The Utter Hypocrisy Of Oprah Winfrey On The Fatherless

By David J. Stewart | May 2013

Proverbs 17:6, “...the glory of children are their fathers.”

       Oprah Winfrey is one of the biggest promoters of homosexual rights and same-sex unions (don't dare call it a marriage). Yet, on a recent episode of Oprah she stressed the dire epidemic, problem and lifelong consequences of fatherless families. In fact, every lesbian couple who raises children is a fatherless home. What hypocrisy!!!

Oprah's website published an article titled, “LIVING THEIR TRUTH,” about homosexuals fighting for the right to commit wickedness. No one has a “right” to sin. Just because you have the freedom doesn't give you the right. God decides what is right or wrong, not man. Liberty is a gift from God, which grants us the freedom to make our own choices. Freedom is the result of making the right choices. If we make the wrong choices, then we'll eventually lose our liberty (which is exactly what is happening today in our nation). A police state is rising up around us to deal with rampant crime.

Oprah quotes Newsweek magazine, which calls homosexuality “a global civil rights revolution.” It is rebellion against God, as in the times of Noah (Matthew 24:37-39). Ironically, Oprah speaks of “truth” (Living Their Truth) when the Bible openly exposes gays who've “changed the truth of God into a lie” (Romans 1:25). The homosexual lifestyle is a BIG LIE! Oprah's article brings attention to the reality that homosexuality is punishable in many countries by prosecution, life imprisonment and the death penalty. There are some decent places remaining in the world. The illusion is that Americans are more advanced in human rights. The truth is that the United States is behind the world in human rights—wicked for murdering our children, evil for our public nudity, sinful for our immoral television programming and wicked for our arrogant attitudes. Our streets are filled with gangs, pimps and drugs. Search nearly any city in America and you'll read about serious gang, crime and drug problems. What a joke for Oprah to call homosexuality... “LIVING THEIR TRUTH,” when in reality the truth is that Sodomy is of the Devil. God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve!

Sodomites (gays) and their wicked supporters have turned a blind eye to the truth that every child needs BOTH a mother and a father to properly develop during their upbringing. Both role models are important. Although not impossible for a single-parent to raise a child, there are lifelong emotional consequences of growing up without a father and a mother in the home. Given a choice, if truthful, there's not a child in existence who wouldn't desire to have both parents present in a happy, caring and loving home.

In May of 2013 Oprah Winfrey produced an episode of her show “LIFECLASS” on OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) titled, “OPRAH & LYANLA VANZANT: FATHERLESS SONS.” 150 fatherless sons were present in the studio audience. Oprah called fatherless homes a “CRISIS” and “EPIDEMIC” across America. Here's a YouTube video clip from an Oprah show titled: “The true role of a father and the devastating effects of an absent one!” Clearly, Oprah admits (and she is 100% correct) the desperate need for a father in the home. Yet, as is unavoidable when people rebel against God and disregard the holy Bible, they are going to utterly contradict themselves as they try to turn wrong into right. Every child ought to have a father and a mother, not two lesbians trying to raise a child.

On September 19, 2000 lesbians Melissa Etheridge and Julie Cypher, who famously had two kids together with the help of singer David Crosby's sperm, announced[1] that they were separating after more than a decade together. The “Come to My Window” singer claimed Cypher was unfaithful in her 2002 memoir “The Truth Is...: My Life in Love and Music.” Melissa Etheridge afterwards married another lesbian and bore another child by an anonymous sperm donor. After 9-years she divorced again and is now dating another lesbian. There was an ugly court dispute over the children. It's like a big 3-ring-circus! I am not condemning anyone, for I am a sinner just as much as anyone else (James 2:10; 4:12).

Albeit, I am preaching against homosexuality, same-sex marriage and the insane conception of laboratory children with a stranger's sperm by gays. The Oprah Winfrey Show stated: “Don't take being a father lightly.” What do you call donating your sperm to a lesbian couple? I'd call that not taking being a father seriously! Oprah is so hypocritical. Everything about same-sex couples adopting children doesn't take being a father seriously. What's even more frightening is that mad scientists are tampering with DNA and trying to produce children without sperm. Freak show?

