A Wonderful Letter Of Appreciation From Glenda

By David J. Stewart | October 2012

I received the following heart encouraging e-mail in November of 2012 from Glenda...

Dear David
Thank you very much for being so brave and committed enough to write everything I read on your amazing website, plus all the wonderful teachings you include. I only discovered your website a few months ago but I so enjoy reading THE TRUTH and I have wanted to contact you - so was surprised and pleased to be able to when I googled you out today.
I love the Lord and God with all my heart and it is obvious that you do too. We are certainly in the end times and I would much rather be aware of the wickedness of man and the evil one, than be ignorant or in denial. Ever since I did a Bible study on Revelation, I have felt 'a quickening' in my spirit when I read how specific God is about telling His people what is going to happen. Basically, I love knowing He is in total control and He knows everything from the future backwards. How secure this makes me feel.
I am impressed at your diligence at getting out all the information you are given. Well done - you are very brave. I know your ailments are a direct result of being so special to God. I will pray for you. Your reward in heaven WILL BE GREAT - so hang in there. I know there will come a time when your website will be shut down, so keep going as long as you can. I have also listened to your music - it's lovely.
I live in the South Island of New Zealand in the beautiful countryside in a little village. As time passes, I know I am meant to warn everyone of what is coming. I am such a 'work in progress' though and my journey has been via alot of detours as God has grown me up and broken me and emptied me of worldly thinking. I try and see His Big Picture and mentally live in His spiritual realm as much as I can. Anyway, I just had to make contact and encourage you in what you are doing for the Kingdom. I'm sorry you are so sick, but your reward will be great and someone has to do what you are doing - and God has chosen YOU!
Keep up the great work Brother!
From Glen (Glenda)

I cannot adequately express in words my heartfelt thank you to all my web visitors who share such wonderful testimonies, and honor me with uplifting words of encouragement about my labors in the Lord. I am humbled and give God all the credit, for He put it into my heart to start and continue this website ministry. Jesus is precious!

I like how Glenda says the Lord knows everything from the future backwards. That's a great way of describing prophecy! I've always thought of prophecy as history written in advance, but I like what Glenda said too. My health afflictions are horrible, suffering in daily pain and living on pain medications, but God uses it to keep me humble, very much so. Only God knows how uplifting e-mails like this are to this preacher of this gospel. Thank you!


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