The Jehovah Witnesses:
Inconsistent in Translating


by Jack L. Green

 The Bible clearly and unmistakably teaches that the Lord Jesus Christ is Jehovah God. The cult known as "Jehovah witnesses" deny that Jesus is Jehovah, thus revealing that they are Anti-Christ.

Not only have the "Jehovah Witnesses" tampered with the context of hundreds of Scriptures, but now they have brazenly moved into the Bible translation field.

Their reason for doing this? Why the King James Version is biased, they say. The Greek Scriptures of the New World Translation appeared first. Let us examine their rules, which were to over-come the bias of the King James Version. Claiming to translate literally, they became enmeshed in their own rules. One of the rules they set for themselves in the foreword is: wherever the Greek words "Kurios" and "theos" appear, they will uniformly translate these as "JEHOVAH." That is their rule! Upon coming to Phil. 2:9-11 they fail to translate "kurios" as Jehovah.

Why? It would read "and every tongue shall openly confess that Jesus is Jehovah to the glory of the Father." Coming across I Cor. 12:3 where "Christos Kurion" appears they allow "Lord" to remain. Why?

Because it would have read "and that no man can say Jesus is Jehovah, but by the Holy Ghost." You note, in both cases they broke their own rules, in order to maintain their bias against the deity of Christ.

Can you trust a translation like that? Who are the translators? The convention report of 1953 glibly says "it was authorized by the Creator." In 237 places they translate "Kurios" and "Theos" as "Jehovah", why not in 37 places where they failed to do so, leaving Lord stand? Read John 8:24 and Romans 10:9,10,13, Hebrews 1:8.