Print Screen Tool

By David J. Stewart

       One of the nicest and most helpful tools which I have discovered is the “Print Screen SysRq” button on my keyboard. The button is located near the F12 button. You can record your screen even during a video. What I do is set the video to “Full Screen.” I usually use YouTube videos. Then I press the “Print Screen SysRq” when I see the image I want. You can capture a snapshot photo from nay video while it's playing. This is a great tool.

“SysRq” simply means that you need a program loaded on your system that will allow you to paste the image you've captured (copied) using the “Print Screen SysRq” button. Microsoft Word, FrontPage or Publisher all work. Adobe PhotoShop works too. But if you don't have any of those programs don't fret, you can paste into Microsoft Paint, which every computer should have under Start > All Programs > Accessories > Paint.

For example, here is a full-size image that I captured and pasted into Microsoft Paint...

The image is too big and I only need part of it, so I went up to the “Select” tool in Microsoft Paint to click and drag the mouse over the portion of the image I want. Just click a corner of the photo and then drag the mouse to form a box over the area you want. If you mess up, just click on the “Select” tool again.

Once you have the area boxed that you want, right click on the image and select “copy.” Now paste the image wherever you want. Here is the image that I selected, copied and am pasting here for you to see...

Image was Cropped using Microsoft Paint

Isn't that a nice tool to have? For years I didn't know about this tool. You can save news articles to use in films, articles or just to share with others.

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