Harry Potter CENSORED!

by David J. Stewart

       Harry Potter teaches children witchcraft and should be banned from ALL schools.  The very word "witchcraft" makes Harry Potter an extremely delicate matter to many parents.  For any teacher to push the issue is total disrespect for those parents who reject the Potter series as dangerous.  Kids go to school to learn how to read and write, why utilize books about witchcraft that ostracize religious children?  Why make those Christian children who don't feel comfortable hearing about witches, sorcery, magick, spells, and warlocks listen to such things?  Only a selfish person (and a very poor educator) would fail to recognize that Harry Potter is a matter best kept out of the school system and left up to individual parents at home.  It surely reveals the wicked bias within the U.S. government-controlled public school system.

Likewise, evolution has no place in the public school system because it assumes automatically that there is no God and thus brainwashes children to believe so.  The Word of God (the Bible) clearly teaches that God created the universe as we know it today in six days (Genesis chapter one).  Public school educators realize that many children are taught the Biblical account of creation by their parents and Sunday School teachers, yet those same educators arrogantly and wrongfully FORCE the secular and humanistic "theory" of evolution upon unsuspecting children.  Even worse, public school educators pass off education as "science," but is certainly not.  To be "science" something MUST be able to be studied, observed, monitored, tested, and investigated.  There is nothing to study concerning evolution except the foolish conjectures of arrogant, high-minded, and conceited Christ-rejecters.  Did you ever stop to consider that the "Missing Link" is still missing?  It's missing because it doesn't exist.  There never were any half men/half ape creatures.

Should it be surprising that the same evil public school system that would alienate itself from God while adhering to doctrines of devils, would also encourage and allow Harry Potter's witchcraft to be taught to it's innocent victims?  Not at all.  Little do most parent realize that demonic New Age doctrines are being instilled into public school children.  Public schools are teaching occult religion.

I was in a BestSeller book store recently and was surprised to see a Harry Potter book behind a warning sign which read: CENSORED.  Here is a list of Censored Children's Books.   I asked the store attendant about the censored Harry Potter book and she said that many parents were concerned for their children because of the WITCHCRAFT in the book.  I commented to her that I was glad to see the censorship sign, parents should be warned.  I wish every book store in the world would place warning labels on the evil Harry Potter collection.  If I had my way, there wouldn't be any Harry Potter.  I would burn every book, movie, shirt, toy, and item that dealt with Harry Potter's witchcraft.  Perhaps when the Lord Jesus Christ returns, I will get my wish.

God hates witchcraft and so should we.  Harry Potter should not only be censored, but utterly destroyed...

"Many of them also which used curious arts brought their books together, and burned them before all men: and they counted the price of them, and found it fifty thousand pieces of silver." -Acts 19:19

Harry Potter is of the Devil