My Health Update as of August 2010

By David J. Stewart

I ask for your continued prayers due to my ongoing health problems. I wish I could say I'm doing better, but I'm not. It's been almost 5-months since my second neck surgery and I'm no better off today than before my surgeries in July of 2009 and April of 2010. I have increased pain, tingling, burning and numbness in my arms and legs since having the surgeries.

I have better days and worse days. I've been playing my steel guitar a bit lately, at lease I did for awhile. However, the more I use my arms and legs, the more they hurt. I'm making the best of the situation. I am thankful to God that I've been able to keep up with my recent section.

My neck, arm and leg pain has been so bad over the past couple week that I haven't been able to do hardly anything. As I type, the radiating pain is horrible in both legs. My body is acquired to the medications and they don't work hardly anymore, and so I've been hurting more than usual. I'm taking 100 mg of Oxycontin CR (controlled release) daily for pain and 12 mg of Dilaudid. I can't sleep for more than 2-hours without 10mg of Ambien. The 1200 mg of Gabapentin drains all my energy, but helps reduce the pain in my limbs by changing how nerve messages are sent to the receptors. I hate taking any medications, but they are a blessing when the pain is unbearable at times.

The pain still radiates from my neck into my facial area 24/7. My eyes and gums ache horribly at times. People can't see my pain and suffering, so they don't see a problem. I have to explain to everyone I interact with why I often twist my neck to cope with the pain, close my eyes when talking, and have a short attention span. Sometimes I just have to apologize and walk away. Unless someone has suffered, or lived with someone who has suffered, they have difficulty understanding. I just wish the Lord would take me home sometimes, but I know He calls some people to a ministry of suffering.

I was advised by the doctors that the surgeries would likely eliminate the pain and tingling in my right arm and leg; but instead I now have even more tingling and pain (and in BOTH arms and legs). I don't regret the decision to get surgery, because I vividly remember the horrible suffering I was in before both of my surgeries. Unfortunately, I've had no relief, and my doctor highly discourages me from further surgery. I have a titanium plate and 6-screws in my neck now. The best way I can describe the pain is like a razorblade cutting across my nerves at times. Thankfully it is not all the time; but nonetheless is a daily burden.

I have learned to just do what I can do from moment-to-moment to deal with my pain and suffering. My life is in God's hands and I trust Him with all my heart (Proverb 3:5-7). Proverb 27:1 warns against boasting of the future, because we do not know what tomorrow holds. I share the Apostle's Paul's sentiments in Philippians 1:21, “For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” Amen to that.

The tingling in my fingers and puffy sensation in my arms has intensified since the first surgery in 2009. The most recent surgery in 2010 (which was a revision of the first surgery using a bone graft from my hip this time) has done nothing to offer any relief. My hip doesn't hurt at all; however, My neck is very tight and the pain varies throughout the day in intensity. It's debilitating at times and it's only by God's grace that I am able to continue. Despite my health problems, I am thankful to God for the remaining health that I do have.

I think of Jesus' promise in John 14:18, “I will not leave you comfortless: I WILL COME TO YOU.” And He has through His wondrous Holy Spirit. I couldn't make it without My precious Lord and Savior who cheers my heart, brings Scriptures to remembrance and watches over me. I certainly look forward to the end of this life, which is the beginning of true life for the born-again Christian. I know that everything is a big test in life. Every day is another test of my faith.

I am confident that the Lord has given to me a thorn in the flesh to keep me humble (and it does very much). My neck pain began 6-years ago in 2004, just 2-years after starting my online ministry in 2002. It was over the year to follow throughout 2005 that my website ministry grew from 500 visitors per day to 5,000 visitors per day. By the Spirit of God, this ministry is now receiving on average 12,500 visitors per day. Over the past 8-years, this ministry has reached out to over 18,000,000 people around the world for the Lord Jesus Christ. Although that number is small in comparison to many heathen and secular websites, it is rare for a Christian ministry. I give all the credit to the Lord. I am simply the clay, God is the Potter. I am grateful that the Lord has done this work of grace through me to help others.

The internet is an incredible opportunity to reach people for God with the truth. The Apostle Paul seized upon the opportunity in his time to preach the gospel and turn many souls to the righteousness of Jesus Christ. 1st Corinthians 16:9, “For a great door and effectual is opened unto me, and there are many adversaries.” My only desire is to help others find the precious Lord Jesus Christ and grow in the truth. Nearly everything in society today is a lie and a deception. It's incredibly tragic just how much the public has been misled about so many things, everything from false religion to the true reason why America was founded by Freemasons as a vehicle by which to achieve World Government.

I sincerely appreciate those who pray daily for me and this work; but moreover, you have an investment in this ministry as a prayer warrior. This ministry is much bigger than me or you. I am nothing. The truth is bigger than all of us. The Word of God is bigger than we could ever be. I am not a great man; but I have been in the presence of great men, who followed a great God. 1st Corinthians 11:1, “Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ.” We are co-laborers together with God (1st Corinthians 3:7-9). All I've ever wanted to do is provide resources, truth, to help others. We are living in the Last Days. The Antichrist must come soon.

I do not know how much longer this ministry will be here. I have renewed it through 2014. You are freely welcome to copy/paste/distribute anything from this website, no credits need be given. I encourage others to start their own websites. The secret to getting many visitors is content, content, content. More webpages equals more web visitors. It's that simple. I've already done much of the work for you, just copy and paste phrases, sermons, sayings, pictures, and articles and make your own web. Just change the logo at the bottom, making your own, which you can get for free here.

I want no credit, for God knows what labors are mine. I want the truth to get out. But please refrain from exploiting my labors to sell things to make money, because that is wrong. I've never made a penny because I want people to know that I am sincere, and there is no conflict of interest. You may use any of my writings on your own web, or portions thereof. All I ask is that you don't mirror, that is, make an exact replica of my website because it confuses people. Be unique and ask God's Spirit to guide you as you build your own ministry in cyberspace for the Lord as a missionary. The need is great!

I plan by God's grace to continue my work for the Lord, as the Lord allows. This is God's ministry, I'm just His humble servant.

“Even so, come, Lord Jesus” (Revelation 22:20).

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