From the New Age to Jesus

...the darkness is past, and the true light now shineth. I John 2:8

I praise and glorify God for His mercy towards the sons of men. He could have left us dead in trespasses and sins without a hope in the world. But instead, His saving grace hath appeared to all men (Titus 2:11). The following testimony is from a dear brother who wrote in response to an email that I sent out to the mailing list entitled, "You're like Koresh, Hitler and Manson!" Saints, please pray for this young man that God will make him a man mighty in the scriptures and of great boldness. Jesus Christ is the Lord. He is the ONLY wise God and Saviour and His powerful blood is still savin' souls. He is man's ONLY hope. His beautiful name be magnified. Jesus, that's the name (see Acts 4:12).

Dear Tracy,

I just read the part of your email when you say that the same sun that melts the wax hardens the clay. And it left me thinking how true that is. On May 14th 1999, after opening my heart to Jesus when I was living in college, i went back to my dorm and immediately turned my PC on to look for that site that had seemed somewhat interesting a few weeks before. All my life I had been involved in the New Age movement, mind control and OBE's... your site seemed awfully stupid to me the first time I saw it, (I too, was looking for some new age material, just as the case you just shared with us about witchcraft) and your site showed up in my search result... from that night on, every time I read self-help books or New age stuff (even listened music) your site would pop into my mind and the simple question "What if it's true" kept on echoing through my mind.... That night at college was awesome, the presence of God was as real as the screen you have in front of you. It was nothing compared to what I had been searching... the best thing is that HE chose me. There is an article that I still carry with me inside my binder, where you say that "God don't need us, we need Him" (The cool writing is hip and I loved it!) that text, that simple sentence moved every false idea I had about god. Next day at the local church I even asked if that statement was true... I was amazed to see how much pride I had, I always thought God needed us, that He had to live through us, and that we transformed 'energy' for Him. Obviously, I had a new age god, a god we create according to our needs and desires, a comfortable kind of god. Praise the Lord He took care of me as i was involved in all those activities...

I just sent out a little prayer for you and your ministry. It's a great site, a very important and unique ministry, many people get saved through it, even though we don't take the time to thank you or at least let you know...Let no one tell you less than that. Dear Tracy, what you do in secret, our Heavenly Father will award you in public.

[ life after i opened my heart to Jesus has been much more fun than ever! Just as He split the history of the world in two, BC and AD, He split my life the exact same way, He has given a whole new meaning to everything I knew (or thought I knew). When i was 4 my parents divorced and for 16 whole years my father forgot about me. Mom remarried and though we tried to make a new family, all our efforts seemed hopeless. The expectations and dreams of meeting my father soon turned into wrath and hatred, I hated this man more than anything in this world, how could he manage to turn his back against his wife and only kid and never even call them?. The little kid searching for love soon turned into a young man who pretended to know everything, needed no one and knew "God" in his own way. Three months after Jesus came into my life, my dad's sister contacted me and 2 weeks later I met my biological dad, I wished I could have forgiven him, but the power of that miraculous moment erased every bad feeling, and God's love, like a hurricane embraced us and I truly felt I had nothing to forgive him for. He truly has 'turned my mourning into dancing', if I were to list all the miracles that have happened since that day, I probably would go on for pages... all I can say now, is just like Job once said "I have heard of thee by the hearing of the ear, but now mine eye seeth thee". Tracy, Jesus loves you, and so do I!]

My love and prayers for you.

In His Service, from a college boy that got saved through the internet.