The Absolute Most Important Advice For Parents

By David J. Stewart

Jeremiah 10:2 and Proverbs 22:6, “Thus saith the LORD, Learn not the way of the heathen... Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

If I could give parents one bit of advice, it would be to enroll your children into a Christian school. Enough cannot be said about the important of providing a Christian environment for your child to develop spiritually, emotionally and physically. Notice that I placed spiritual first. Most parents are more interested in a good sport's program than they are daily chapel and Bible reading.

Your child would be better off attending school in the converted basement of a Baptist church than in a nice big building with adequate labs and a gymnasium of a public school. Nothing will destroy your child faster (next to a divorce) than placing them into a public school where heathen influences surround them. This is especially true in Junior High and High school.

When a child is sent to a hellhole public school system, they are placed in an environment of temptation and wickedness. The other heathen teens will ruin your child's attitude. You cannot expect to teach your children about God and the Bible at home, and then send them to a worldly school where the teen boys want to have sex with your daughter (and that's what television and society teaches them). Your son will be seduced by worldly whores in a public school.

Public schools not only teach sex education, but give out free condoms to encourage the kids to fornicate. Most parents are woefully ignorant of the true Communist agenda behind the entire public school system. Karl Marx in his Communist Manifesto (which was a Freemason blueprint for World Government), called for a public school system in his 10th plank. This purpose is to enable the government to INDOCTRINATE children to be loyal to the state and disloyal to their parents. Children are taught to turn in their parents for various reasons, to spy at home, to trust the government and think of the state as their friend. Children are slowly robbed away from their parents.

Students are often taught New Age teachings, the occult and spiritism. Yet, as a harsh smack in God's face (for which they will burn in Hell), U.S. legislatures and courts have banned God and His Word from America's classrooms. Children are regularly shown hell-spawned movies like Harry Potter and The Golden Compass, but the Bible is not permitted. The lies of Evolution are allowed, but prayer in Jesus' name is banned.

The best advice I could give to any parents, even if you're not a Christian (I'm serious) is to place your child into a Christian school. I've heard of prostitutes and strippers paying through immorality to fund their child's way through Christian school. As insane as that sounds, it's true. So the stripper's daughter and son turn out to be Christian adults and decent, while the children of born-again parents (who would never even think of stepping into a strip-joint) go to the Devil. Public school will destroy your child's spirituality. These aren't the 1950's anymore ladies and gentleman. Public schools are hell on earth today!!!

If you enroll your child into a public school, you will almost assuredly regret it one day when your children grow up to become heathens. A few hours of Sunday School cannot undo 40 hours per week of fascist-style demonic brainwashing at the Devil's public school. The biggest danger to your children are the other children, who come from Godless homes and whose parent's are as wicked as can be. I've seen good children come out of bad homes simply because the children finished high school in a Christian school and had a pastor and teachers who cared about them spiritually. I've also seen children go to the Devil in decent homes because they were enrolled into a government school. That's what public schools are, that is, government schools.

The government doesn't care about your children's spiritual welfare. In fact, the government has every intention of robbing your child of faith in God through the bogus teachings of evolution, sex education and humanism. Biology is taught on the basis of evolution, not upon the fact that a loving and powerful God created the universe. Every subject ought to be taught based upon God and the Bible, which a child will NEVER get in a hellish public school system. Your child is far better off in an imperfect Christian school than they are in a reputable public school. Most of the public schools I know have awful reputations. Nationwide public schools are sewers of illegitimacy, crime, apathy and wasted lives. Your child will go to the Devil if you are foolish enough to enroll them into a public school system.

Furthermore, a private school is very unlikely to turn any parents into CPS authorities, whereas a public school won't hesitate. In fact, there's an ongoing racket in America to steal children from their parents (download MP3) and CPS and the judges are all involved. Children are being kidnapped by pedophile judges and CPS departments nationwide. You may end up spending far more on legal expenses than you would pay for a Christian education for your child if CPS comes after you (and they can for any reason whatsoever). All it takes is an angry teacher, a racist nurse, an envious mother, a corrupt CPS worker, a hateful principle, et cetera... your child is taken by the state and you are charged with neglecting a child. Since the charge is not a criminal charge (but you still lose your child), you are not entitled to any free legal representation by the Bill of Rights. You are at the mercy of the thug state who has unlimited legal resources, bottomless pockets money-wise and you are up-a-creek-without-a-paddle.

Enrolling your child into a public school system is just like playing Russian Roulette. Load the gun, spin the chamber, and hope the bullet isn't in place when the trigger is pulled. Work a second job if you must, but please get your child into a Christian school, around Christian teachers and Christian kids. Of course, no Christian school is perfect. Kids will be kids. You've got bad brats in Christian schools just like public, but they are in a CONTROLLED AND CARING environment. Bad things happen at Christian schools sometimes, but the chances are MUCH, MUCH less likely. Children memorize Scriptures in a Christian school. They read books like Pilgrim's Progress instead of Catcher In The Rye and books about oral sex and prostitution. Read Dr. Hyles sermon on the truth behind the public school system.

Public schools and public sewers are the same. Your child has one shot at life, don't blow it for them by putting them in a heathen environment that's going to confuse them, put sexual peer pressure on them. Teen girls are tempted to dress sexy by the heathen world, which is not permitted in a decent Christian school. If you put your child into a public school system, she'll come home one day looking like a vampire with heavy mascara and high heels. She'll look like a slut, because that's how girls dress in ALL public schools. Your son will have a long finger-nail, because that's what the druggies do to snort cocaine. If he's not doing illegal drugs (or stealing your prescription drugs), he'll do it just to fit in with the other punks. Your son will be listening to Eminem and other rap crap that's saturates public schools today. It's your fault mom and dad, because you put your child into that toilet bowl of society. Public schools are cesspools of iniquity.

A Christian education is priceless. The character built in a Christian school cannot be found anywhere in today's failing, rotten to the core and wicked government school mess. If just one parent heeds this article and my words of wisdom, then my labors writing this have not been in vain. I hope someone is listening. You don't even need to pray for God's will in this matter, because 2nd Corinthians 6:14-17 commands all believers not to yoke together with unbelievers. There are numerous Scriptures dealing with training up a child in the way HE SHOULD GO, not in the way he shouldn't go. Psalm 1:1 says not to stand in the counsel of the ungodly. Public schools have been shaking the faith of children since 1963 when the Word of God was removed permanently. Only a wicked person would ask why America's in such a spiritual mess today. Any God-fearing Christian KNOWS exactly why our nation has gone into a spiritual death spiral. Code Blue!

If you truly care about your child's happiness one day as an adult, I ask you to please enroll them into a Christian school that will teach them the ways of the Lord instead of the ways of the sinful world.

Ye Must Be Born Again!