Brigham Young: Sexual Pervert and Sicko

By David J. Stewart

       The Mormon Religion (commonly known as The Church of Jesus Christ of the Ladder-Day Saints) is of the Devil.  Mormonism is a sex cult. 

Quote: Brigham Young: Lawful for a Wife to Leave a Man for a Higher Authority

"But there was a way in which a woman could leave a man lawfully - when a woman becomes alienated in her feeling and affections from her husband, it is his duty to give her a bill and set her free - it would be fornication for a man to cohabit with his wife after she had thus become alienated from him...Also, there was another way in which a woman could leave a man - if the woman preferred a man higher in authority and he is willing to take her and her husband gives her up. There is no bill of divorce required, in [this] case it is right in the sight of God."

 - Brigham Young, from Conference Reports, 8 Oct. 1861, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, with acknowledgement to Divorce Among Mormon Polygamists, Eugene E. Campbell and Bruce L. Campbell, The New Mormon History, Signature Books 1992.

Quote: Brigham Young: Only Polygamous Men Can Become Gods

“The only men who become gods, even the Sons of God, are those who enter into polygamy.”

 - Journal of Discourses, Vol. 11, page 269

The Mormon religion is steeped in Freemasonry, which are both rooted in Kabbalist mysticism, Satanic to the core and sex-perverted beyond imagination. Truly, Satan is the god of this evil world in which men live (2nd Corinthians 4:4).

Mormons believe that Jesus took three wives while on Earth: Mary, Martha, and Mary Magdalene. They also believe that Jesus fathered many Children during his time on Earth, and that Joseph Smith their founder was a direct descendant of Jesus. They believe that after a life of Mormonism and a Mormon marriage has taken place, that when they die they will become gods too. They also believe that they will have their own planet, and many goddess wives, and their job for eternity will be to populate the planets. I know how far fetched this all sounds, but these people actually believe this mess. 

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