 98% of what you say (Iím just not a Christian), people
like you and Alex Jones (who I listen to all the time) are doing a great
job. He opened my eyes about whats really going on in the world and thanks
for letting people download the road to tyranna I cant wait to watch it.



And another...


I just wanted to thank you for your website; it
really, really strengthened my faith. I thought
your book about salvation was massively helpful.
Also about high level corruption in the GOV-you
are right. It really put things in perspective and
answered many questions.

And also you really equipped me for soul winning
efforts and introduced me to Dr. Hyles (great guy).
No doubt your website has resulted in the salvation
of MANY.

See you in Heaven brother,

In Christ,

Dave W.


And another...

"My name is Paulette and I have recieved Jesus Christ as my personal Savior,
thank you for helping me do this , with your words.



And another...

"I just came across your web site today and I want to thank you for having the courage to speak against the blasphemies of the Catholic Church. I was so impressed with the way you express yourself, unashamedly speaking the truth. My husband and I found the truth just a few months ago and immediately renounced the Catholic Church. We have been prayerfully studying the word and through Jesus, we are becoming stronger in our faith. However, my heart breaks because all of our family members are still Catholic and though we have tried to share the truth with them, we are either brushed aside as "fundamental bible thumpers" or we are viciously attacked as being "intolerant" and condemning the "true church of Jesus". My husband and I know we are on the right path and thank God for opening our eyes to the truth for if he hadn't, we would still be in bondage to Rome. Again, I just want to thank you for your courage and I will be enjoying your website and hopefully will be able to share the articles with unsaved family members. (Sometimes people need to be shocked and offended to wake them up to the truth)


Toni ________"


And another...

Thank you for this site.

God Bless You,

Donna _________


And Another...

"Thank you for making this website, thank you. Reading what I just have read has truly blessed my soul. I live in Norway, in a small sity called Horten. In this country there are a lot of disbelievers, and growing up here makes it hard to keep the faith. So after reading 'The victory of faith' I really felt blessed, and I thank you again.



And another...

"Hello I am Ruth in the process of walking away from the Dallas Independent School District as a teacher. When I began teaching I probably didn't know what the word humanism meant and I thought I had a "nice, respectable" job. In the high schools in Dallas, Texas students are taught that homosexuality is an alternative lifestyle and it is their choice if they choose that. I read that God said homosexuality is an abomination. I have always been an elementary teacher. Your monster at the beginning of your article is so true and right. I have not made it public that I am resigning but I was thinking of making cards to send to people that I plan to let know of my decision (with words of Truth inside as to the danger of the public education system).

I am Ruth in Dallas"


And hundreds more...

Respectfully Nate, I know what works.  People respect someone who has the guts to speak the truth.  And of course, I receive tons of hate mail from heathens and backslidden believers who don't want to hear the truth.  I know I am doing the right thing...

2nd Timothy 3:12- "Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution."

Kind regards,

David J. Stewart

Tough Love Jesus