Every Child Needs BOTH A Mother And A Father

Iyanla Vanzant correctly states, kids have “a hole in their soul in the shape of their dad (particularly the male children). A wound that is not easily healed.” The problem of fatherless homes across America is EPIDEMIC. The high prison-population is directly related to fatherless homes. Dad is not an option! For a child (especially boys) to grow up mentally and emotionally healthy, dad's got to be present!!! ...

It's the topic Iyanla Vanzant says she's most wanted to tackle on Oprah's Lifeclass. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 24 million children are living in homes without their biological fathers. Now, with the help of Roland Warren from the National Fatherhood Initiative, Oprah and Iyanla are starting a national conversation. Watch to find out the role a father should play in his son's life, and hear why Roland says fatherless sons are left with a "hole in their soul the size of their father."

SOURCE: LYANLA VANZANT Explains the True Role of a Father - Video - OWN TV Lifeclass

Oprah totally contradicts herself. How can you promote homosexuals adopting children on one hand, and then expose the dangers of a child growing up fatherless elsewhere? Oprah even encourages children who desire sex-changes to do so when they're old enough. Oprah says, GO FOR IT! It's sickening and evil. No child wants a sex-change unless they are indoctrinated by homosexuals to think that way. Nature itself teaches that homosexuality is abnormal, against nature and against God. Homosexuals are living proof that anything can be justified if you're willing to cast aside all morality, common sense and the fear of God. A father is a protector, provider and a role model (demonstration of what it means to be a man). Kindly, a lesbian dyke cannot be that father image to any child. Same-sex unions are insane enough, but bringing children into the picture is child abuse of the worst sort!

One fatherless man on the Oprah show compared being fatherless to a lonely pet in a pet-store window. A person walking-by has the option of adopting the pet or they can just keep walking. The young man then stated concerning that scenario: “You're not missing what you don't want, but I'm missing what I want.” In other words, the father of a child doesn't miss what he doesn't want, but the child (son) misses his father every day of life. One young man on Oprah said, “I was always angry, upset and hurt. I didn't know how to feel loved.” Only a fool would argue the importance of having a father in a child's life. I am 100% against America's evil court system that robs father's of their precious children, catering to feminist rebels and lazy, big mouthed wives who choose not to obey their husband, nor do many women care for the children. No father should be forced to become a weekend dad. The problem is both men and women, because of sin. Greed, unbelief and wickedness have ruined the United States.

The world is like a man who blows a saxophone in one hand, and shoots a gun in the other. He uses the music of the saxophone to drown out the cries of his shooting victims. That's exactly how the world works!!! Is it any wonder why God calls the world His enemy in James 4:4 and commands us in 1st John 2:15-17 not to love the world either? The world is our enemy as born-again Christians. The world is all about sin, pain and heartache. The world passeth away and all the lusts thereof, but whosoever does the will of God concerning Christ Jesus will live forever (John 6:40).

Oprah's guest, Iyanla Vanzant stated concerning a fatherless son: “Believe me, he is suffering, and how he compensates for that suffering we will never know!” Homosexuals can argue all they want, Miss Vanzant is 100% correct, children with two lesbians for parents are going to SUFFER, COMPENSATING FOR THAT SUFFERING IN WAYS WE WILL NEVER KNOW!!! Gays are making decisions for everybody... God, the children, society, et cetera! They've chosen to sin by living in homosexuality, and now they have to fit 10-pounds of their garbage into a 5-pound sack! It cannot be done! When you try to make evil work, it doesn't!

Children should not be forced to suffer without a father for a role model in the home, just because two lesbians selfishly want to pretend to have a family. The very thought of two lesbians trying to replace the family unit is sickening. A dyke wearing a men's business suit, who behaves and talks like a man, coming home to have sex with the lesbian effeminate partner is unthinkable. The entire gay lifestyle is tragic, bizarre and Godless to the core. I am not being hateful for telling the truth. Children are in harm's way. Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Iyanla Vanzant openly expose the dangers of a child growing up in a fatherless home. Yet, when it comes to same-sex couples having surrogate children or adopting into single-sex homes, all of a sudden they have nothing to say. Well I do as a Bible-believing Christian who fears God. Homosexuality is a sin! Gays ought not be allowed to raise children in their freakish, perverted and sexually demented environment.

