Catholic Canon Law Says Pope can take people to hell with him if he wants to!

This law is STILL on the books.

"If the Pope should become neglectful of his own salvation, and of that of other men, and so lost to all good that he draw down with himself innumerable people by heaps into hell, and plunge them with himself into eternal torments, yet no mortal may presume to reprehend him, forasmuch as he is judge of all, and is judged of no one."

Decreti, pars i. distinct. xl.can.xi.

If that ain't the most pompous, blasphemous statement I ever heard, I ain't never heard blasphemy (believe it, I hear it all the time). The above in plain English,

"If the pope becomes a reprobate (which he already is) and hellbound, he can take millions of people to hell with him because HE IS JUDGED OF NO ONE, HE IS THE JUDGE OF ALL."

Catholic canon law says the pope is the judge of all. But doesn't the Bible say that God is the Judge of all the earth? Here they go again calling the pope/antichrist God. It's not enough that they call the antichrist by God's name they have to give him God's position too. God is not mocked and His wrath is on a slow boil to be revealed at the last day.

The pope is not God's representative, he is SATAN's representative and Satan is taking plenty of Catholics to hell--their misdirected zeal goes to a man of flesh instead of the God of heaven. Their misdirected zeal goes to a goddess called the Queen of Heaven, who God hates according to Jeremiah 7 and 44. Their misdirected zeal goes to the unholy Eucharist, their wafer god. Their misdirected zeal goes to the multitude of saints and statues and relics and images and idols, that they have set up for themselves. None of these things can save your soul! Open your eyes to the word of God and see!

The Catholic religion is no more Christian than any other cult. David Koresh, Jehovah's Witness, Mormonism, Catholicism--no difference. Invariably someone will tell me that I hate Catholics. "Anti-Catholic" is the term they are using now. But judge for yourself: is telling the truth hate? Is telling a child, "2+2=4 not 7" hate? Nay, rather it is correction so that the person will have a right understanding. Catholic reader, get out of that sacramental system of man-made traditions that will guarantee you nothing but hellfire. Repent of your unbelief, confess your sinful condition to Jesus, and believe upon Him as your personal Saviour to forgive you.  The Bible says, "...believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved..." (Acts 16:31).