Our Dilemma

in our Schools

An increasing number of parents are becoming alarmed at the change in curriculum in our schools. Children are coming home with bizarre tales of weird books with an underlying tone of ideas definitely not accepted at home. Our children are given pamphlets with ideas that are totally unacceptable.

Some examples are books with an underlying tone of self destruction, pamphlets telling them that being homosexual is good, and telling them that they should have sex, but safely.

But the most alarming fact of all comes from Goals 2000, Clinton's federal guidelines for all schools. Goals 2000 was lifted right out of the Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx's work. Goals 2000 will take our children from us! Having learned from experience, government is leaving the chore of raising our children to us. But they are taking their minds. Get that? OUR government is taking the minds of OUR children from us. Already schools are teaching our children that parents are not the final authority!

Those of us that are old enough can benefit from actual experience. The rest of you should have learned it in history in high school, except that they probably don't even mention this story any more. I am referring to Hitler and Stalin. Hitler deployed Nazism and Stalin Communism. Both took young children from their parents, put them in government run schools and brainwashed them. It became common for children to report their parents to the government for not following government procedure.

The underlying idea is to control the minds of the people, and to do that, you must control the schools. Well, parents, you are already being downgraded to servant. Many of your children learn that you are not the boss. Better wake up and do something soon.

It is an interesting fact that the writing of both Nazism and Communism were financed by the BBLs. Both were written in England. It becomes more interesting when one realizes that those same international banking families (BBLs) most probably control the White House, Congress and the media. How many hours a day does your kid watch TV? How about yourself? The BBLs have you right there. You don't even know what the truth is.

Better pull the plug on that TV and read on, right here, before we all lose it all.

One might wonder why our textbooks don't reveal this knowledge. My answer is that the textbook industry is controlled by the BBLs. That is something we can climb on our state governments about.

The Constitution that we are supposed to be living under does NOT give the federal government authority to control education. That is perhaps the most important point for parents to remember. Our Constitution leaves that responsibility to the states and the people. So Clinton and his Goals 2000 should be made to bow out on that one.

Next, the BBLs (international banking families) have gained nearly total control of our money, and with this noose control the federal and state governments. So, states are bowing to the federal government for its financial needs. Add to that our blind politicians that let Washington DC run our schools.

The simple solution is apparent. We must get government out of our schools and the BBLs out of our government. And, I might add, we must do that soon. Disaster awaits us right around the corner.

This web page is dedicated to exposing the destructive elements in our educational system. Attempts will be made to locate documents and post them here for all to see. Solutions will be offered. We want you to see what's going on. Then, perhaps you will join us in stopping the wholesale onslaught on our children.

Better read on, right here, before we all lose it all. You won't see in your newspaper or on your TV.

Forest Glen Durland,


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