Catholics say: “Catholics don't pray to
Mary and we don't worship her either!”

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       What is the pope doing in this picture? He is not eating lunch, he is praying to a statue/graven image. This picture was found on the Vatican website. Its caption stated, "Fatima, 12 May 2000: John Paul II praying to Our Lady of Fatima". Catholics add iniquity to iniquity by lying about praying to Mary. They sin by praying to her and then sin again by lying and saying that they don't. The pope prays to Mary and so do Catholics. One of the conditions for obtaining the unbiblical jubilee indulgence is PRAYER TO MARY--

CONDITIONS FOR GAINING THE JUBILEE INDULGENCE: 3) In other ecclesiastical territories, if they make a sacred pilgrimage to the Cathedral Church or to other Churches or places designated by the Ordinary, and there assist devoutly at a liturgical celebration or other pious exercise, such as those mentioned above for the City of Rome; in addition, if they visit, in a group or individually, the Cathedral Church or a Shrine designated by the Ordinary, and there spend some time in pious meditation, ending with the "Our Father", the profession of faith in any approved form, and prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

*The page where this information was found was entitled, "Incarnationis Mysterium, BULL OF INDICTION, OF THE GREAT JUBILEE OF THE YEAR 2000." The page begins with a Bull from the pope and is followed by CONDITIONS FOR GAINING THE JUBILEE INDULGENCE. This signature reads, "Given in Rome, at the Apostolic Penitentiary, on 29 November 1998, the First Sunday of Advent. William Wakefield Card. Baum, Major Penitentiary; Luigi De Magistris, Regent."

Another example: the pope was apparently Time Magazine's Man of the Year in 1994. This is a line from the article "On the top right of the first page he inscribes Tuus Totus (All Thine), the opening words of A SHORT PRAYER TO THE VIRGIN..."

It is well known that Karol's (the pope's real name) motto is "Tuus Totus" which signifies his devotion to Mary. "I'm all yours, Mary!", "I'm totally yours, Mary!" That is of the DEVIL! He apparently has a "Tuus Totus" mailing list. Just look up this phrase on the internet and see the truth for yourself. Romanism is warmed over goddess worship. They just call Diana and Astoreth, "Mary". What they do is not Bible but it is pagan.

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