Exposing The Public School System

Excellent Articles By John Taylor Gatto

 (Most of these articles originally appeared in SKOLE, the Journal of Alternative Education)

The Fourth Purpose: this new enterprise of both John and his Odysseus Group is so spectacularly Gattoesque as to defy alphabetization by me - and so has to come first! Click on the title to go to their website.
Here's the scoop. Ever since his "retirement" from teaching in the public schools, John has captained and inspired his private army (The Odysseus Group) as he has continued his historical research into the origins of our stultifying educational system and poured out his golden eloquence before groups all over the US - and finally, in his blockbuster book The Underground History of American Education (see review below).
His Odysseus Group, a 501(c)(3), has now begun production of a major film called "The Fourth Purpose," which they describe as "a three-part documentary series which uses humor and confrontation as 'Bowling for Columbine' did but with the scope of a Ken Burns film." They are inviting us to help in that production by sending them contributions or investing in their enterprise as venture capitalists! How can one refuse?

As a "major and enthusiastic platform" for this venture, Harper's Magazine is featuring John's article "How Public Education Cripples our Kids and Why" as its cover story in the September, 2003 issue! (See link*below.) You may reach them at UrbanSite@aol.com or 212-239-4757.  


Three additional pieces: