Surgery Didn't Help

By David J. Stewart

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for me. Despite having neck surgery over a week ago, I am still suffering in pain. I still have tingling in all my fingers, puffiness in my arms, especially in my right arm. My right leg feels partially asleep. Whatever is causing the problems with my spinal cord is either permanent or the surgeons are missing it. Hopefully as the inflammation from the surgery settles down, my symptoms may improve a bit. One day at a time. I'm back in San Diego recovering.

The hip bone graft didn't hurt at all after the surgery. I had hardly no pain in my left hip where the bone was removed. I was glad for that. The incision in my neck hurt much worse, which was very painful whenever I swallowed even water. It feels better now.

They foolishly discharged me from the hospital after one day and I ended up back in the emergency room for pain management for 3 more days. I don't even know why they wasted the time bringing me to Long Beach (2 hours away). Sadly, my neurosurgeon was less than caring and cold-hearted. They didn't get my medications for me and I ended up at CVS Pharmacy at 11 p.m. at night the night after my surgery. Hours later I was taken to the emergency room due to muscle spasms and unbearable pain.

I've had 3 different neurosurgeons tell me that the left side of my body should be affected according to the MRI; but it's always my right side that is mostly affected. They can't figure out the reason. My right arm and right toe are puffy with pain radiating down both right arm and leg. If it is God's will for me to endure a ministry of suffering, then so be it. God is the Potter, I am the clay. Jesus is Precious!

The constant throbbing, agonizing, toothache-like pain in my neck is still severe. Since I had a revision of the Anterior cervical discectomy and spinal fusion surgery at C5-C6-C7 with my actual hip bone this time, I am hoping that a solid fusion will form and reduce some of the unbearable pain and my urgent need for pain medications. I'm now taking Oxycontin 40 mg and Hydrcodone 10/325 for pain and Valium for muscle spasms. It barely helps. The pain is horrible. I am wearing a hard neck collar for the next 4-weeks. I am very lonely and am alone, but I know God is with me.

Please continue to pray for me. All I can do is continue to pursue proper medical help until I find a doctor who really knows what he is doing. I can only pray and hope for pain relief and healing. At least I know that my bone will fuse now at C5-C6-C7 and some of the bone spur material was further removed at C5-C6, so I was told after then surgery. I need to get another MRI and see for myself what was done, as I was misled last time.

Even so, come, Lord Jesus, the Great Physician!

When It's Your Time to Go

On my way to San Diego for surgery, I fist went through Los Angeles. I had just witnessed the Gospel to the man on the right side of me on the plane. I know that the lady on the left of me and everyone else around me heard the Gospel message too. During the flight the woman to the left of me died in her seat. The strange thing was that the woman had actually taken my seat. The stewardess asked if I'd trade seats so she could sit with her husband and I happily agreed. It was her time to go meet her Maker, she lost her pulse and died in flight. She was pronounced dead on arrival in Los Angeles. All attempts to resuscitate her failed. I hope she got saved. You never know when it's your time to go. Are you saved? Do you have HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS which is only by faith? Have you been born again by the Spirit of Christ?

The Charismatic man on the right was self-righteous and was not saved. He believed that He could lose his salvation by committing sin. If you believe that committing sin can cause you to lose salvation, then you've never been saved, you are not saved and you are hell bound in your own self-righteous. You had been trust upon the righteousness of Jesus Christ which is without any works of self-righteousness (Romans 4:5-6; Ephesians 2:8-9; Romans 10:3-4). We only go to Heaven because of what Jesus did for us in His work of redemption and not because of any self-righteousness of our own (Isaiah 64:6). A Christian lives right because they ARE SAVED; not to GET SAVED nor to STAY SAVED because that would be self-righteousness and a road to Hellfire.

I Believe We are Living in the End Times

On a change of note. It appears that the U.S. is gearing up for war against Iran. Saudi Arabia just gave Israel authorization to use their airspace to attack Iran. The U.S. is sending much troops and weapons to the Middle East. The military has been advertising much to recruit new soldiers. I saw Sarah Palin on Fox News recently. They used some sound effects to make her voice sound like she was speaking in a large auditorium, giving her an authoritative image. They also placed a picture of some mountains behind her, symbols of might and power.

On March 29th, 2010, MSNBC called Palin, "The anointed one of them all" amongst tea-party members. Palin's tea party movement is a decoy to mislead Americans away from true tea party groups that include 911 truthers, Alex Jones' and Rep. Ron Paul fans and those who want an independent candidate for U.S. president to break away from the political left/right paradigm. This is more controlled opposition. It is obvious to me that the Bankster controlled newsmedia is preparing Sarah Palin for a run for the U.S. Presidency in 2012 with John McCain as Vice President.

I'm not making any predications, but it appears that Palin may become U.S. President and lead the U.S. in a war against Iran. It wouldn't surprise me to see a false flag terrorist attack that gets blamed on Iran to justify war against them. This is the same type of lying wonder (2nd Thessalonians 2:9) that was used as justification to attack Iraq. The 911 attacks were a false flag terror attack in my humble opinion.

Nearly everything being fed to the public by Washington D.C. and the Godless newsmedia is a pack of malicious lies, staged opposition and lying propaganda intended to deceive the naive and foolish. Sarah Palin has been going around the country criticizing President Obama's policies. It's all staged. It's called "controlled opposition." Behind the scenes there is no political opposition at the highest levels of the parties, just laughter at how stupid people are.

The newsmedia has been reporting that Republicans have been making threats against the Democrats over the passing of the Healthcare Bill. It's all intended to keep the public from revolting, like they are in Greece. When angry Americans see angry Republican leaders, they calm down. But notice, nothing is done about it. Neither President Obama, nor anyone in the newsmedia, has addressed the real issue. That is, we wouldn't need a government welfare healthcare system if Americans had jobs. It is treasonous, anti-American, Communist government policies that have caused tens-of-millions of our jobs to vanish overseas.

It is Communist globalist agendas, that prevent Capitalism from working in a truly free society, that have rendered American citizens helpless to take care of themselves. This is all by design, by the Banksters who want to bankrupt America totally and make us all helpless slaves of global government. It is the height of hypocrisy for President Obama or anyone else in government to speak about creating jobs in the U.S., when tens-of-millions of jobs are presently outsourced to foreign labor by U.S. corporations. Bring the jobs home! Of course no one can afford healthcare anymore, there's no jobs!

Interestingly, infamous Freemasonry leader, Albert Pike, predicted 3 world wars before his death in 1892. Pike's predications have come true, to no surprise, as the New World Order has been in the works for centuries. Pike clearly predicted that world war 3 would be fought between Israel and the Arab nations, consequently drawing the rest of the world into the conflict. It certainly appears that we are entering this period of history, i.e., world war 3.

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