You cannot have it both ways. Either Oprah and Vanzant are correct (and they are) about the dire consequences of children (especially boys) growing up fatherless; or else gay homosexual lesbians (who unite in a fake so-called marriage) can effectively raise children without any emotional consequences, issues and regrets later on in the child's adulthood. Again, I will quote Dr. Vanzant (who is 100% correct): Children who are fatherless (with two lesbians for parents) are “GOING TO SUFFER, COMPENSATING FOR THAT SUFFERING IN WAYS WE WILL NEVER KNOW!!!”

If fatherless homes are in grave danger of inflicting lifelong consequences upon a child, then same-sex couples ought to be BANNED from adopting and raising children in fatherless environments. What hypocrisy!!! Oprah said that she hopes as a result of her show... “DON'T REMOVE THE FATHER FROM YOUR CHILD'S LIFE!!!” That has to mean then that no child should ever be entrusted to a same-sex couple as parents. Got Dad?

America is entangled in a spider's web. The more that we embrace wickedness as a people, the more entangled our nation becomes in evil!!! I read a horrific story in today's news about an 18-year old Florida girl who's been arrested for sexual relations with a 15-year-old girl. The parents of the 15-year old are claiming that the other girl preyed upon their daughter and forced lesbianism on her. The 18-year-old's parents are saying that it was true gay teenage love. What has our nation deteriorated into? Kids are being pushed into this gay garbage by Walt Disney, secular music, public school sex-education, MTV and television. Then when the kids engage in homosexuality the system prosecutes them. We are living in a sex-sicko society!!!

Same-Sex Couple Parenting Is A Fraud, Just Like The Federal Reserve

The banks have been stealing from the American public since 1913 when the hideous Federal Reserve System (fraud) was started. Like the Lord Who was framed during a midnight court hearing secretly held in absentee of most members of the Pharisees (Jewish judges), so also was the Federal Reserve Act passed deceitfully over a quiet Christmas weekend in 1913 when most members of Congress were absent. Evildoers are always crooks, liars and fraudsters!

Same-sex marriage is a fraud! Homosexuality is detrimental to children! All of the perverted so-called “experts” who endorse same-sex unions and adopting children are fraudsters!!! Oprah openly admits, as does Lyanla Vanzant, IN EFFECT that gays should not be allowed to adopt and raise children because without both mother and father role models present that child will grow up WARPED!!!

A child being raised by two lesbians or two homosexual males is GOING TO SUFFER, COMPENSATING FOR THAT SUFFERING IN WAYS WE WILL NEVER KNOW!!! That's exactly what Iyanla Vanzant said concerning fatherless sons and I agree wholeheartedly. And in many ways we already do know how they are suffering. Adults who have grown up out of same-sex homes are warped, having a demented opinion of what a family is supposed to be. A recent television program focused on a so-called “family” that practices open and unrestrained sex between at least one dozen partners. It began with the married father introducing his homosexual friend (male) into the group. Then the wife started inviting her sister and friends to join. Then the husband's gay friend found some more partners. It's one big ugly orgy of unrestrained sex with whosoever comes along and is willing to jump into their bed with them. They dare to call this debauchery a “family.” This is ABC TV's “a different kind of family.”

Forced polygamy is spreading like wild-fire in the western states. Young Mormon girls allegedly aren't forced to partake of polygamous relationships, but the gated and closed community at Centennial Park forbids youth from dating. Girls begin being indoctrinated at the earliest age to pray for God's will concerning which married man (polygamy) to marry as his extended family. Mormon girls are raised from the earliest age to believe that polygamy is the right, coveted and only way to please God. Mormon girls excitedly look forward to giving their virginity to some married pig with two or three wives (thinking this pleases their false god). Mormonism should be outlawed because it harms children, sexually exploiting them in the name of religion. Freedom DOESN'T give anyone the right to sexually target and exploit children. A disturbing National Geographic episode has been appearing on television in May of 2013 titled “POLYGAMY USA!”

In the disturbing documentary, one theme that the local cult's leader keeps repeating is that no one is forced to do anything against their will. What a scam! Young Mormon girls are raised on a daily basis being indoctrinated to believe that it's God's will for them to commit sexual immorality, and so they don't have to be forced to do it. You can raise a group of children to hate, steal and kill and they will do it, as witnessed by Hitler's youth. The ONLY reason why Mormonism is tolerated is because the religion was started by Freemasons, who control America's courts, laws and political spectrum.

