Letter from a Baptist Pastor

I received the following letter from a Pastor in Minnesota in November of 2005...

Dear David,

I was directed to your information on Martin Luther by a member of your church.  Many sites come out against Luther's "sacrament" of communion, and his baptismal regeneration "gospel."  You are the first I have heard of that also includes condemning Luther's heresy of Lutheran ministers actually forgiving sin in the place of God.

I have been in the Walnut Grove area of Minnesota for approximately 14 years and have been preaching and teaching against these heresies all this time.  Lutherans and Catholics and their Satanic cults have had their way here for a hundred years.   I am probably the most hated of all men in the area, which does not bother me.  I realize "the servant is not greater than his Lord.  By God's grace, there is a church here preaching the Gospel.

I wrote a small book on these subjects which I have been passing out free of charge.  If you are interested, I would send it to you.  I also have radio tapes.  It is titled "Who Can Forgive Sins?  The Lutheran Minster or the Catholic Priest."  And, the thrust of the book is to prove by Scripture that neither has this power.

I have emailed you so I could tell you I appreciate your strong stand against false doctrine.  I had the privilege of studying under Dr. Mark G. Cambron at Florida Bible College.  In fact, that is the reason I went to Bible College there.  I wanted to learn everything I could from this great man of God.

Your website is a wealth of information.  We have also put up a Questions and Answers website,  www.heritagebbc.com   I appreciate all the information your website provides.  Way too many Christians who witness to Lutherans are fooled by the statement that Lutherans make when witnessed to.  "Oh, I believe that Jesus died to pay for my sin and that Salvation is by grace, alone, with no works at all."  They will even give you verses like John 3:16, Ephesians 2:8,9, etc.  However, to a Lutheran, faith equals baptism, or believing equals baptism.  And, of course, Martin Luther says that Baptism is not a work.  They say the same words as many Christians say, but they do not mean the same thing to a Lutheran.  So, many Lutherans are condemned to Hell.  


Pastor Younce


I thank God for Pastor Younce and pray that more preachers across America would start waking up to the apostasy of our day.  There are tens-of-millions of people who leave the false Catholic religion, just to go into the false Lutheran religion.  It is clear from the Scriptures that the Lutheran religion is a false religion.  ONLY through Jesus Christ, apart from all works, can anyone be saved.  Baptismal Regeneration is of the devil.  We must be vigilant in these dark hours to stand guard against the attacks of the devil.   America is now experiencing an explosive infatuation of everything from Wicca witchcraft to occult New Age.  If America's churches (Christians) don't cling to the Precious Truths of God's Word, then they will become apostate themselves.