A Letter of Encouragement

I received the following letter in December of 2006...

Dear Brother in Christ.

I have just come across your site; after a little trip through a small part of it. I have to tell you that you are one of the very few on the whole net who try to teach the truth of the word of God.

I would just like to say that what you are doing is much needed; that the more you can reach in what time is left to us, the better. Your research is from the little I have looked at extensive; covers a great deal of area's that need this kind of coverage.

I to have for years gone into the depths to find the truth, but would never be able to do what you have done. I do have quite a research library; give those who ask for it the information I have. Though not many do accept the truth. They tend to lets say stick to a teacher; all he says is law, so to speak. I have had loads of people like that, but I just think that, if what I have given them plants a seed. Maybe someone else can help that seed to grow. Its sites like yours that does this.

So keep on doing what you do, keep on reaching all those out there that need our Lord. Keep on telling them; showing them the truth; the lies they are being fed daily.

May our Lord; Saviour be with you always let him give you the wisdom, courage; discernment you need to continue the work you have been given.

God Bless you
Gary Sullivan

I thank the Lord for the opportunity to help people through this ministry.  It is my heart's sincere desire to get the Truth of God's Word out, and to expose the evils destroying so many lives today.  I never dreamed a time would come when 8,000 people a day would be coming to this website, i.e., my ministry for the Lord.  I am humbled.  I know there are many people who could do a much better job building a website, organizing, and writing articles; but no one could care more about getting the truth out than I do.  That's why I know God has chosen me for this ministry.

Your webservant,

David J. Stewart