Faithful Web Visitor Says, “Wow love your site!!”

By David J. Stewart | October 2012

I received the following awesome and uplifting e-mail in October of 2012 from Kmakhl...

your site is WONDERFUL! Praise God-thank you Jesus!

so many links to sermons, other sites- I need to download your website to disc- you have so kindly offered instructions on how to do so, also instructions on how to make your own videos. I visit your site daily- MANY times a day in fact. I've sent links to your site to everyone I know, and any chance I get. God BLESS you.
Thank you for ALL the work you do- so much useful information, hours and hours of great research, links to important things, oh too much to list.

I am in Phoenix AZ, and a relatively new Christian. Luckily for me, I did not find Christ nor am fooled by the phony TV preachers or other fake stuff online. Christ gave me a good power of discernment, I'm skeptical anyway- so I'm a truth hound (that's how I found the Lord! looking for truth!)

We are in terrible times.. how has the Lord NOT erased this planet already?? I am amazed.. we are worse than Sodom & Gomorrah today, yet the satanic lies and crimes continue! Oh  I can't wait for the Lords return.. it can't be too long!

I just listened to another Lester Roloff sermon- he's my favorite! I listen to him every night- yes! I go to sleep with my earbuds- I use your website with the MP3 files. Great and love it.

I am so glad you offered your email, sooo many times I've wanted to email you to THANK YOU for your work. Thank GOD He has put you to work for His Word- and thank you for sticking up for the unerring Word of the KJV Holy Bible.

I personally believe your site is THE best Christ related site on the web. I believe the Lord is working to keep your site online, and lead others who want to learn the Truth to your site (how DID I find your site anyway! I can't remember!)

you have tons and tons of wonderful truths, links for research, tons of sermons, thoughts, oh nothing is missing- nothing! or at least nothing I myself can find lacking.

I hope you are able to "stick around" on Earth here as long as possible, to keep your site going. I was literally terrified the other day when I tried to access your site, and it was DOWN! It came back up later, but boy was I sad that I hadn't downloaded it before. I need to stock up on DVDs or some kind of thing to save your website (I have a tech helper that can assist me with how-to) so I will always have it to read later or in case something "happens" to your URL.

THANK YOU! I have prayed for your health, I wonder often how you are feeling.

One thing that sticks out in my mind at the moment is something I have always said myself: give money/assistance directly TO the poor, not to some dumb greedy CEO! That hit home for me.

Also, the fake "feminist" stuff is all a front for Marxist/zionist groups designed to destroy the family. I had someone trying to tell me this for YEARS- called him a "woman  hater" til I accepted Christ and realized he was telling me the real deal. Boy was I wrong!

sorry I am rambling- oh I wish I could remember all the things I've wanted to say to you but never had an email- oh no matter, I suppose.. but THANK you sooo much!!!

please keep my email address, will you? I'd love to hear from you anytime, or help in any way I possibly can- I don't mind being on any "list" and I won't be bothered at all. Of course I wouldn't take advantage of bothering YOU either! you must be very busy!

Take care- please let me know if there is anything I can do for you or your ministry

I can't express in words how much this e-mail means to me, so I'll just share it with everyone and give God all the credit and glory. Jesus is precious!!!


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