Is God

...a She?

       A disturbing trend is occurring today.  People are calling God "our Mother" or "our Heavenly Parent."  I first heard this some years ago on a talk show where a group of people had the Bible rewritten to be "gender-inclusive."  All references to God as "He" were changed to "He/she," all references to God as "Father" were changed to include Him as "mother."

This blasphemy is not limited to the New Age mumbo-jumbo groups.  I was visiting a Baptist church where the preacher said that at a conference he went to, they prayed to God as "Our Heavenly Parent."  This ain't right.  People are being carried away with their imaginations, but I'm not getting on that train.  We Christians know the truth and need to nip those people in the bud when they come to us with nonsense.  They are false prophets leading people astray, but we are not ignorant of Satan's devices.

I feel that another related item is praying in Jesus' name.  We know from the Bible that devils tremble at that name.  My father was in the military for almost 30 years and I used to go to functions with him.  I noticed that when the chaplains would pray they would rarely, if ever, pray in Jesus' name.

Ever noticed how you can say "God bless you" all day long but as soon as you say "Jesus" people get on edge?  There's something powerful about that name.  Another thing I've noticed is that many people end their prayers saying, "In Thy name we pray."  Jesus said that if we ask the Father anything in His [Jesus'] name, He will do it. I therefore teach the children to end their prayers with something like, "In Jesus' name I pray, Amen."

God is NOT a female, but is masculine.  John 3:16 speaks of the Son (male) of God.  In John 14:2 Jesus speaks of His Father's (male) house.  God has manifest Himself to mankind in masculine form.  There is NO female aspect of the Godhead.  Please read, Is God Male or Female?