More from My Heart

By David J. Stewart

       I recorded the following song for you for Christmas, playing the pedal steel guitar.

I am suffering so much in physical pain, yet thank God for the health I do have. The pain is in my neck, both arms and legs. I'm starting the process to get neck surgery all over again. One day at a time. I'm scared to get it, and miserable without it. You never know what may happen when you get surgery. I can't believe I am back to square one. Please pray for me.

Here's 4 versions of the same song. It's very pretty. Christmas is a sad time. I know many people are homeless and lonely, and my heart is with them.

If your Media Player gives an error message saying that it may not support the file type, or that the codec used to compress the file may not be supported, it just means that the server is busy. Try again later and they should work fine.

I hope you like them. Here are some more of my recordings.

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