The World is Filled with Idiots!

by David J. Stewart

       I say this not to be unkind, but truthful. This world has become a large insane asylum. Let me give you a few examples:

The world has gone mad! A cannibal eats another man and only gets eight years in prison. He could only receive an eight year sentence because the victim willingly signed a paper approving for the other man to eat him (and even more disconcerting—There is NO law in Germany against cannibalism). Talk about bizarre. 

Why is it...

Yes, the world is filled with idiots. Do you know why history always repeats itself? Simply because mankind refuses to learn from history. Our founding fathers of this great nation warned us against allowing all power to end up in Washington. Today, our godless government has grown far too big for it's britches. Children are forced to adhere to a heathen educational program that is dumbing them down. We are forced to drug our children against their will or risk DCFS/CPS taking them from us. The government is prying more and more into our personal lives and is gathering information on every citizen of this country in a giant data base computer. DNA is being collected. Soon we will see a national ID card implemented for all Americans. It's all about controlling us like cattle. 

The world is filled with idiots. Women dress like whores and then wonder why men harass and attack them. Parents leave their children alone and then wonder why they shame their parents and destroy themselves. I see parents allow their little children to run out by the street, no one so many get killed. Doesn't anybody think anymore? It is common sense. A parent allows their teen to walk around wearing gang clothing or a hat on sideways on and then wonders why he or she gets murdered. Duh! Other parents allow their teens to listen to acid rock and then wonder why they commit suicide. I'm no being man, I'm being honest. 

Look at all the people smoking their guts out just to get cancer. Many people spend thousands of dollars a year on their cancer sticks. Your killing yourself and your paying someone to help you do it! 

If you don't want to kill someone with your vehicle, then don't drink alcohol at all. Plain and simple. Would you wave a loaded gun at someone's head, knowing that the trigger can't be pulled unless you pull it? Of course not!  Even though your confident that the gun could never go off unless you pulled the trigger, you still WOULDN'T TAKE A CHANCE that it might go off. The same if true of liquor and beer. Every time you have a beer or two and get behind the wheel of your vehicle, you are pointing a loaded gun at someone's head. You are pointing a 3,000 lb. vehicle at some mother's baby. You are a fool.

The government confiscates our money under the scam of "Social Security." What a bold face lie!!! Now they tell us it won't be there for us. 

The government confiscates our money under the scam of "Social Security." What a bold face lie!!! Now they tell us it won't be there for us. I just read page two of my Social Security statement, it says I'm only getting 73% of what I'm supposed to get. Read yours and you'll see the same. We're not getting what we paid to get. My Social Security statement also said to expect further changes in the future (yeah, like NOTHING!). This is pure conspiracy evil.  Ask all the American steel workers who just lost half their pensions, their health insurance and their livelihood.  Of course, members of congress have it made in the shade.  It's hypocrisy and it's evil.

And now that our government has allowed tens-of-millions of jobs to leave the United States, and there are NO jobs, now they're telling us were in a “JOBLESS RECOVERY.” Ok, yeah, right! The truth is that our government leaders stabbed us in the back, by allowing the corporations to send all of our jobs overseas to exploit foreign labor.

People are idiots in America! Why do people put up with this? Trillions of dollars are missing (stolen) within our government and it's a non-event in the news. $59,000,000,000 disappears from the HUD program and Clinton pardons the king pin of the scam. Of course, the money was never found. That's our money folks! We have a right to know what OUR government is doing in OUR name with OUR money. Why are people so complacent? How is it that President Clinton pardons a man who stole $59,000,000,000 from U.S. taxpayers; but a mother rots in prison for life in Kansas for getting caught with $40 worth of cocaine. No wonder 25% of the world's prison inmates are incarcerated in the United States, a nation which only has 5% of the world's population.

The biggest problem is that people have forgotten God. The average person is caught up in New Age heresies, false religion and misconceptions about who Jesus Christ really is. Listen friend, until you settle things in your heart concerning your salvation, you won't be of much service to God or your country. Would you like to be saved now? Would you like to know that your name is written in Heaven and that you are a child of God? Most of all, wouldn't you like to know that your sins have been forgiven? Only Jesus Christ can forgive you! Only Jesus has the nail-scared hands and feet.

We've all been idiots at one time or another in our lives. Please don't be an idiot with your soul.

Ye Must Be Born Again!