Charles Taze Russell was a Zionist

       Charles Taze Russell was the founder of Zion’s Watch Tower magazine in 1879, which evolved into the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Russell started out as a Seventh Day Adventist, a cult which observes the Jewish Sabbath as being part of saving-faith, and was an anti-Trinitarian of the Arian school. According to the Watchtower Observer:

“Russell taught that the Jewish people and nation have a leading role in the Divine Plan for man, and accordingly during the year 1910 he spoke to vast Jewish audiences, comforting them according to the Scripture, Isaiah 40:2… He encouraged them not to join the various churches of today but to wait for the fulfillment of the many Old Testament promises that they would be blessed as a nation. While they were yet a scattered and dispersed people, he said, upon the basis of these promises, that they would be regathered to Palestine and established as an independent nation.” Russell was regarded as a “Christian Zionist, often invited to speak before orthodox Jewish groups… In addition, his views on Zionism have been hailed by the likes of former Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and former United Nations Ambassador, Jeane Kirkpatrick.”

SOURCE: CTR: The Truth

Above: This is the inscription on the same pyramid above, where Jehovah’s Witness’ founder, and occult Mason, Charles T. Russell, is buried. Freaky huh?

Above: a close-up of the inscription on the pyramid

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