A Letter from New York

I received this letter of encouragement in December of 2005...

I noticed health concerns and thought you might want to add www.naturalcures.com. Kevin Trudeau is against the FDA and believes in natural cures. He wrote the book "Natural Cures They Don't Want You To Know About". I think it would would make a great addition to your website in Health Concerns. I am also a Christian too and I support what you doing 100%. I know your website is true just like I know the sky is blue.  What you wrote about frightens me to know so many people are going to hell and sometimes when I see people I think "that man is going to hell" or "what chance does he have of being saved"? What you are doing is very important and I hope people will start waking up. I was on 42nd street today in Manhattan and I heard people preaching and it was surprising and horrible as people just walked by and paid no attention.  I knew they were all going to hell.  I hope God uses me too so that people will be saved and gives me the courage to tell them about Jesus Christ and His great love for sinners so that they should hear with their ears, see with their eyes, perceive in their minds and be saved and healed.  God bless you so much and I will keep you in my prayers.


Thank you Fatima, it's always encouraging to hear from other believers who are awake to righteousness.  I wish more believers were soul conscience as you are.  America is going to Hell while it's churches rarely take the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the streets.  By the way, I love street preaching and encourage other Christians to do the same.  I have preached many times on downtown Rush Street in Chicago.  One  guy was throwing tomatoes at us and another a bag of flour.  The Devil's crows gets mad when you preach the truth.  The police would tell us to get off the fire-hydrants.  I remember a taxi-driver who pulled up, rolled down his window, and I saw tears flowing from his eyes.  The Holy Spirit had convicted him and he needed to hear the Gospel, which we shared with him.  You never know what God will do when you obey the great commission to be a soulwinner.  Most people will despise you, but some WILL get saved.