An Encouraging Thank You Letter From A Loyal Web Visitor

By David J. Stewart

I received the following heart encouraging e-mail in September of 2012 from Collin. I have not edited the letter at all, so there are several typos..., Thank you.
I know you don't take mail anymore from

But I couldn't pass up the oppertunity to send you this message when I found out you had a youtube account.

I was going to a non bible believing church and got fed up and went home upset. Then thought that real christians would be talking about Jesus and not gossiping and hurting each other so I googled Jesus and found your website. It's very true that a person can't believe unless they hear the gospel. And from the moment I heard the real gospel on your website I got down on my knees and prayed.  I believe the real gospel now that it is faith alone upon Jesus Christ. How his blood was shed for me, and was applied to the mercy seat in heaven.

Many people now ridicule me when I tell them what I believe, many professing christians won't talk to me anymore because they believe that what I talk about is in poor taste (like abortion and homosexuality, and who was behind 9/11), one pastor even told me I was headed down a dark and dangerous path when I told him that his NIV was not the real word of God.

It took me months to find a real church, a church that believes in the KING JAMES BIBLE, but I finally found one and was baptized there. It's good to be in company that believes my bible.  I was going to Liberty University before I was a believer. It was rough, the idea that they were training Champions for Christ was nothing like how they acted. IT was just another school trying to earn money ( and a lot of it at that!) and attract students. One of my roomates was so indecent about me that I left in the middle of the semester, and never went back after that semester. I'm grateful. Because of your website I am no longer ignorant of the school I went to, the non bible believing church I went to, and no longer ignorant of the situation I am in as a human being (both my eternal security as a believer, and the shortness of the time I have to tell other people about Jesus Christ).

I still feel convicted about many things in my life that are not producing fruit, and I still want more courage to do things like go door to door soulwinning. But as a street performer I go out every weekend, and give people my CD's of Jazz music with your website on them. and on my website I display the gospel message proudly as well. I've even been trying to run a facebook page with but you know right now about how popular that's been and it hasn't reached many.

I know right now I can't see the fruits of handing out the gospel on the CD's, giving out the website address, and telling people the gospel on the street corner. But I know that I will see the results in heaven.

Just recently my faith was shook by a pair from a church that I can't seem to find any information on even on your website. They claimed all sorts of damnable heresy, they were called the WOLRD MISSION SOCIETY CHURCH OF GOD and the easiest thing I could point out was that water baptism was not neccesary for salvation. But when I got home and had your website I was able to defend what I believe much clearer.

I hope that even though you run this website online that you have a church you go to that you get to meet with other believers like you because I know how lonely it felt not having that family of believers. I also hope your neck feels better, I saw the pictures of after the surgery.
Without this website ministry I would have never heard the gospel, and therefore never believed the gospel, and therefore never have gotten the real word of God (a KJV), and therefore would have never shared the real word of God with others on the street corner.

Thank you.

I still have a lot to learn, atleast I try even if I fail I get back up again. I pray, knowing that prayer is the greater work and praying comes first. Hyles Baptist Church, that's where I go now. I hope this gets to you, because this is the only way I know how to express the love and gratitude with someone willing to share the truth with me. willing to share the gospel with me. I know you must've recieved hundreds of evil emails from people with good intentions and misguided views so I hope this one good email can help a little.

You're my hero David J. Stewart.
Collin ********

What an awesome letter of appreciation. I am humbled. God is so good and I give Him all the glory and credit. It's the Lord's Spirit working in me, and I pray for His help and guidance every day. It is my heart's desire to remain meek, willing and surrendered to the calling and will of God. Not my will, but thine O Lord.

I learned long ago that to the same degree I relished in praise from others for a job well done, to that same degree I was opening myself up to painful criticism. In other words, you'll get caught up in one as much as the other. So I've learned not to expect any praise for serving God, and when I'm criticized I let it bounce off my shoulders. I put it all into God's hands, praises and criticisms alike. This is God's ministry. It's His website. I serve the Lord Jesus and Him alone. My reward is in Heaven. Yet, I want to always express gratitude and much appreciation for the thank you letters that I do receive. Thank you so much Collin for your love and support.


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