What Do the Moonies
(Unification Church) Teach?

Let me share with you just a few statements out of the Unification Church book titled, "Outline of the Principle."

1) His (Moon’s) knowledge came by direct revelation from God, not from schools. (pg. 18)

2) God has led people of other nations by establishing religions suited to their particular time and environment in order to prepare them to receive the Messiah in the future. (pg. 25)

3) Speaking of creation, "We can understand that these days were not actual twenty-four hour days." (pg. 32)

4) This is the result of Eve’s committing the sin of fornication with the angel–clearly indicating that fallen man is the offering of Satan. (pg. 55)

5) Christians have traditionally believe that Jesus’ death on the cross was predestined as the original plan of God. No it was not! (pg. 79)

6) Man since WWII has become aware of the need for an international cooperation and world government. (pg. 102)

7) Some try to identify Jesus with God... (pg. 142)

8) There must not only be a true Father (Jesus), but also a True Mother. The Holy Spirit is the one who works as the True Mother. (pg. 144)

9) Jesus Himself substantially subrogated Satan by following the model course that God had already shown through Jacob and Moses. In the same manner, any person can make Satan submit by following the course of Jesus. (pg. 205)

10) The Messiah came but the Foundation for the Messiah crumbled, leaving no place for Jesus to stand as the Messiah. Actually the Messiah can only appear where there is a foundation free form Satan’s invasion. (pg. 239)

11) Because of the crucifixion mankind lost the physical body of the Savior and thus lost its physical object of faith and could not receive physical salvation. (pg. 248)

12) Then in the year 1930, the precise year the Messiah was born? (pg. 305)

13) Then, what country does this refer to? The nation of the East is Korea. (pg. 307)

To follow this confused, muddled, twisted system of teaching, a person must be surely blinded by Satan, the god of this age. God is not the author of confusion. Sun Moon is a "blind leader of the blind." The Bible says of our blessed Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, "Whosoever believeth on Him shall not be confounded."

~Pastor Allen P. Dickerson

Moonies Cult

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