Catholic Canon Law Says Catholics Can Kill Protestants

by Tracy at


As most of us know, the Catholic religion plunged Europe into the dark ages and has terrorized and killed multitudes. According to their own canon law, anyone who will not submit to the Roman monster is called a heretic (I gladly fit into this Catholic category). According to their canon law, a heretic is to be purged by the following steps:

I. Excommunication. This sentence is to be pronounced not only on notorious heretics, and those suspected of heresy, but also on those who harbour, defend, or assist them, or who converse familiarly with them, or trade with them, or hold communion of any sort with them.

So anybody who refused the Papists, or was suspected of it, or even talked to them, was excommunicated. This sounds like some Hitler or the Red Scare.

II. Proscription from all offices, ecclesiastical or civil,--from all public duties and private rights.

So the folks in number one above no longer had any rights or jobs to support their families. It gets worse.

III. Confiscation of all their goods.

This is what the greedy Romanists really wanted in the first place. In Foxe's Book of Martyrs we find that they accused some rich people (even devout Catholics) of heresy just so that they could get their money. Why do think the Vatican is one of the richest governments in the whole world?

You don't think they are greedy? According to their canon law, "It is not lawful for a layman to sit in judgment upon a clergyman. Secular judges who dare, in the exercise of a damnable presumption, to compel priests to pay their debts, are to be restrained by spiritual censures." (Decreti, Gregorii, lib. ii. tit. ii. cap. i. ii. vi, and Sexti Decret. lib. ii. tit. ii.cap. ii.) According to this decretal, the priests are not subject to the legal system--even when they have debts. Now you know that's wrong.

Canon law also says, "The tribunals of kings are subjected to the power of priests." (Decreti, pars i. distinct. x. can. vi) You can believe that when the Roman monster takes over the world all of this will rise again to its former monstrous glory. How about this one, "Whatever belongs to priests cannot be usurped by kings." (Decreti, pars i. distinct. x. can. v.) But doesn't the Bible tell us to be subject to the powers that be? This ain't right.

Another example of greed. The canon law says clerics are not to pay taxes (Decret. Gregorii, lib. iii. tit. xlix. cap. iv. and vii.)--BUT JESUS HIMSELF PAID TAXES!!!!! The Catholic religion says its priests are exempt--greed my friends, greed! That could be a whole article in itself. All that money for masses for the dead--it does no good and it lines the pocket of this devilish institution.

IV. The last punishment is death sometimes by the sword,--more commonly by fire.

So they can kill anyone who opposes them. This certainly don't sound nothin' like my Jesus' commands. And none of these is supported by the Bible.

These four decretals respecting heresy are quoted from JUS CANONICUM, Gregorii IX. But Gregorii IX ain't the only pope to make the Catholic position clear. Let's look at Pope Honorius:

"And all heretics, of both sexes and of every name, we damn [I thought that God does this] to perpetual infamy; we declare hostility against them; we account them accursed, and their goods confiscated; nor can they ever enjoy their property, or their children succeed to their inheritance [punishing the children!]; inasmuch as they grievously offend against the Eternal as well as the temporal king [the pope]."

source: Quinta Compilatio Epistolarum Decretalium Honorii III. P.M. Innocentii Cironii, Juris Utriusque Professoris, Canonici ac Ecclesiae, et Academae Tolosannae Cancellarii, Comp. v. tit. iv. cap. i. p. 200; Tolosae, 1645.

You might say, "But the Catholic religion is different today." It cannot be for you see, it claims that it is infallible, my friend. This is the cornerstone of the Roman monster's power. What does "infallible" mean? According to my Webster's:

incapable of error; never wrong

The Catholic religion cannot correct itself because that means that it is not infallible and the whole ball of wax begins to melt. Any admission of wrong doing means it is not infallible which is deadly (though I think many Catholics wouldn't care one bit given they scratch in the dirt to defend popery). The "infallible" Catholic religion used to teach that the sun goes around the earth and that the earth is not a globe, but a plain. These things are clearly wrong, but it will not out and out admit that it was wrong because a long time ago it is opened its big fat mouth and said that it's infallible.

This fable of infallibility is the only way that Romanists can fool people into believing a piece of bread magically turns into some flesh even though it still looks and tastes like bread. It is the only way they can fool people into believing a cup of wine magically turns into blood when it still looks and tastes like wine. It is the only way they can convince people to worship a pagan goddess called the Queen of Heaven and call her Mary. It is the only way to fool people into believing that the words of prostitute-loving popes are the word of God. I do digress...back to our subject--Catholics can kill Protestants.

According to Decreti, pars ii. causa xxiii. quaest v. can. xlvii:

"Those are not to be accounted homicides who, fired with zeal for Mother Church, may have killed excommunicated persons."

Here we go. You can kill excommunicated people (heretics) and not be considered a murderer. Every Protestant is a heretic. One more time--Every Protestant is a heretic. Yes, I know the recent euphemism the fox has come up with, "separated brethren", but you better believe that underlying the slick facade is heretic. It has to be, remember, the Catholic religion is supposedly "infallible".

You say, "Catholics and Protestants are getting together." I say fools are joining hands with the anti-christ. When they get together, is Rome denying the role of Mary? No! Do Romanists still conduct the blasphemous mass at these events? Yes! Meanwhile what are the "Protestants" doing? Looking goofy, suppressing the truth, and talking about "Forget the non-essentials". I say, "Everything is essential!"

When I was in Niagara Falls last August, there was a exhibit that showed some of the tortures used by the Catholic religion. What cruelty! The Catholic religion is Satan's, not God's. The Catholic religion tricked the French Huguenots into coming to Paris for a wedding. The Huguenots had even signed a peace treaty with the Catholic religion and came in peace. What did the Catholics do? They tore the Huguenots to shreds--this savage attack is called the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre. How will papists escape the damnation of hell? If you are a Catholic, fly from that evil system which leads you astray. Hell, hell, hell is yours if you don't leave it! Flee!