Why 'StartPage' Search Engine May Not Be So Good After All

By David J. Stewart | April 2015

     I had originally heard about “StartPage” search engine from Alex Jones at Infowars.com, and I loved the fact that StartPage doesn't spy on users. So I've been promoting StartPage for a couple years now. However, perhaps I have been doing a disservice to my web visitors, as I just discovered that StartPage is censoring articles.

I wrote an important article last week exposing the bogus speech given by Senator Rand Paul. As you will see in the following two screen captures to follow (one from StartPage and the other from Google), Google didn't censor my article, but StartPage did! The date and time are at the bottom right of each screen capture. I'd rather use and promote Google if they don't censor my work, than have StartPage hide my hard work from my web visitors. As you can see in the following screen capture from StartPage, no results came up when I searched for my article . . .

And now for a screenshot of Google, who listed my article very first in their search engine (THANK YOU GOOGLE!). That's pretty cool that out of 15,200,000 results, my website came up FIRST. Praise the Lord! I'm just expressing my humble opinion as an American, and Google respects that. Google's been taking a lot of heat lately for spying, but from what I see, they're doing better than StartPage . . .

I searched through 10 pages of StartPage (that's 100 returns) and my article was nowhere to be found. I searched for the exact titled in parenthesis, and nothing came up. I did however find the article listed in my “Recent Articles” (as shown in the screen capture below), which proves that StartPage did in fact update my website in their servers. For some reason they have censored my article on Rand Paul, not wanting people to read it . . .

I am not trying to be unkind, and I have nothing personal against StartPage, but why should I promote a search engine that filters out my articles? I even went into “Settings” in StartPage, to choose “Don't filter results,” just in case it was being censored by the family filter, but it didn't make any difference.

You have a choice as my web visitors, but I wanted you to know that you may be missing out on important information by using StartPage. Honestly, I have no problem with Google when I think about it, because you have nothing to fear if you're not going places you shouldn't go on the internet, and downloading inappropriate content (ask Morton Berger who got 200 years in prison in Arizona, without hope of parole, for merely downloading 20 photos. Whoa! That is gross injustice!). I don't like anybody looking over my shoulder, but if Google finds me interesting enough to monitor, knock yourself out. I'm worried about God not Google!

I tell people that when you use the internet, look at it as a one way mirror, where you're on one side and ten-thousand people are watching you on the other side (BECAUSE THEY ARE... cops, government, CIA, NSA, hackers, companies, banks, God... you name it). There's no such thing as privacy on the internet.

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