Furthermore, false prophet Joseph Smith was totally pro-Israel, a Zionist in his Mormon teachings, which is largely why Jews still today adore the Mormon religion, regardless of how perverted it is. It's not surprising when you consider that the Jewish so-called “holy book,” the Talmud, teaches sex with 3-year-old girls for Jewish priests. Mormonism is rooted in Jewish Kabbalah. Freemasonry and Mormonism observe basic rites that are virtually indistinguishable. Mormonism is religious fraud! Mormon polygamous marriages are marital fraud, based upon sex and not Biblical love. God's original intent is one man and one woman, as evidenced by Adam and Eve... not Adam and Steve; not Adam and Adrian, Angela and Amy. God created Adam and Eve!

Oprah Winfrey's show highlighting the hideous evils, inexplicable pain and terrible tragedy of fatherless homes... screams loud and clear that HOMOSEXUALS SHOULD NOT BE PERMITTED TO ADOPT CHILDREN!!! Every child deserves a dad and a mom!!! To deprive a child of a father in the home in order to accommodate the sexual perversion and fleshly lusts of two lesbians is immoral, unthinkable and TOTALLY SELFISH. It's terrible enough when a parent dies and a child grows up in a single-parent family.

Iyanla Vanzant states: “If you know that you have a son out in the world, go back and GET HIM!” So according to Oprah Winfrey's Show, go to that child being raised by a lesbian or homosexual couple who used your sperm or egg to conceive. Announce your presence to your child!!! I can't even fathom a poor child being raised by lesbians, who doesn't know who their biological father really is. How can you tell a child that they have two mommies, and some daddy somewhere who is not present? IT'S INSANE, just like HOMOSEXUALITY IS INSANE! Sodomites are messed up!!! I'm not trying to be unkind, I'm being as down to earth, practical and reasonable as is humanly possible. And I'm teaching the Word of God.

The Bible teaches that a child is the fruit of the womb, a gift from God. Psalms 127:3, “Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.” A child is NOT a commodity to be donated to queers to be raised as a Guinea Pig in a new social experiment of the 21st century agenda. At no time in history has mankind stooped so low in wickedness that homosexuals were legally marrying and adopting children artificially conceived in a laboratory. Welcome to the OUTER LIMITS! Welcome to THE TWILIGHT ZONE! Twilight Zone creator Rod Serling couldn't have come up with more bizarre situations for his show than twisted reality these days!!!

Natural Proof That Homosexuality Is Abnormal

Strong evidence that God did not create gays, and also that nature does not produce gays, is the fact that in nearly every homosexual relationship one partner tries to assume the role of the opposite sex. That is, a man becomes effeminate and a women become a dyke butch. Some gay men are masculine; such as, Rock Hudson, Paul Newman and Ronald Reagan. But others are effeminate, such as, Liberace and too many to list.

Homosexuality is a vile (morally reprehensible) sin. It is against nature and the Scriptures! Gay is not ok! Homosexuality is NOT an act of love; but rather, lust. Gays point out that homosexuality is natural in the animals kingdom. However, mankind is on a much higher level than the animal kingdom. Man was created in the image of God. We are NOT animals! When people commit homosexuality, they are behaving like animals, acting on impulse (sexual addiction).

Oprah said that she hopes as a result of her show... DON'T REMOVE THE FATHER FROM YOUR CHILD'S LIFE!!! Got Dad?

One young man said on Oprah, “I had a lot of anger because he [father] wasn't there. I didn't think he cared.” 150 young men appeared on Oprah's 'LIFECLASS,' sharing what it feels like to grow up without a dad. Oprah's show was advertised as “fatherless sons, the heartache, insecurity and a lifetime of pain.” Well, that same “lifetime of pain” is experienced by a child who grows up without a father in a lesbian environment, especially for boys.

Again, Iyanla Vanzant correctly states, kids have “a hole in their soul in the shape of their dad (particularly the male children). A wound that is not easily healed.” Same-sex couples ought not be allowed to adopt children, nor conceive them in a laboratory. Lesbian couples cannot provide the needed fatherly image that every child needs, and two homosexual men cannot provide the loving care of a Godly mother to a child. America is going to Hell. When gays are allowed to raise children, and our leaders, police and CPS are ok with that, we have waxed infinitely worse than Sodom and Gomorrah could ever have been in wickedness.

Proverbs 30:11, “There is a generation that curseth their father, and doth not bless their mother.”

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